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Hillary Raimo is a modern day visionary, artist, healer, writer and long time advocate for revolutionary higher consciousness. Hillary has spent over a decade on the radio airwaves as a radio talk show host. Founder of Love Breathe for Earth, Soul Space and YinRadioTV Her most recent collection of work – Gods of Nature – is now available on Fine Art America.


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Betsy Peerless creates a dynamic and multifaceted life as an artist, healer, intuitive, teacher and astrologer. After her induction into the Seitai healing tradition in Japan she certified as a Pilates Instructor, Holistic Health counselor and a Reiki Master.  She is also schooled in anatomy, kinesiology, astrology and shamanism. Betsy believes strongly in the power of self- regeneration and has her own rejuvenative, deeply passionate and spiritual connection with nature. She is greatly influenced by the elemental world and loves to photograph the landscape and activate powerful sites through ceremony and prayer and with the assistance of crystals, the ancestors and the spirits of place.

Betsy has a gift for ‘seeing backwards’ – to the past lives of herself and others, guiding her to track the personal and ancestral karma of old carried forward. Her foresight and her strong intuition concerning collectives also give her the ability to forecast trends and outcomes and see deep into the innards of group dynamics. She endeavors to shine the light into the shadows, as well as bring forth the torch needed to heal deep karmic and psychic wounds for the individual and the collective.

Betsy is available for personal Astrology readings.

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