The Work

TOGETHER your Creatrixes will provide information concerning the planetary energies in their alignment to one other and how those effects could be felt here on Earth as individuals, as a collective and for the Earth herself. They will track the karmic threads and provide insight into the patterns and cycles they see and intuit. Their aim is to present the undertones and overtones of incoming energies to reveal deeper meaning and make better sense of what is happening out in the world, within the individual and out in the collective consciousness.

“What is a Creatrix? 
creātrix f (genitive creātrīcis)
A female who brings forth or produces; a mother.
A female founder, authoress, creatrix.” – Wikipedia 

HILLARY brings 20 years of independent research into multiple facets of human manifestation. Mixing conspiracy fact, with real time current events, she tracks the patterns and nuances of the collective consciousness to translate the programming. Mixing that with occult, parapsychology, symbolism and more, she intuits a higher message from the coordinated efforts of the current global paradigm. Lifting the energy by transforming the message into a higher perspective for all. Hillary is a master tracker of energies and works with both the microcosm and macrocosm dimensional energies to build an integrated and cohesive structure to better understand the world. Her insights help to bridge the meaning from the collective sphere to the individual person, in a “bring it home” kinda way. Her skills have been fine tuned over 20 years working with various modalities, teachers, and personal experience as an intuitive. She carefully listens to the collective realm and channels the messages into an expressed act of beauty.

BETSY brings her expertise as an Astrologer, artist and long time intuitive healer. She specializes in tracking the “As Above, So Below” principles. Her many years as an intuitive healer allows her a unique insight into fields of energy. She translates the current Astrology into an understandable tool for higher consciousness.

TOGETHER they bring a unique perspective of worldwide events, astrology and intuitive prediction. Together they offer a higher message to humanity as they lift the veil and create a unique Matrix to explore the true meaning of the ‘synchronistic twine’. That energy created when two or more minds, and hearts, work together to create something NEW. These two women seek to seed consciousness with a new perspective and higher meaning while hacking into the current global trend of hopelessness and fear, to seed a new way of life. A new way aligned with humanities highest potential, while mastering and harmonizing the female and male principles. Utilizing the synchronistic magic all around us.


photo by Hillary Raimo

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