Astrological Predictions, Themes and Symbols for Eclipse Season August/September 2017


Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (partial) in Aquarius – August 7th, 2.10pm EDT, 18.10 UTC
New Moon/Solar Eclipse (Total) in Leo – August 21st, 2.30pm EDT, 18.30 UTC
Art by Andy Goldsworthy

Astrologers calculate eclipse season as an approximately 38 day period that’ll commence 19 days before this upcoming solar eclipse and end approximately 19 days after, which means for the second and last eclipse season of 2017, it commenced August 2nd and will end September 9th

The partial Lunar Eclipse culminates on the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th. Since August eclipses are positioned on the Leo/ Aquarius axis there is a natural balancing affect of polarized signs and houses, with each sequence providing an energetic echo of the other with related issues arising concerning the placements for us personally and collectively being brought forth for transformation.

My sense for this pair is that the power of August 7th Lunar eclipse has been vastly overlooked by the majority of astrologers, as well as rather ironically made obsolete by the overshadowing of the “Great American Eclipse” hype. True to the Leo/Aquarius polarity, the most dazzling and extraordinary of the two has already taken center stage and leads the way. This preceeding lunar eclipse could very likely act as a spoke in the wheel when it comes to any beneficial effects gleaned from the proceeding solar eclipse, since they are cosmically linked by sequence, and polarity. It will depend of course how our affairs are handled from the Full Moon into the third and last quarter of the current lunar cycle, as to how we fare on the New Moon/solar eclipse and onward into the new first and second quarter phase.

Leo the Lion

This Full Moon eclipse will reveal any rogue or self centered behavior, overcompensating for suppressed insecurities regarding ones talents, or the starring role in any group or collective, especially when it comes to leadership or dominion. It does however provide a great opportunity to overcome ones self doubt regarding any conflict of egos within a group dynamic, and then set about reorganizing the hierarchy and positions of power. The Lunar eclipse takes place close to the South Node of the Moon known for being the malefic of the two, as well as acting as the marker for our karmic past. Note that the partial eclipse cannot be viewed from the US but is visible in the eastern hemisphere including Europe and Asia, while the path of totality for the solar eclipse makes passage only on US soil (and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans).

There are various ways to calculate the longevity of eclipse effects, with some astrologers believing that the major events take place during eclipse season, while others propose that it has a culmination period over a number of months/years with just the first signs revealing themselves over the initial eclipse season.

The August 7th lunar eclipse has a total duration of 5 hours and 1min which means it could potentially remain energetically active for 5 months. The August 21st solar eclipse (duration of 2 mins 40 secs ) effects will last approximately 2 years and 8 months. Since the solar eclipse culminates in the Midheaven, the Ptolemy method determines that the first sign of effects would begin January – April 2018 and then fully culminate July 2018 to May 2019, thereby peaking in December 2018.

The solar eclipse culminates at 28′ 53″ Leo, and this becomes the sensitive degree for as long as the eclipse remains effective. Mercury was conjunct the sensitive degree July 24th – 25th and will transit it once again on September 1st – 10th at his stationing phase, positioning direct September 5th. Mars transits September 2nd – 5th and Venus on September 18th – 20th. These are important dates to observe, as any significant themes, or events occurring at this time will give valuable insight into personal themes regarding this pair of eclipses, concerning ideas, actions and values; how we are to transform our communications, motivations, our purpose and who and what we love.

Mercury the Messenger God

Astronomical Summary of Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017:

The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse has been nicknamed “The Great American Eclipse” because the US is the only country to receive the path of totality, tracking from the Northwest Pacific coast all the way across the continent to the Southeast coast of the Atlantic. It is estimated to become the most viewed eclipse of all time, with over 100 million viewers. And from that enormous collective, 11 million people live within the arc of totality, while 76 million more live within 200 miles of the umbra’s passage. Approximately 95% of America will see at least a partial eclipse, while over the nations capitol, 90% of the Sun will be covered. Astrologers have cast their eclipse charts for Washington DC in order to predict what is in store for the country, its leader and the nation. This is the first total eclipse to pass over the US since 1979.

Total Solar Eclipse 1979- Image by Jay Pasachoff and Martin Weinhous

The maximum totality is relatively short just 2 mins 40 secs with the epicenter in S. Illinois in the Carbondale locale. This eclipse is member 22 (of 77) from Saros Series 145. This family of eclipses began in January 4, 1639 at the North Pole -1’ North and ends February 2, 2883. It is currently a young cycle producing total eclipses less than 3 minutes in length.

If you are fortunate to find yourself on the path of totality on August 21st, you will witness the daylight turn to night, and in those few minutes 4 planets will become visible – look for Mercury in constellation of Virgo, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Libra. Not only is this an exciting event for stargazers and astronomers, but also for astrologers as the special eclipse alignment and the reveal of these planets is symbolically significant, and a powerful energetic influence down here on Earth.

Planets visible during the Solar eclipse August 21st 2017

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Astrological Interpretation

The highly anticipated Solar Eclipse in Leo culminates on the New Moon, August 21st. This is the second New Moon in Leo, after its predecessor July 24th at 0′ Leo, as well as being a Black Moon. In order to contemplate how it may affect you personally, you may wish to refer back to events in 1998 and the proceeding 1 ½ years when the solar eclipse last occurred at 29’ Leo on August 8th. This upcoming eclipse conjoins with the North Node, which is regarded more positively than that of the South Node, since the NN symbolizes the karmic future while SN represents the past.

At this mid stage of eclipse season Mercury is retrograde and loosely conjunct the New Moon/eclipse so communication breakdowns may lead to assumptions, which often lead to misguided or defensive actions, especially as it is also conjunct warrior planet Mars. A blind spot concerning our own inner motives could have us acting out in an over protective rather primal manner, that may be construed destructive and harmful, or on the other hand could help us regain our rightful stature and prowess in any power struggle or conflict. There is the matter of the lions pride, and his egocentric behavior especially if his territory is threatened; he feels overpowered or receives little attention. The personal and passionate drive for achievement, acclaim and glory is all in our reach, if only we can reconcile the insecurities that keep our light dim, or pitched against the bright light of another. This eclipse poses the predicament of whether you boldly crown yourself, or you wait for others to crown you, while a brave or noble deed to prove ones loyalty and dedication generates the scope for an award of honors (Mars sextile Jupiter).

Coronation of King Christian VIII of Denmark 1840

Leo the lion is sovereign and he is the King of the beasts. The lion has dominated heraldry since the 12th century symbolizing the monarchy, and its bloodlines- heirs and heiresses, plus all the dramas you might expect at court; romance, promiscuity, affairs, adultery, sexism and the patriarchy. Male lions are notorious for killing their cubs. When they take over a pride they may destroy all the offspring, bringing the females back into heat so they can mate and start their own bloodline. This solar eclipse on the New Moon poised at the anaretic degree really gives all of this a sense of urgency, like this is the last call to seed our legacy, whether that be literally through ones children, or through other creative self propagating outlets.

The Lion’s Pride

In order to better interpret an eclipse astrologers may look at the planetary aspects of the very first eclipse in the Saros series and delineate from there…

For member 22, of Saros Series 145, astrologist Bernadette Brady’s research for S.S. 1 North reads as follows:

“Unexpected events involving friends or groups place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships. These relationship issues may loom large as the eclipse affects the chart. The individual would be wise not to make any hasty decisions since information is distorted and possibly false. The eclipse also has an essence of tiredness or health problems attached to it” 

Aspects: There is a Jupiter- Pluto opposition which is directly on the Uranus Node midpoint. The Jupiter/Saturn midpoint is also on the Venus axis. Mars squares the New Moon/Neptune midpoint.

(Jupiter = Pluto =Uranus/Node, Venus =Jupiter /Saturn, Mars = New Moon/Neptune)

Lord of the Eclipse (Sun), Lord of the Ascendant (Jupiter) and royal star Regulus

Solar Eclipse conjunct fixed star Regulus

August 21st solar eclipse is the first to conjoin Regulus after his ingress into Virgo back in 2002. Many believe this is a significator for the “Age of Aquarius”, with the self importance and personal glory of Leo and the patriarchal reign being replaced by more humanitarian causes and participation as well as becoming more conscious of the environment and generating greater respect for Mother Earth. This ingress and the meeting point of the two zodiac signs is seen as a defining factor that will awaken humanity to become less self serving, better team players and more helpful to others.

Astrologers in ancient times made the connection between the Kings of the beasts, and the King of a nation. The star Regulus or ‘Cor Leonis (the lions heart), inside the constellation of Leo means ‘little king.’ This may be one of the reasons why the sign Leo is associated with the young princes and princesses. It was the Royal Stars of the Persians in 3,000 B.C, and as Watcher of the North, it marked the summer solstice. Regulus is the most influential of all the fixed stars, and events that took place while Regulus was in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction. Revenge was to be avoided at all cost, or else downfall was imminent.

Symbology: Number 22, the Sphinx, and the Black Moon

This eclipse season and the previous lunar cycle offers such an incredible opportunity for magic making and weaving, with the mystical combo of the master number 22, the Sphinx and the Black Moon…



It is of great symbolic significance that the solar eclipse is member 22, as this is a master number symbolized by the cross, activating the principle of balance and precision. In its full capacity it represents the master builder, and at this stage it can achieve what can be hardly imaginable – pure magic!  It holds lessons in learning to control thoughts, which rule the subconscious mind; for generating positive thinking and manifesting dreams and our success which blends perfectly with the Leo theme of self confidence and sovereignty. Any negative thoughts will act as roadblocks to achieving personal success and creates the fear of letting everyone else down.

22~ the master builder symbolized by the Cross

Regulus’s ingress into Virgo sees the merger of two constellations; that of the lion and the virgin which is symbolized by the mythical creature of the Sphinx. This chimera has the body of a lion, a human head and sometimes wings. As the solar eclipse takes effect there is great energetic potential here to support the merger and balance of disconnected parts of the human psyche- that being our primal instinct with our conscious awareness and our divine essence. Old archetypal patterns of behavior may be subject to transformation now,  revealing too the secrets and mysteries of the mystical Sphinx.

Also noteworthy is that the biblical ‘Revelation 12, and the prophecy of ‘the second coming’ has been interpreted to occur with the merger of the constellation Leo and Virgo.

The Winged Sphinx

This Black Moon is denoted as such because it is third new moon in a season that has four new moons. A season lasts about three months and usually has three new moons. This event occurs about every 33 months. The black moon is considered to be a special time when any rituals, spells, or other magical workings are more powerful and effective. The number 33 is significant since it represents the holy trinity and divine protection, guidance and assistance. The previous seasonal black moon was January 18th 2015 while the next will occur on May 22nd 2020. In order to succeed in your magic making clean out the clutter and any skeletons still hidden in your closets; let go of the past and create space for the new to enter.

Melt Andt Goldsworthy
Art by Andy Goldsworthy

Eclipse Interpretation and Prediction for USA and Donald Trump

Astrologer Donna Woodwell has shared that,

This August eclipse marks the beginning of a 7-year cycle leading up to the US first Pluto return. During this time Jupiter and Saturn will form a “great conjunction”; the ancient’s marker of the turning of the ages. Plus a retrograde “perfect storm,” oscillating between zero retrograde planets for a couple months, then 5 or 6 retrograde planets; and then lastly an annular and a total solar eclipse crossing the US in Oct 2023 and April 2024.”

Therefore true to the nature of Pluto, great transformation lies ahead for this country; karmic in origin, and with the need to reform all its antiquated structures. I’m sensing great change ahead in the energy industry, the military, plus the reorganization of governmental power and the laws that uphold the democracy.

The solar eclipse position conjunct Mars is in good aspect with Uranus and Jupiter –which holds the promise of gaining and of honors perhaps through surprising or innovative action. Jupiter in Libra represents expansion for ‘the people‘, ‘the law‘ and justice and ‘open enemies‘, so there is a sense that whatever goes down here within the US boundary will also extend out into foreign affairs.

Both Natal Charts for President Trump, investigated by astrologer Christine Arens

On a mundane astrological level if we take the Full Moon/eclipse position of 15’ Aquarius it happens to line up perfectly with our Presidents Descendant (*on his alternate birth chart of 17’ Leo rising) as well as conjoining the USA natal Moon at 18’ Aquarius (*alternate sibly chart with Gemini rising). The Descendant is an important angle in the natal chart and a marker for what we attract to ourselves, while the Moon represents our security, safety and instincts. I see this lunar eclipse as a time for hidden adversaries and with the malefic 15’ Leo acting as a proponent for felons, while any unresolvable dispute could turn dangerous and harmful. With Mercury too about to station retrograde miscommunications can be expected, leaving two oppositions with no sense for common ground in sight (Full Moon exact inconjunct Neptune and Pluto). My greatest concern is that this Lunar Eclipse will be the trigger over the next 5 months for some major national, or international discord that could lead to dire consequences for this country and its leadership. The strategy for any warring here would be concealed military tactics of an offense and defense nature.

From “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

If the most well known birth chart of DT is correct, and this solar eclipse does in fact transit his 29′ Leo ASC, then back in ancient times a connection such as this was exactly what ancient astrologers would be looking for- the great prophesy of a King and his country. Ancient history is filled with stories of how eclipses ended battles and wars and how they were supposed to signify the birth,or death of a King, or other person of great importance.

“Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud;

Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun,

And loathsome canker lies in sweetest bud. All Men make faults”

William Shakespeare

Astrologers using Donald Trump’s most known birth chart (*29′ Sagittarius rising) recognize the natal conjunction then to the royal star Regulus which would see the solar eclipse transit his ASC. Which ever chart is used both reveal that he was born on a lunar eclipse (LSS 129), placing him in the exceptional- less than 1% of the population, as lunar eclipses are a far rarer phenomena even than solar eclipses! Any soul born on an eclipse is said to have a destiny, and since they are such visible world events it is no surprise then that this factor, as well possibly his ASC conjunct the royal star Regulus, has seen to his rise to power and stardom in this world and the building of his empirical Tower…

Donald Trump and his legacy

The first eclipse of Lunar Saros Series 129, occurred on 10 June 1351 at 8:50:44 GMT and it will end in 2613. The reading for the first eclipse:

‘Quick actions, making many arrangements,

Successful unions – unexpected events.”

So this is the theme of Trump’s life. He acts quickly, he lives by making deals, he is good at making successful unions and the unexpected will happen.”

Astrologer -Bernadette Brady

The essence of the lunar eclipse is (via the 3rd Harmonic)

Mercury = Sun/Uranus and Jupiter = Moon/S Node.

There are just so many astrological predictions for the President for this eclipse season, covering the whole spectrum- impeachment, assassination, law breaking, health crisis, and sexual indiscretion. Taking in to consideration both charts for Donald Trump, plus my intuits from the onset of his Presidency, I am most concerned about DT’s health as I feel the pressure is intensifying and surely he must be feeling this accumulation in his physical body, with excessive mental and emotional strain.  I’d ask him to watch his back as any physical attack will likely come from behind, to the heart or the head, as well as the possibility of suffering a heart attack. Transiting Mars conjunct his natal Mars on August 30th and 31st should give the President an energy boost and the capacity to tackle health problems. Then on September 4th and 5th transiting Mars is conjunct the ‘sensitive degree’ and Regulus, plus his possible Ascendant, so this will be a time for the President to watch his moves, and avoid active revenge at all cost.

At the most benign level this eclipse season could elicit a big change of heart for the President, plus a transformation of his identity and how he’s viewed by the nation and indeed the rest of the world. I’d like to implore him to refrain from any brash retaliations to any upcoming opposition and think very carefully of the consequences before acting in any revengeful manner. I pray that he wont let any big personal fall from grace bring the US down with him. The future transformation of this country for now at least lies in his hands along with his advisers and representatives. With Uranus trine the New Moon eclipse, conjunct Mars it would make sense that what ever happens in the current political arena could elicit a unexpected or radical action plan that sows the seed for great future reformation for him and our country.

The Legendary Greek Furies

I think it important to mention that just prior to eclipse season on July 28th, N. Korea reportedly tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that experts say appears to have the range to hit major US cities, which prompted a fresh round of condemnation from the United States, China, Japan and South Korea. Trump expressed that the United States would act to ensure its security. In a written statement DT said,

“Threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy and deprive its people. The United States will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.”

North Korea’s launch activities are in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, and take place nevertheless against the will of the international community. China, Japan and N. Korea are countries that will witness the partial lunar eclipse and I’m concerned this conflict and level of treachery will escalate thereafter. Unfortunately this example of world domination and inevitable power struggles fits the astrology pretty perfectly regarding the Leo/ Aquarius dynamic, with the interplay of the leaders of powerful nations pitched against another, either with a quest to conquer the world, or by defending their supremacy and the dominion of their territory.

N. Korea’s Nuclear Missile launch test July 28th 2017

Nearly all men can stand adversity,

but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

Abraham Lincoln

Eclipse Season Astrological Summary

An eclipse is a position of power and generates an intense energy focus. They act like wild cards throwing in elements of surprise like earth movement, flooding, change and reformation, growth and new perspectives. For those of you who have a birthday within three days of the solar eclipse expect some shifts in the status quo. All of us need to be aware of our blind spots, missing information or incomplete pictures. These will mostly concern our sexual relationships (past, present, and any potential) plus any children in our world, as well as any of our leading roles. Our romantic affairs, children in and out of wedlock and our legacy are also all under reconstruction. Leo eclipses especially have a powerful impact on our world leaders- their children, and their sexual relationships…

The Solar eclipse on the New Moon in Leo conjunct Regulus at his ingress in Virgo signifies the movement away from emphasis on self, and more towards service to others. This eclipse season is set to generate another big energetic push towards the reformation of the antiquated patriarchal structures.  The following years will see some serious reorganization, in leadership and among the power mongers especially within this country, but also for other nations ruled by monarchy, and prime ministers alongside the global elite and their New World Order. The old paradigm is destined for major reformation, within each country, as well as territories lead by any group union; with the reconfiguration of the historical distribution of power and wealth across the entire world.

Eclipses tend to conceal, rather than reveal, so allow time to pass before you take action or pass judgment on any important matters. For a moment shift the emphasis off of one self, and allow that same focus to lift up another soul, by honoring who they are, as well as their valuable input. Consider sharing the spotlight if you can with others deserving too of the limelight. The Sun is the ruler of Leo and his radiant, passionate loyal heart as well as his proud and self centered ego. This eclipse energy will steadily increase our self confidence and courage over the course of the following years, as we go about honoring more of our heart centered activities, develop healthy egos, and propagate our creative legacy and happiness.

The Painter Thaulow and his Children’, or ‘The Thaulow Family’, 1895 by Jacques Emile Blanche

August 21st 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Aspects:

  • The New Moon/Eclipse is positioned at 28’ 53’ Leo
  • The sensitive degree is 28′ with 2’ degree orb. 
  • The Lord of Eclipse is the Sun, and the Lord of Ascendant is Jupiter
  • exact conjunct fixed star Regulus 29’ 50” Leo (orb of 2’ 30”)
  • conjunct Mars 20’ 41” Leo (exact sextile Jupiter 20’11” Libra)
  • conjunct North Node 24’ 14” Leo
  • loosely conjunct Mercury (Rx) 8’ 11” Virgo
  • exact trine Uranus (Rx) 28′ 23″ Aries
  • exact trine the Galactic Center 27” 06’ Sagittarius
  • inconjunct Chiron in Pisces
  • Grand Fire Trine begins on August 21st until Sep 4th between Mars in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries


August 7th 2017 Sun 15 Leo – Moon 15 Aquarius
August 21st 2017 Sun 28 Leo – Moon 28 Leo
January 31st 2018 Moon 11 Leo – Sun 11 Aquarius
July 27th 2018 Sun 4 Leo – Moon 4 Aquarius
August 11th 2018 Sun 18 Leo – Moon 18 Leo
January 21st 2019 Moon 0 Leo – Sun 0 Aquarius

Blessings akiane-kramarik
Blessings by Akaine Kamrarik

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow,

as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man”

William Shakespeare


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