August Forecast; Magic Making, Originality, Leadership and Stardom

New Moon in Leo- July 23rd 5.45 am EDT, 9.45 UTC
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (partial) – August 7th, 2.10pm EDT, 18.10 UTC
Mercury retrograde in Virgo August 13th

The previous lunar cycle proved to be as intense and difficult a period as predicted…from the Full Moon on wards with the Mars/Pluto opposition the energy was rife for power struggles and conflicts that lead to sudden outbursts -some unpredictable while others brewing for a while. During the last quarter the Mars square Uranus triggered all sorts of sudden crisis, unexpected events, accidents, and this combined with the oppressive nature of the Full Moon energy pushed a lot of people over the edge – either moving aggressively towards confrontation, or retracting altogether in search of a safe zone. All in all this energy I suspect was geared towards karmic soul clearing. It’s very possible you regained personal power in some arenas, while you felt you lost it in others – such is the weighing out effect in such a powerful polarity…

Astrological Summary for July/August 2017

Magical Fireflies

“The world is full of magical things waiting for our senses to grow sharper”

W.B. Yeats

And so here we are now thankfully starting anew– just under a month away from the New Moon solar eclipse set to sweep across America touching only US soil. We have 2 New Moons’ back to back in Leo positioned at the critical degree- 0′ (July 23rd), and conjunct mighty Regulus at the anaretic degree 29′ (August 21st), which deserves due attention in the Leo self confidence department. Sandwiched in between we have the partial lunar eclipse (only visible in the eastern hemisphere) on August 7th in the sign of the water bearer Aquarius.

Art by Andy Goldworthy

The upcoming August 21st solar eclipse is also a Black Moon. Dark magic is afoot beginning with this new cycle and on in to the next that we can use to our advantage. Much can be accomplished in the dark phase when it comes to our imaginings – dreams, visions, star gazing and contemplating our place in the universe; lighting fires and candles is all good magic making. It doesn’t have to be occult or clandestine to be magic but that too has great transformational potential for this month.

Magical Ceremony

This creative New Moon is square Uranus and conjunct Mars… the motto then for this month is “Make your own magic”, and its going to help us out a lot! If at any point  you feel the magic slipping through your finger tips escaping your grasp–  conjure it right back, with magical rituals, ceremonies, inventions, ingenious creations, artistic endeavors and romantic fantasies. Don’t abandon the magic! Keep your eye on the future as you go about your magic making and this will see you through the energetic intensity up above leading into eclipse season, commencing August 2nd.

Cottingly Fairies

In order to keep all the mundane elements of life running smoothly it’s important to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally through the pre-shadow retrograde phase of Mercury commencing on July 24th for his retrograde action starting on August 13th, whilst acknowledging too Uranus stationing retrograde on August 3rd. Both aspects combined with the New Moon energy hold the potential to overwhelm the nervous system, that is already thrown off from all this past months confrontations, falls from grace and basically dealing with power struggles and gnarly situations. Watch out for very sudden accidents, breakages and also change of hearts when it came to any recent sudden breakthroughs or breakaways. Load up on B Vitamins to replenish an overtaxed nervous system, rest and mediate to release stress. Make sure to read the small print, hold off on signing any major contracts and generate great discernment at a much slower speed. If you work in management or the service industry form your strategy plan now because this is going to be rough passage.

Sunset Meditation

The partial lunar eclipse/ Full Moon in Aquarius culminates on August 7th exposing our emotional insecurities in any group context as well as any rogue or supremely egotistical behavior. Any inhibition we may feel regarding our individuality and how that contributes to any group will be pulled under the lunar spotlight for reflection. This eclipse positioned at 15 degree in Leo and Aquarius is renowned for being one of the worst positions in the zodiac. It is also inconjunct both Pluto and Neptune which makes this especially challenging with a struggle to find common ground between opposing forces. Often in trying to reclaim balance the only resolve comes from compartmentalizing what doesn’t ever appear or feel to fit together. Since Mars is still conjunct the Sun this may entail individuals with already inflated egos acting completely blind or deaf to the needs of others, as well as perhaps attempting to thwart others shininess and overriding it with their own.


It suggests a rather dangerous dance of fire and air poised on the Leo/Aquarius axis of creativity and originality. The most positive way to utilize this polarity is to recognize and honor ones own unique talents; contribute and participate with others on a project or mission and let your audience assist in evolving your individual and combined creative process. Accept that some persons including yourself may be more private and solitary, or prefer to blend in with the crowd, while others seek leadership, authority or stardom. In the midst of witnessing everyone’s magical qualities and manifestations, bring it back home to your heart and make that magic that only you can, shine even brighter –and remember this is your God given gift. Be as ingenious, innovative and original and I’m pretty certain you’ll be duly rewarded in time.

Archangel Raziel

If you need some celestial assistance for your magic making call on Archangel Raziel, as he is the keeper of the ‘Divine Mysteries” and as the guardian Angel of Illumination, the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul. He can assist in allowing you to experience life drawn from a deeply profound connection with the sacredness of the Cosmos. Or, you can summon Goddess Isis – mistress of Magic. Rituals honoring Goddess Isis involved crafting magical knots for protection. In ancient Egypt, knots were used to bind, release, and join opposites.  The tied knot became a symbol of the coming together of two things in perfect wholeness; a condition that promotes a positive outcome. Knot magic can thus be used to “surround” or “bind”; even ones enemy—by tying a curse to them. I’m not suggesting you do this but since this is a powerful occult period we are entering I’d say watch your back, when egos inflate, and some even want to rule the world, then not everyone has your best interest at heart!

Knot of Isis
Knot of Isis

Astrological report in depth July/August 2017

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

William Shakespeare

The new lunar cycle commences on July 23rd with New Moon in Leo 0’ 44” conjunct Mars and square Uranus. This new beginning obscured by the darkest phase of the moon is fertile ground for a seed that activates the most ingenious creative juices and that God given spark that ignites each of us. With the New Moon and Mars both positioned at the critical degree of fixed fire sign Leo, this signifies a seed for permanence, stability- things born to last, plus this energy gets an extension period onward into the next lunar cycle.

Fairy Tiff by Arthur Rackham

The New Moon square to Uranus offers a promise of something sudden and unexpected, but also elicits tension in any personal connection to a group or a project, with perhaps the urge to break free and go it alone; act spontaneously, or take on the leading role. With the Mars conjunction any ego driven motives to act the starring role could put our loyalty to the test.

The loose fire trine of Mercury/North Node to Saturn/ Galactic Center and Uranus keeps the flame for creativity and inspired thinking burning steadily in the background  – this natural flow of elemental fire will aid in creating that special magic seeded from the divine, as well as sourced from the primal and extraterrestrial force fields. Let this steady feed of inspiration fill up your core, then own it and honor it with all your heart.

Symbols of magic and creation

Mercury the messenger moves into Virgo on July 26th already in pre -shadow phase from July 24th. In his home sign he is cleaning up house mentally and physically and attempting to run things efficiently, right before he goes retrograde and must prepare for the breakdowns, and miscommunications associated with his retrograde cycle. Then on July 31st Mars conjoins the Sun and our sacred warrior receives his atonement, while down here on the earthly plane the feeling for renewal and bold action becomes more vibrant and purposeful. Moving along into the new month, Aug 1st Venus moves into the imaginative water sign of Cancer and the divine feminine energy is fueled by her feelings and instinct. She is most secure with family and close friends and in any connection she values loyalty and wont abide any deceit.

The Mermaid by Howard Pyle

On August 3rd Uranus stations retrograde in Aries backtracking from 28’ 31” to 24’ 34” by January 2nd 2018. His retrograde action positions him back into a loose square with Pluto (6 degree orb) over the next 6 months, and so the crisis of structure we experienced from the cardinal square of 2014 gets a little revision time – perhaps not as intense- but still there is some more karmic purging when it comes to our life structures that still needs addressing in order to persist on our souls evolutionary path and for the recalibration of the collective.

The energy of the exact square of Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn is back for the third and last time since November 2016 on August 4th. This kind of crisis can push us to get to the very top of our field with a tremendous drive for success, yet often stardom comes at a cost -trouble in relationships, law breaking, generating enemies and doing things to excess leading to addiction.  By mid August Jupiter begins moving out of square aspect releasing himself from Pluto’s clutch.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius culminates on August 7thThe Full Moon opposition of Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius is positioned at a very unfortunate degree. 15 degrees of Leo is considered one of the worst positions in the zodiac in predictive astrology bringing fated bad luck, signifying felons as well as blindness and deafness. 15′ Aquarius is also unfortunate. Also this Full Moon is positioned close to the South Node (24′ Aquarius) which is also considered the malefic of the 2 polar nodes when it comes to eclipse interpretation. Mars is still conjunct the Sun so now the tension builds and any insecurities or brash selfish actions affect the group dynamic, influenced by the individual drive to stand out from the crowd. This poses the dilemma of how we honor our true self and uniqueness when faced with joining forces with others. The eclipse energy may see egos and strident personalities overpowering the group dynamic and the security this organization generated for all involved.

Chinese acrobatic team

So for this Full Moon bring the focus back to that new seed of creative, magical heart centered growth. Balance this out with the actions of leadership that won’t override and diminish the light of other souls. Let yourself and others shine their bright potential and be yourself without overcompensating for any insecurities, but make a stance for recognition if for some reason your light’s pushed to the sideline. Trends that have great influential power are born of the individual, yet gather more exposure in the group collective; of course once everyone follows a fashion then all originality becomes lost. Whatever insecurities may have been obscured regarding ones own personality, talents and actions may reveal themselves over the next couple of weeks especially in the context of a group setting.

Field of Lights at Ayers Rock, by Bruce Munro

On August 13th just after the lunar eclipse Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo backtracking into the last degrees of Leo before he stations direct on Sep 5th in Leo at 28′. This is the same degree as the culmination of the solar eclipse and so Mercury the messenger will activate the ‘sensitive degree’ on July 24th and again on Sep. 7th. Make a mental note of what transpires for you on these specific dates and anything noteworthy in between as this may be quite telling regarding signs and specifics that personally relates to your own themes for this eclipse season which will take effect over the next 2 3/4 years. While Mercury backtracks in Virgo we can expect of course the breakdown of parts and communication errors, silly accidents, a great amount of anxiety and the usual technological and machinery problems. Just an FYI here too that Mars will also transit the sensitive degree Sep 2nd and 3rd and Venus on Sep 18th. I will discuss this in greater detail in the September forecast.

Tesla coil

Mid month a subtle tension is brewing for the sacred lovers up above, affecting our partnerships, and how our masculine and feminine relate to one another deep in our psyche. Then on the third week of the month the masculine warrior gets an ego boost but most likely this inflation breeds overconfidence or reckless behavior which of course affects the harmony and balance of our lives and our relations with others. (Aug 14th until Aug 19th Venus semisextile Mars and square Jupiter, then Mars semisextile Jupiter Aug 20th until 25th)

Finally the highly anticipated Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo culminates on August 21st. As explained previously this is the second New Moon in Leo plus a Black Moon (the third New Moon in a season with four New Moons) On this date too a Grand trine begins between Mars, Saturn and Uranus and ends 4th September. I will be discussing all this in greater detail in the next forecast as well as in a special article for “The Great American Eclipse”.

Total Solar Eclipse

So for this cycle then focus on your magic making and originality recognizing that there is ample space in this world for all of us to shine bright; for us all to achieve independent success as well as letting that energy bring more purpose and brilliance to any group dynamic, whether that be with friends, in the work place, through a service, or in an altruistic collective organization or community. Have the courage to be yourself. Don’t be sacred to stick out; to be the star, yet also enjoy being part of a trend, or acting among if that is where you have been lead. Often ‘the power of the people’ has a stronger influence than just one individual unless that person has the personal power, innovation and magic making to shine extra bright.

Nicola Tesla

This lunar cycle asks of us to create from the heart and core of our being- to find the magic in ourselves and around us and conjure more of that beautiful dazzling energy that raises our conscious awareness. Solar energy is powerful and radiant and the moon reflects his light magnificently. During the lunar eclipse her light is temporarily dimmed, and the shadow cast over the feminine principle of receptivity is overpowered by the action-oriented masculine. Through this lunar cycle and on into the next (during eclipse season) if you sense any dimming effect, or demons arising from the deep to sabotage your confidence, recall your magic and let that power of transformation birth something genius, and utterly unique that secures a destiny of great success.

Starlight, star star bright…

“Be wild, be outrageous, be anything but normal,

be a sea of magic in a world full of deadened eyes”

The Better Man Project

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