July Forecast; Feel the Fear and do it anyway…transform thy self!

New Moon June 23rd/24th 10:31pm EST, 02:31 UTC
Full Moon July 9th 0:07 am EST 04:07 UTC

“Love me or hate me both are in my favor…if you love me, I’ll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind”

William Shakespeare

Last month lunar cycle generated a rather indecisive start- with the deliberation between two alternatives, or the dual nature of something that needed addressing. Resolution came by mid month after the Full Moon in Sagittarius broadened our vision towards a goal that aligned with our truth and hard held beliefs.

It is with great sadness I must report, that as I predicted there was indeed a sharp increase in extremist activity and terrorist attacks; from the terrible bombing in Manchester UK on May 23rd, as well as here on US soil with the shootings targeting Republican members of congress in Virginia on June 14th. Broadening the scope back again over to the UK, their election on June 8th resulted in a ‘hung parliament’ and the raging fire at Grenfell Tower, also on June 14th brought yet more tragedy and turmoil to a country, that like the American nation is showing great division politically and most strikingly among the people.

Fire Ripping through Grenfell Tower, London- June 14th 2017

Astrological Summary for June/July 2017

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Umbrella Boy by Lora Zombie

The New Moon amidst the stellium of planets in Cancer, plus Neptune and Chiron both in Pisces make this new beginning a seed of the deep imagination. The theme of this new cycle is born of instinct, of the emotions, as well as the innocence and fantasy of the inner child. With so much elemental water up above the overwhelm factor is great, while fear and insecurities may plague the psyche making us act irrationally and become super self protective. Since Mars is square Jupiter, and moves into his opposition with Pluto, due caution should be taken too in becoming over reactionary, over compensating, or compromising oneself. Try not to blow things out of proportion, or get defensive over any personal attacks, nor cling to attachments that can no longer support your souls evolution. Planets Venus and Neptune smooth off any hard edges and conflicts that may arise now with gossamer romantic notions and beautiful artistic expressions.


This lunar cycle works the Capricorn/Cancer axis, representing the parent versus child, financial security versus emotional security, work life versus family life. The nature of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is mature, stoic, responsible and practical, while Cancer is infantile, imaginative, emotional, and instinctive. It is important to remember that our emotions allow us to fully participate in the life experience and provide the necessary bonding with others. They show our vulnerability, in revealing either our strengths or our weaknesses depending how and where we direct all that feeling. Being emotionally expressive can help us become more effective in life… for instance great leaders know how to express themselves and stir up other people’s emotions in order to motivate them, create allegiance and perhaps launch something of great value or purpose. Going to work and providing an income and performing our duties provides necessary self discipline, and develops stability which in turn increases our emotional security. For fluidity to occur on this axis a balance must be struck between our work out in the world tempered with good self care and nurturance, along with that of our family members.

Working to make a living

It may come to light now that in maintaining our privacy at all cost, and in keeping up a low profile, this tactic may well have hindered our development as far as our status at work, in business, or in the scope of our personality portrayed to the rest of the world- limiting personal success, finances and prestige. This lunar cycle inspires us to move out of the familiar; to come out from under the rock we’ve been hiding, and for hermit crabs to leave the safety of that old shell and get emotionally spurred into action. Reveal your innards to others outside of your inner circle. Bonding emotionally with others creates alliance.

Inner reflection

Live a little larger and participate, for this too can be as self nurturing as hiding away and retreating into your own little world. Come what may- remind yourself that getting all moody, crabby and defensive about things won’t solve anything! Direct your emotive rhetoric and actions in a positive and motivational manner for the good of all and for your personal best outcome… consider too that the past is the past and as much as it may be a worthy call to defend any tradition it is good sense too, to not over protect something that no longer holds any structural integrity.

Hermit Crab

This months face off with Pluto on the Full Moon forces us out of any happy denials! No doubt this energetic increases our chances of confronting our fears before finding a new firm foundation to stand on. A note to self here -passive or aggressive self defense should be a last resort and truly only necessary when under seige of a violent attack. Our energy is best directed beyond any power struggles to be to build a stronger, more resilient, sustainable sense of security, both on a personal and collective level. Accept change or else be forced out of your comfort zone. Ask yourself the question-if you had no fears of failure (or success for that matter), who would you be, and what would your life look like compared to your current status…

la joie familaile
La Joie Familaile by Marc Chagall

In the meantime parent yourself well, so as to become a better nurturer for others, but don’t over compensate for fear of losing your emotional security as this will energetically drain your life force and trigger all sorts of old habits and addictions. Try not to take everything so personally. Consider that you are more than just your identity – you are a soul that is here in this body participating in life in order to evolve, and more often that not this conflicts with the ego and the frightened inner child. Develop the inner connection to God/dess and universal oneness on a deep soul level. Integrate that daily and nightly into your cells….

Reflection after the torrential rain…

Astrological report in depth June/July 2017

“Write hard and clear about what hurts”

Ernest Hemingway

The lunar cycle commences on June 24th with the New Moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon and symbolized by the crab. Emotional security, nurturance and privacy are top on the list for these lunar babes and FYI- especially relevant for this New Moon -they take everything directed at them personally and will never recover from any deceit. This New Moon is conjunct Mercury loosely conjunct Mars, and so the normal introversion associated with this sign, is challenged by the planets of communication and action. Since this is the darkest phase of the moon there is a good chance that feelings or disputes aired now will not get acted upon until Mercury conjoins Mars on June 28th.

Cancer New Moon

Venus exact trine with Pluto generates an undercurrent on this New Moon and so the Divine Feminine is potentially receptive to a scrupulous overhaul of her value system. All in all the energy above makes this new beginning very inspiring; wonderful for writing, artistry, reminiscing, communicating from personal experience, or simply revealing ones feelings. If you are not in the mood, or feel to hunker down inside your shell and build more private space then wait a few days, but then come out of your hiding and the secure haven of your home base for the Mercury/Mars conjunction, as this is high time to get talking!

Lonely House by Sage Tucker Ketcham

If you are a bold, extrovert personality type, then watch out for the shadow side of the Mercury /Mars conjunction in Cancer, followed by Mercury square Pluto June 29th  and then Mars opposing Pluto on July 2nd. Curb the defensive talk, moodiness; getting super heated, frustrated, over reacting, acting childishly, selfishly and irresponsibly. Without the capacity to express our emotions, we may be perceived as detached -too cold and cerebral, yet when they go unrestrained, highly charged words can cause considerable damage and destruction from which there may be no return…

On July 1st Chiron the centaur stations retrograde in Piscesuntil December 5th. It’s really imperative that during this long phase and especially this lunar cycle to fill your life with positive influences and avoid thinking in negative terms. Reflect on the personal afflictions and turmoils of childhood that still activate when triggered by current events and meetings. Thankfully Chiron’s long revision time gives us ample opportunity to transform any pain that wasn’t dealt with fully in the past 6 months. Align with your highest potential by going deep within this wound for a period of deep soul connection and karmic remembrance. Chiron in Pisces can generate fear, paranoia and delusional thinking, along with addictive behavior when salt is rubbed again and again into the fragile scar.

Dead Poet Borne by Centaur by Gustave Moreau

Chiron also rules intense and mystical ecstatic experiences especially in the sign of Pisces. Always hunt for the deeper meaning in any wounded experience and bring awareness to past life wounds of persecution, imprisonment, exile, and mass slaughter collectively manifest through soul generations. Saturn’s ongoing square with Chiron elicits a crisis that involves this old wound needing a boundary of protection to heal what’s past, in order for us to move forward with out feeling so structurally impaired, or experiencing such ecstatic highs and deep dark lows.

Butterfly Goddess

On July 5th Venus moves into Gemini, and so the inclination is to fall in and out of love rather quickly, with the ability to change our minds about who or what we most value, or else unable to decide and go back and forth between the pros and cons. This is a time too for attracting the opposite, as well as enjoying the lifestyle of the social butterfly. On this day too Jupiter in Libra is exact quincunx/ inconjunct Neptune in Pisces and so in lieu of any major compromises or adjustments made in a partnership there may be a strong inclination to fantasize about a romance without finding any resolve in these two extremes.  On July 6th Mercury moves into Leo and our communication and thinking is directed towards our greater individuation; seeking creative expressive outlets that make us stand out from the crowd.

Capricorn with the body of the goat and tail of the fish

The Full Moon culminates in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn on July 9th bringing the focus to our duties, responsibilities and our work life and how this may be out of balance with our family and home life. This is quite the planetary line up, and from here on out we can expect some major power plays in the month of July, which at worst could elicit volatile conditions resulting in yet more violence. The moon in Cancer is conjunct Pluto intensifying our emotions- resurrecting our darkest fears, while opposing Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn fuels our passion to protect ourselves and what we have worked so hard to accumulate. This is a very intense and uncomfortable Full Moon – it places the power of authority over self under the highly reactive lunar spotlight. There is a see saw effect here between emotional manipulation and provoking an all out aggressive attack.

The Moon positioned in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn amplifies the need for emotional security and privacy; to want to stay hidden from the bright glare of social recognition for all sorts of fears. Pluto further undermines our emotional security as he is Lord of the Underworld and brings forth the shadows and demons to the surface. The dilemma here is whether to stay emotionally secure and invisible to the rest of the world for fear of exposure, or whether to stand in ones power, defend ourselves, receive the spotlight and set out on the mission regardless of what exposure, or any hurt or personal attack could entail.

The Attack by Edvard Isto

Following on after the Full Moon the last week of this lunar cycle looks to be another very volatile time leading into the New Moon in Leo August 23rd, which I’ll discuss in the following forecast.

For this month then watch out for sudden outbursts, provoked attacks, and highly reactionary flare ups in your personal, family and work life, as well as of course out in the sociopolitical arena. There’s a belligerence and stubborn pride that will abound energetically that feels to be purely self serving. The planetary line ups are as follows: July 17thMars square Uranus elicits a volatile energetic for sudden attacks or explosions, then Sun square Uranus July 20th could potentially provoke unexpected events or developments, and July 21st Mars moves into Leo whereby our sacred warrior honors the heart path to develop courage, yet under the current energetic climate this may activate the shadow side and generate over inflated egos that only exhibit a brave ‘kill’ in order to preserve and protect the lions den.

The Tower

Transformation is needed now more than ever at a deep, deep structural level–down into our subconscious and unconscious as well addressing the karmic past. This catharsis must rise up without the rallying of a full on battle to defend what has become all too familiar and antiquated. If the New Moon wasn’t a big enough stimulus, then the Full Moon will literally coerce us out of our shells, hopefully not just for combat in self defense, but to actually motivate us towards our greater life success. So again I beseech you come out from under the rock, face the demons that may await. How we respond now when the devil shows up and tempts us, or when we get brutally attacked without just cause will either clutter or clear the path to our destiny.

The Temptation of Christ in the wilderness

Face what terrifies you most with courage, grace and faith knowing that only love and compassion has the power to transform all fear and hate. Once the confrontation is met old habits, fears and restrictions can be allowed to die so the new action plan has a greater chance of success. Perhaps it will come to pass that the dark cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek, or that once you step out of your hiding spot you’ll discover that your most fearful imaginings were founded in reoccurring nightmares rather than any actual reality! There is of course only one way to find out…

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Susan Jeffers

Transformation Butterfly Goddess by Melissa Jade Edwards
Transformation Butterfly Goddess, by Melissa Jade

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