June Forecast; Sage wisdom, Intelligence in Motion, and Tolerance…

New Moon in Gemini May 25th 3.44pm EST 19.44 UTC
Full Moon in Sagittarius June 9th 9.10 am EST, 13.10 UTC
Summer Solstice June 21st 12.24am EST 04.24 UTC

Last months lunar cycle generated much personal growth and inner transformation, bestowing valuable life lessons when it came to our personal attachments. There was a sense that in order to propagate more abundance in our lives, undergoing a small death became inevitable…

caughtbetweenlifedeath by Dustin Parker
Caught between life and death, by Dustin Parker

Astrological summary for May/June 2107

From the New Moon until mid June we may still feel in two minds about something – weighing things out first, going back and forth before being able to make a decision. This may concern a relationship, work skills, or money making scheme, as these themes are carried forward from the previous lunar cycle. By mid month the tension and frustration amounts, yet through exploring the truth of the scenario and addressing our belief system, there comes a better sense of a definitive direction and course of action.

In two minds – by Maddycat

During the first half of this lunar cycle the shadow Goddesses Black Moon Lilith and Eris are both activated (alongside Mars and Saturn both square Chiron), staging still more intense healing work concerning all that we have suppressed and how all this relates to our most painful and debilitating karmic wound. Under the influence of the shadow Goddesses any repressed anger regarding rejection undermines our highest potential, redirecting our thoughts towards escape, combat, or scheming for sweet justice and revenge. As much as the boldness in these courses of action may feel intensely satisfying, our mental energy is truly best spent on the goal of furthering our spiritual development rather than perpetuating a karmic tipping scale.

As the mind races ahead of itself, slow down the pace, and quieten the inner debate. Journey inwardly and outwardly to discover the foundation of your truth. What we think we know may well oppose that which we will come to realize as truth. The smoke screens should dissipate after the Full Moon, bringing everything back into focus, enabling us to deliberate our greatest goal. Any dualistic concerns need to be addressed now in order to aim the arrow straight to its singular target. Mars in Gemini bids us to resolve issues or conflicts through actions that match our words.

Salgian Mitzura 006
Sagittarius, by Salgian Mitzura

Many of our brilliant ideas become inconsequential over time; that’s because in order to achieve any goal it takes great aspiration, passionate belief, dedication, hard labor and commitment. Sometimes we may point the arrow too high and so Saturn reminds us to keep it real, to think practically and pragmatically, even when Uranus pushes us beyond our own limitations, to think outside the box; shake things up and embark on something radically different. At this time, if we can allow for it, there is a natural flow between our most hard held beliefs and our future radical action plan, that courses together towards our destiny and personal success (Grand Fire Trine; Saturn, Uranus & North Node). It’s best too to take into account Jupiter’s influence for over zealous or idealistic notions, as Saturn continues to ask of us to be realistic about our goals as well as put in all the hard work and effort.

On June 21st the Summer Solstice heralds the longest day of the year and the Sun moving into the constellation of Cancer. Together with Mar’s passage in the cardinal water sign we feel the cooling effect. The sense of blowing hot and cold at the beginning of the lunar cycle is now counteracted out with more emotional accountability. It’s been a long while since we had a good dose of Cancer energy up in the heavens. Cancer’s sensitivity and feeling is directed towards home, family, nesting, and nurturing, as well as supporting the imaginative, intuitive, inner child.

Cancer the crab

Out in the socio-political arena this cycle may elevate political debates to a scorching degree, and by the Full Moon could extend and broaden out into foreign affairs. Jupiter stations direct on the Sagittarius Full Moon and so there is a good chance that we may witness some bold risk taking (hopefully not just for the thrill of it), breaking the law, overriding jurisdictions, and grandiose acts spurred by arrogance, fundamentalism, righteousness and zealousness, all played out in the public arena as well as in our personal lives.

Adaptability is key this month – try not to get stuck or obsessed in an old pattern of thinking or deliberating. Experiential learning and intelligence in motion will help bring us closer to our goal. It’s a great month to embark on educating yourself, or for studying something you may never have considered before – perhaps still feels rather alien to you, yet speaks to your soul and spirit. Broadening ones mind, outlook and horizons is key and this is achieved through inner seeking and outer exploration. Travel inwardly if it’s not possible to free up the tethers and get away. No matter of how much you wish to achieve, fill your heart with gratitude for what you have in the present moment, and strive for now to live within your means. And, regardless of your worldly and spiritual beliefs attempt to better understand and find tolerance for those of others, even when they conflict with your own.

Gemini Angels


“The highest result of education is tolerance”

Helen Keller

Astrological Report in depth for May/June 2017

The New Moon in Gemini culminates on May 25th making this an auspicious time to start hashing out a new idea, or game plan. Things may be showing up in pairs giving us two options to contemplate, or we become aware of the dualistic nature of something that needs our deliberation. Ruled by Mercury the cosmic twins represent our thoughts, our means of communication, and the here and now. They also symbolize the dual nature of the human psyche, how we project onto another, and mirror the other.

GEMINI painting by Jennifer Kunin Gemini The Twins “I Think”
Gemini the twins – by Jennifer Kunnin

Venus (the planet of love and money) makes an exact square with Pluto (The Lord of the Underworld) on the New Moon which opposes shadow Goddess Black Moon Lilith, which altogether makes this a critically challenging time for relationships. Some may be destined to terminate at this point, while others may endure a grueling transformation in order for both souls to evolve…nevertheless in either outcome, a karmic purge is always Pluto’s soul medicine. This square aspect asks of us to dump any antiquated value system and transform and restructure in order to better support our soul authenticity. The crisis will not only affect relationships, but investments, property, as well as earths natural resources- especially those buried deep, like water, oil, coal, and mineral reserves.

natsuo Ikegami - Moment
Moment by Natsuo Ikegami

With Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn and Galactic Center (exact May 28th) there’s sure to be a lot of talk, movement back and forth, and fearful thinking all resulting in not a great deal of certainty. This is a rather restless period, if you aren’t already burnt out from all the elemental fire and air up above taxing the nervous system. Our sacred warrior also feels frustrated traveling through the later degrees of Gemini, especially if major decisions are still up in the air. For the last week of May and early June it may be wise to let our actions speak a touch louder than our words to avoid getting our tongues all twisted up in anger or uncertainty. It is however a good time to be actively more social if the mood takes you.


Then on June 5th Mars moves into Cancer and our Sacred Masculine warrior becomes cautious, yet persistent and self -protective; easily agitated through his over sensitivity which could lead to arguments and manipulative behavior. His passion now is for security, and he lacks patience for anything blocking his goals.

Venus moves from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus -returning to her home sign on June 6th. Here the Divine Feminine feels in her element regarding matters of attraction, love, desire, money, beauty, sensual and material pleasures. Following suit on June 7th Mercury moves into his ruling sign of Gemini, also in his element for thinking, communicating, debating, writing, learning and socializing. His return home will have a quickening and sharpening effect on our minds.

The Full moon in Sagittarius culminates June 9th on the same day Jupiter stations and goes direct. The Moon loosely conjuncts Black Moon Lilith, Saturn and the Galactic Center exposing our deep insecurities leading to the undoing of our beliefs that mask our fear of rejection, of being made outcast, or stripped of ones power and status. Shame and guilt keep us from living our truest potential, while repressed anger breeds narcissism and self entitlement. On this Full Moon as much as me way wish to escape a karmic debt, understand that freedom only comes when we have made our amends.

Meantime the opposing Sun in Leo brings to light all our truth seeking as a personal quest for broadening our horizons and expanding our conscious awareness through spiritual exploration and discovery. The double faceted idea seeded on the New Moon focuses now into a singular goal after receiving the lunar spotlight. The Grand Fire Trine assists in projecting our goal into the future based on balancing out our most innovative, radical thinking with the matter of grounding that idea in reality, and in our truth founded in tried and tested beliefs.

Sagittarius the Centaur – Islamic Art

Jupiter stations direct in Libra on June 9th, reeling in greater fortune and expansion in the arenas of relationship, travel, work and education, all of which is most beneficial when aligned with our spiritual growth. Then on June 16th Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces for its regular annual cycle lasting 160 days. In Neptune’s backward motion the picture of our reality could prove quite painful the further from the truth we may have ventured, or the more extreme our methods of escapism. Critical life events and romantic relationships can trigger karmic past life traumas, while the immune system is less efficient at warding off infection or fighting against any toxicity. Neptune retrograde is however a perfect time for pursuing spiritual self-development.

June 21st heralds the Summer Solstice in northern hemisphere; celebrated ritually since neolithic times this is the annual event the sun reaches its zenith point. And so we enter the magical midsummer’s night dream just before the New Moon culminates also in the sign of Cancer on June 24th which I’ll discuss in the greater depth in the next astro forecast.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

This months lunar cycle works the mutable Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which energetically resonates best with the capacity for adaptability and an openness to change. Balance is to be found within the polarity of an idea versus a goal, knowledge versus wisdom, a thought versus a belief, the here and now versus far away; basic education versus higher education, local community affairs versus foreign cultural affairs. Both signs are masculine and yang in nature, and while Gemini is the Peter Pan of the zodiac, Sagittarius represents the wise sage.

For this month then, when you find yourself preoccupied or obsessing with what’s happening from moment to moment, turn your gaze to the horizon and broaden your scope. Use your inner vision to guide you further afield, as you seek to find the truth inside and outside of your self. Seeing may be believing, yet our deep internal ‘knowing’ too is a God given gift; most natural and powerful, providing the ultimate validation. Balancing both ways of ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ with how we view ourselves, others and the world, develops our sage wisdom.


“My religion is not deceiving myself”

Milarepa, the 2nd Century Tibetan Sage



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