May Forecast; From Growth to Transformation, and the Cosmic Activation of the Lion’s Heart

New Moon in Taurus, April 26th 8.18 am EDT, 12.18 UTC
Full Moon in Scorpio May 10th, 5.43pm EDT, 21:43 UTC
North Node moves into Leo, and South Node into Aquarius,  May 9th

During last months lunar cycle we encountered a karmic reset, a spiritual renewal and a second chance at an old energy dynamic that sought to make amends with the karmic past. The Venus retrograde transit reawakened the pain in our physical body, our heart and in our spiritual rifts. We have had to work exceptionally hard at transcending our wounds to regain our balance among all the chaos and dissolution. This past Holy Week resurrected our faith; triggered the wake up call to deepen the greatest love of all – between oneself and Spirit. We were faced too with harsh aspects of our reality blocking our greatest dreams and visions. Yet now through divine grace comes a new cycle that offers a fertile space for personal growth and transformation. The chance to reestablish our security and flourish, no matter how dire our circumstances, or how far left field our karma has lead us. And where the pain persists there’s still more inner work ahead, for increasing the breath, the light and unconditional love…

The Resurrection

Astrological summary for the April/May 2017

“To everything there is a season, and a time and purpose under heaven; a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1- 2 KGV

This new lunar cycle works the Taurus/Scorpio axis shedding light on the surface value of material and sensual pleasures, versus an investment in the emotional depth and intimacy of physical bonding. It polarizes personal resources against combined resources; growth and manifestation, versus transformation through the death and rebirth process.

Life and Death

All living things have a time to thrive and a time to die. We spend our time here on Earth manifesting and enjoying life on the surface, while digging deep to find the meaning in all the trials of our mortal existence. Both Taurus and Scorpio form attachments and in their fixed nature want more power and greater control. They arouse the desire for wealth, love, pleasure, passion and sex. The pursuit of happiness falls between these two poles, and in so doing we form many worldly attachments to people, places and things, some of which become addictive and obsessive. Yet there is nothing alive here on this earth that isn’t temporal, so the idea of total possession is truly a wasted labor, just as it makes no sense to be completely self sufficient when we are incarnated among billions of other souls.  A balance must be struck then between self -development and building our own resources, with the inner growth and transformation gained through the merger or separation with another, as well as accepting assistance when we most need it.

The fixed star Regulus is activated throughout this lunar cycle by its long conjunction with the North Node of the Moon, changing signs now from the first degrees of Virgo into the last degrees of Leo. This slow moving dance with destiny together with other ongoing hard planetary aspects suggests that much is currently at stake, not only for us personally, but also out in the sociopolitical arena…for the power mongers are set to destroy further a balance already toppled with their warring and their dark agenda for ultimate control.


This is happening in the micro as well as the macro so pay attention to where this energy shows up in your personal life. Pray for guidance and assistance; call on Archangel Raphael for healing and Archangel Michael for protection, for they are the celestial representatives of the royal giant Regulus located at the heart of the lion (Leo). Do the spiritual work needed to counter balance the dark oppressive forces, and build yourself up from the root and inside the core so that love has a stronghold to flourish, and fill in all the cracks.

The retrograde action of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto continues and so time progresses at a slower pace, and given that this months lunar cycle began with a Taurus New Moon this too contributes to the dense plodding atmosphere. If you are experiencing delays, or feeling stuck- relax, slow down and consider the fact that this backward momentum is running rather out of synch with our quickening ability to think, and our motivation and desire to manifest for the future. We are still undergoing a revision period, so if there are major decisions ahead this months lunar cycle will help to underscore some defining factors.

Understand too that happiness and peace are an inside job, and only when happiness is self -generated can one truly live in harmony with another. So take responsibility for your own happiness (or sadness for that matter), and invest your energy in mastering your self so that you truly have something of great value and worth to offer and share with another being.


Astrological report in depth for April/May

The new lunar cycle commences on April 26th with New Moon in earthy, practical, sensual Taurus. With all the impetus for renewal (4 planets in Aries) this New Moon challenges us to peacefully accept our self generated reality and all that we have, or haven’t single handedly created. This new beginning then focuses on personal abundance, and so it’s time to take stock of our net worth and then tend to whatever needs to be maintained in order to keep some semblance of harmony and security. It could be that you wish to seed nothing and just relax, enjoy and partake in sensual pleasures. Whether we work, play, shop, or sleep today the grass will keep on growing, the rain will keep pouring, and the sun will shine and so the life process continues and we grow and develop steadily alongside nature and her epic cycles of regeneration, even with the least amount of effort!

Sleeping Bull by Elizabeth Anfield

With Mercury retrograde at this new beginning (trine the North Node, trine Saturn, and conjunct Uranus and Eris- square Pluto) it’s in all our best interests to slow down, communicate thoroughly and on a deeper level especially when faced with any opposition or disputes. The way we intellectually explore and air our core beliefs and truths will feed into the reshaping of our selves and our reality, with a sense for new possibilities underlying all our labored endeavors. All that we value and desire are still undergoing tremendous transformation, especially in the arena of relationship and marriage (Juno conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter and Uranus). Things should become somewhat easier to fathom once Mercury stations and goes direct again on May 3rd ,but expect ongoing discord until mid month at the very least.

On April 30th Saturn makes an exact square with Chiron and so we have our work cut out for us, yet again, in another tough healing crisis, counter weighted by all the recent reemergence of our past wounds. Saturn rules the skin and bones and any degeneration. It produces blockages, dental and skin problems, and arthritis, so physical health flare ups are possible along with some heavy doses of karmic justice for wounds suffered or imposed. The theme of this crisis concerns boundaries, truth, beliefs, who and what weighs us down, karmic wrongs and rights, spiritual and material conflicts, and the physical and psychic blocks to healing our deepest wound.

(From  “Tinyartshop”)

Venus travels through the fiery warrior sign of Aries all of May. Our divine feminine has been through the ringer in Inanna’s underworld as well as in aspect to both Saturn and Chiron, and so our values have been revised, and readjusted according to how we revisited our old wound, relived our suffering, and felt the pain all over again; all in relation to how we connected or disconnected to or from Spirit, and experienced unity or detachment with another, or with the rest of the world. After the hyper receptivity of Pisces the action of Aries is a welcome transition truly giving us the energy to want to quit our sufferings and resurrect ourselves. With Venus in Aries we should feel more willful and assertive, ready to spontaneously initiate, or pursue that which we desire and value.

Venus in Aries

Meanwhile Mars travels through the mutable air sign of the Gemini twins, also for the whole month of May. Our sacred masculine is vocal about his wants and needs and his many thoughts, but perhaps not with a whole lot of physical energy, momentum or support for his new ideas, due to the ongoing retrograde action of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, plus the post shadow phase of both Venus and Mercury.

May 9th heralds an important transition – the North Node of the Moon moves into Leo, while the South Node enters Aquarius. For anyone who is lacking in self esteem, unable to maintain their true identity around others, or has ego issues this will be a challenging 18 months, yet will provide the necessary teachings to be able to fully embrace ones authentic self and not be afraid to shine their bright light out in the world. It is a significant period of time for us to reset the inner compass towards our God given gifts and claim our rightful sovereignty – our Kingdom and our Queendom.


The manifesto transitions now from being of greater service, towards creating a life in which our personality can flourish.  It will ask of us to have the courage to love, and honor the heart; to be loyal to those whom we adore and cherish. To leave behind detached, alienating, radical, or rebellious thinking and any adopted identity attached to a group or other affiliations, in order to bring us back into the central core of our being and thereby differentiating us as truly unique.

The south node in Aquarius is the energy we are leaving behind, and so this gauge redirects our energy away from platonic groups of friends, or community in order to seek greater individuation. Perhaps this may elicit an exodus from technology, especially social media to seek greater connectivity in a real life romance, creative passions and self actualizing projects. Or it could be that we use our technology to expose our playful individuality within groups or collectives, by shamelessly self promoting our creativity.

Passionate Scorpio

On May 10th the Full Moon culminates in the deep, dark, passionate water sign of Scorpio. Our solo endeavors towards our personal growth and for manifesting wealth from our skill set during the Taurus New Moon are now met with the need for deeper personal transformation and to perhaps risk merging or separating resources with another, and in tackling the power struggles that can ensue from this intimacy. The extremities of joy and pain are experienced from sharing ones physical body with another, and through investing in a life made together. Bonding intimately teaches us about power and control and we discover greater depth to ourselves through the physical and psychic process of merging and then separating with another.

This lunar cycle then blends the power of Taurus the bull and his brute physical force, practicality and determination, with Scorpio’s endurance, willpower and deep passion. Both these fixed signs require stability and security and are stubbornly set in their ways. And so we must pay special attention this month to passive aggressive tactics in ourselves as well as others when seeking to control a person or situation.


May 18-19th a Grand Fire Trine culminates [between Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (conjunct Galactic Center), trine Uranus in Aries, trine with the Leo North Node (conjunct Regulus)] making this a powerful month for our thoughts and our beliefs and how the truth is the key to our freedom. With both gates to the karmic past and the future still open wide, it is through great discrimination, more self sacrifice, and honoring our sovereignty that elicits physical breakaways and mental breakthroughs. In turn this changes our future destiny allowing the new energy from the cosmic vortex to be born, while the old is sucked away.

The following New Moon culminates on May 25th in the mutable air sign Gemini which I will explore in greater depth in the next astro forecast…

“Happy outside vs sad inside” by Lucy Auntmnleaf

“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain…”

On Joy and Sorrow – from “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran


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