April Forecast; Karmic reconfiguration, second chances and balancing out the extremes

New Moon March 27th in Aries 10.57pm EDT, 2.57 UTC (28th)
Full Moon April 11th in Libra 2.08am EDT 6.08 UTC
Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto retrograde

Astrological Summary for April 2017

During last month’s lunar cycle we were still experiencing the aftermath of the transformational energy of February’s powerful lunar and solar eclipses as well as beginning our descent with Venus into the underworld. It was a time for deep release and healing of trauma in the body, the soul and psyche; separating from the pinnacle of our pain to move into forgiveness, acceptance and making amends. This was the necessary prep for the internal capacity to open and receive the incoming of everything that has the look or feel of a new beginning, and thereby acting as a karmic reset.


For this lunar cycle (commencing March 28th – April 26th) any new beginnings, progressive ventures, or creative projects, all need to be aired and discussed in great length especially within any partnerships. Don’t skip the details, or the small print. Whether this new beginning is about work, relationship, or any a life changing idea allow yourself the time and space to thoroughly hash it all out from lessons learned in the past, by looking carefully at the present reality of the situation, and then envisioning the dreams for the future. Any sudden life changes now will need ongoing revision as Mercury, then Saturn, and Pluto join Venus to all station retrograde throughout the month. When encountering obstacles on the path forward, persist and work it out if you have clarity about the situation, especially if it’s of great value to you, or a truly ingenious idea.

Be a warrior and tackle upcoming conflicts and setbacks with courage, strength and conviction while tactfully negotiating solutions through fair and just compromise. Navigating all of life’s extremities provides us with HUGE karmic lessons, testing us to see how willing and truly open we are to accepting the life circumstances that will best advance our soul evolution. It could well be that during this period we are being offered something with a very fresh energy dynamic, yet at the core still carries over a key energetic thread from the past, which stages our second chance to get it right this time round. This is a karmic opportunity acting as a powerful buffer for making amends.

Kali – the Hindu Goddess of creation, preservation and destruction

In regards to the Aries New Moon and all the planets in the cardinal fire sign it is important to keep in check the overly ambitious nature of our self driven motives, so as not to neglect all the heart centering of our creative passions, the love in our relationships, and of course our connection to divine source. Create the space and time in your daily life to honor what and who is of tremendous value to your heart and soul.


This month the Galactic Center exerts a great influence energetically on Earth and whilst experiencing the impact of the primal void and the mystery, humanity is poised in great karmic times where soul mates and soul cells arrive, or depart, or both simultaneously…don’t be surprised then how quickly and suddenly this can all appear and disappear. The procession too of planets moving forward and back between the constellations of Pisces and Aries truly emphasizes this passage of karmic comings and goings, as these symbolize natural endings and new beginnings – the last and first signs of the zodiac. Pisces also represents the ether, and this combined with the energetically activated Galactic Center (and in aspect to the North Node), then one can clearly comprehend that these truly are epic times for karmic reconfiguration.

Torus energy

There is no rush this month– pace yourself – revisit the past if need be from the perspective of self- discovery, rather than a full immersion, or a complete redo. Setbacks are inevitable in heavily retrograde periods so utilize the intuition and envisioning of Pisces combined with the resilience and survival aspect of Aries the ram to fully embrace the future head on with trust, faith and knowing that what is panning out now is for the benefit of your souls ongoing evolution. Consider too that battling against the karmic flow as being one of the most taxing energy drains of our existence, so give up the fight, yield and relinquish the control. Accept what is, and what is going to be. Only when the shadowy past reemerges to obstruct the flow is it time to harness the power like the salmon to swim upstream.


“Whatsoever thou reaps, that shall ye sow”

This biblical quote is a reminder that whatever you give out in this life you get back. When considering the meaning on a karmic level it suggests that good deeds go a long way and that these laws of attraction extend further the than just this lifetime. And so with the greatest respect to the upcoming retrograde phase of planets Saturn and Pluto that rule karma, plus the influence of the Galactic Center (the Great Void) I will give you fair warning that acting or thinking selfishly or selflessly, especially in this lunar cycle will yield great karmic consequence. Sometimes there is just cause to act selfishly for ones own preservation, just as sometimes taking a selfless stance is the ‘right’ and fairest solution. It is in all our best interests especially this month to seek the high ground, and from there deliberate and negotiate….


Astrological forecast in depth for April 2017

The new lunar cycle commences on March 28th with the New Moon in Aries conjunct Venus in her retrograde motion. This new seeds allows for our full autonomy through actions taken based on the revision and resurrecting of our value system. And while Mars the sacred masculine journeys in Taurus there is a need for a practical, grounded, creative approach to going about what we really want and how we pleasure ourselves. We become physically and sensually aware of our fertility; our human potential to manifest here on this earth plane. This is a powerful and potent motivator on the first New Moon proceeding the Vernal Equinox.


On March 30th Jupiter (retrograde) positions exact square Pluto- Lord of the Underworld. Socially this elicits a crisis point in any power struggle between governing authority versus the people, as the sign Libra represents equality and fairness for all. In any big conflict the only fair solution is compromise, while the process of transformation must be recognized as the necessary step towards progression. This may be a time frame that has the signature stamp of resorting to a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality.

Athene – Qlympian Goddess of wisdom, justice, war and crafts

Then on April 3rd Venus representing the divine feminine appears as the morning star while she backtracks from fiery Aries into the last degrees of watery extra sensory Pisces, increasing her sensitivity, compassion and desire for spiritual unification. She must stay grounded in her own value system and mind against being swayed from her better judgment, or getting caught up in the swell of following the crowd. Venus positions direct on April 15th after which there are less setbacks to resuming, or beginning anything that has monetary or romantic value as well as anything that potentially beautifies appearances.

Merger of fire and water

The retrograde theme is picked up next by Saturn on April 6th until June 9th . During Saturn’s backtracking motion more truths will surface and at the same time we may experience the need to rework our goals as we encounter obstacles, or set backs on the route to our success and liberation.

Currently Saturn-the lord of time and karmic justice is in the truth seeking sign of the centaur Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center. This is a powerful alignment ongoing for this month and will position us all in relationship to dark matter- to the center of death and creation. Whether we like it or not some soul mates, or certain opportunities are just not destined for us in this lifetime, as non of us can escape the cosmic laws of repulsion and attraction. Karmic debt accrues, and once amends are made, or wounds healed, then its time to move on into a new experience that will relate to another aspect of our karmic journey. There can be no sentimentality here with Saturn conjunct the black hole. When the boundary holder stations on the same plane as the dark matter we must remain stoic in the face of aspects of our life being sucked back into the karmic centrifuge. The great void is also a great source of energy, motivation and aspiration, as in the death process, space empties for new matter to be born as well as opening the gateway to potent extraterrestrial energy.

The Galactic Center

Then on April 9th Mercury also stations retrograde in Taurus, but by April 21st he backtracks further into fiery Aries until May 3rd when he once again stations direct. During this time frame pay special attention to how your thinking has you attached to the positive or negative reality of your physical situation, especially regarding money, possessions and romance. Revisit this story you tell yourself and others; give it some revision time then rework it so that there is potential to attract more abundance. Meantime anything that has us acting fast in our decision making and taking spontaneous risks needs to be slowed down to negate any deep regrets, accidents or mistakes.

The Full Moon culminates on April 11th in the sign of Libra with Sun conjunct Uranus (exact April 13th), and Moon conjunct Jupiter. This will place the spotlight on any opposition to the security and balance of our partnerships through our solo quests and breakaways. Balancing out all extremes is the top priority at this time. If you are in any kind of partnership sort through what is mine, and what is yours. Be fair and seek equality; strive for a healthy balance between the ‘me’ and the ‘we’.

With the lunar cycle working the Aries/Libra axis ‘togetherness’ may feel overrated if it comes at too much personal expense, while it may be rather underrated if independence and ambition always take precedence forging ahead. In whatever new beginning involves a singular driven purpose around the New Moon, seek to balance this energetically with any partnership or marriage through healthy compromises that reset the equilibrium.

The marriage

On April 20th Pluto stations retrograde until September 28th moving from 19 back to 16 degrees of Capricorn, giving us ample time to reflect on all the transformation that reshaped our life structures of late, whilst allowing the progressive Uranus energy to free ourselves from the old confines that no longer serve our highest good as individuals, or as a collective.

Towards the end of the month the New moon in Taurus culminates April 26th followed by Saturn square Chiron April 30th which I will discuss in the next forecast. Last but not least during this retrograde phase consciously track the the focus or dispersion of your energy, then do the revision and make the necessary adjustments

“Energy flows where the intention goes…”

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