March Forecast; releasing the trauma of the past, healing the body and soul, and Venus’s descent into the underworld

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, February 26th 10am EDT and 15.00 UTC

Full Moon in Virgo March, 12th 10.34 am EDT and 15.34UTC

Venus retrograde in Aries March 4th– April 15th

Spring Equinox March 20th at 6:29 am EDT

At the end of January we encountered the first lunar eclipse of the year in the sign of proud, passionate Leo. It energized us to honor our sovereign birthright, to be unashamedly our most shiny individual self. This was the heart centering needed for the current energetic push for revival and renewal, assisting in developing greater emotional security in these heightened times of transition and the chaos that often ensues.

Leading up to this Solar Eclipse mid February you may have felt super anxious, hyper sensitive or emotional and perhaps you noticed an increase in synchronicity, physical ailments manifesting, and possibly endured the loss of the sudden passing of a loved one. This was another cosmic portal where souls departed or reentered just when all seemed on track for the big breakaway, or renewal. The astrological signature behind all of this was partly due to the procession of planets moving through Pisces and Aries signaling the change from the old guard into the new; dissolution to renewal. Also the Solar Eclipse in Pisces (the sign of natural endings) was conjunct the South Node of the Moon and what this did was to bring to light, or back into our consciousness the destiny of our karmic past – and all the stuff that we either haven’t felt was karmically completed, or perhaps should have dumped, but still find hard to let go, if indeed that is ever possible!

Christ consciousness

The Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse on February 26th culminated with the Sun and Moon both conjunct Neptune which had us fine tuning our receptors to expand our extra sensory perception. It was a highly emotive and super sensitive start for the March lunar cycle. During this blackened phase of both the Sun and Moon it stirred the depth of our unconscious and its fearful shadow realm, while simultaneously tapping in to the collective consciousness, entering the astral plane and beyond to commune direct with divine source.

The energetic connection of the South Node with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces on this new beginning envisioned a romance or artistic expression that most likely brought back elements from the past for renewal or resurrection. During this week Mars was conjunct Uranus and Eris in Aries (opposing Jupiter and squaring Pluto). The combination of super sensory and spacey Piscean energy together with this explosive conjunction made for a highly volatile period where events, actions or accidents happened completely out of the blue. Many souls unexpectedly and dramatically left the Earth realm as this cosmic portal opened wide to activate our karmic destiny.


Due to Jupiter’s ongoing retrograde motion the giant planet is once again in exact opposition to Uranus (still square Pluto) on March 3rd. This is a longstanding tense energetic up above creating power struggles here on Earth. Our self autonomy stands in direct opposition to our harmonious partnering based on equality in relationship, all of which conflicts with Pluto’s dynamic for transformation. The release of antiquated life structures as well as peacefully toppling the power mongers and dissipating radicalism is key to our progression as individuals, in partnership with one another, and socially as a human species. This is an ongoing theme for 2017 as these planets all remain in aspect to each other.

Then on March 4th Venus representing our divine feminine stations retrograde in cardinal fire sign Aries, for the next 40 days. She will disappear from the sky from March 16th to complete her atonement with the sun on March 24th before transitioning from evening star to morning star April 3rd. Every 1 ½ years, when Venus moves approximately 29 degrees ahead of the Sun (in the astrological ephemeris), she begins to move backwards in the sky until she reaches a point approximately 21 to 29 degrees behind the Sun.

Her last retrograde phase was back in August 2015 in the fixed fire sign of Leo. We may wish to revisit this time period to better prepare ourselves for what might be in store this March/April. When Venus travels retrograde, she provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and the material things in our life. In this case while she backtracks through Aries we may wish to discern how our romantic and worldly attachments either benefit or hinder our self -autonomy. It’s a good time to review ‘what’s mine’ including our finances, our possessions and any romances that dissolved in recent months. This revision may bring forth a passionate revival of something dear, perhaps a rekindling of an old flame.

Inanna & Ereshkigel

During her retrograde phase Venus journeys as the Sumerian Goddess Inanna descending into the underworld to meet her dark sister Ereshkigel, representing her shadow. And from March to April she moves through the trials of fire into water, from all the recent impassioned and self oriented action, back again into the fluid expanse where all her senses are heightened and her psychic capacity greatly enhanced.

Mars and Venus’s tango through the heavens comes to an end as Venus backtracks and Mars soldiers forward into the fixed sign of Taurus on March 10th. After the vigor and self oriented push in Aries our warrior settles now into the density of earthy Taurus, getting in touch with his masculinity and sexuality through sensual and erogenous pleasures. The sacred masculine can readily access his passion albeit more on the surface than at any depth, but may also be inclined to getting rather stuck in the material and his pleasure zone thereby inhibiting his pioneer spirit.


On 12th March the Full Moon in Virgo culminates with the Sun’s opposition to the Moon conjunct Chiron and Mercury. Under this luminous spotlight there’s a strong urge to vocalize and ruminate on our past trauma and suffering in order to heal mentally, and emotionally this wound that began back in our childhood that relates to the karma we brought through in this incarnation. This wound is our greatest teacher – our Achilles heel. Releasing the emotional trauma of the past will greatly ease the karmic burden, and with Pluto aligned in a beneficial aspect to this Full Moon, the release of the old mind conditioning and life structuring feels fluid, powerful and final. The Virgo energy heightens the purification process and highlights the necessity of self care, micro management, self sacrifice, and to cleanse and heal the body as this is the earthly container for our soul and spirit. Only then can we be of greater service to others when we ourselves are able to work to our full ability and capacity without the weakening affect of any dis- ease, dysfunction or depletion.


The Virgo Full Moon helps us to reflect on where in ourselves and in our life we need to clean up, by discerning all that no longer serves our highest good. Toxicity can be invisible too, so use your super senses to distinguish the source and then set about erecting protective boundaries, while negating any harm already done to the body, heart, mind and auric field. Try not to get lost in worrisome thought, or hung up on the old pain and suffering, but do bring it all up from beneath the surface to be transformed and transmutated by Pluto’s energetic influence. Extreme fear, worry and anxiety could emerge at this time so it’s important to soothe the nervous system and find ways to relax as best you can. Nature, exercise, meditation, ceremony and prayer are all good medicine for raw nerves to center back in the heart.


As the ongoing theme for the next 6 months the combined energy of the two recent eclipses inspires visions, dreams and artistic expression all greatly influenced and complimented by the desire to shine our brightest light out into the world. March’s lunar cycle fits nicely alongside this eclipse theme with the sowing of a new seed that romances a dream, but for its manifestation and greatest expression on this earth plane it needs a clean and clear vessel. This compliments nicely Venus’s plunge into the underworld, as now we get a chance to review and rectify our value system along side the karmic reorganization of our heart centered choices which very much affect our finances, our relationship and lifestyle choices.

On March 20th the Sun enters Aries and this heralds the Spring Equinox Northern hemisphere and the astrological New Year. Our ancestors marked the Equinox as being midway between the sun’s lowest path across the sky in winter and highest path across the sky in summer. Considering the astrology of this lunar and new eclipse cycle this would be an auspicious time to conduct a giveaway ceremony to honor what has been released back into the karmic centrifuge, and to allow the fertile energy to impregnate the void, or to boost the energy of anything that has already taken seed.

Druid Equinox Ceremony at Stonehenge

The next New Moon culminates on March 28th in the fiery cardinal sign of Aries and I’ll be discussing that in my next forecast as well as Jupiter in Libra exact square to Pluto in Capricorn on 30th March.

It is important to recall for this current lunar cycle that the shadow aspect to Pisces is heightened anxiety, depression, paranoia, suffering and victimization which can lead us right back into old addictive behavior patterns. But it really needn’t! I think we’ve all learned an awful lot in the last 2 years as we have already released so very much, especially from our last venture with Venus into the underworld back in the summer of 2015, and there is no real benefit now to bringing back, or enduring the terrible despair from that same self made sabotage, or to endure this trial completely alone.


This is such a potent time to tackle any past trauma that has gotten stuck in the physical body deeply effecting the vital organs, especially the heart, lungs and liver as well as the structural mainframe support of the body – bones, joints, jaw, teeth, and feet. Allow time and resources for this release so that there is nothing blocking the energy flowing from your heart to the upper and lower chakras. It is physically and spiritually the center hub and so anything that restricts or blocks this area needs to be worked through. Any therapy that can aid in releasing trauma so as not to suffer so much in sickness or from bodily aches and emotional pain will work miracles right now. It is also a good time to invest in any counseling or psychotherapy to help release the emotional trauma that comes up, or talk this out with a close friend, family member or partner,as we don’t have to accomplish everything alone to transform ourselves.

The 7 Chakras and the Kundalini energy

The karmic reset is underway, so seize the day as they say and muster all your passion and compassion needed to build yourself back up to transition now away from the trauma of past. This soul centering asks of us to be powerful and effective, to move beyond the blocks and obstacles and any cages that had you trapped in the past and bonded to reactivating an old wound.

In ancient Egypt during the journey to the after life the departed soul had to undergo a trial which involved the weighing of the heart. After you died, in the great Hall of Maat, the god Anubis weighed your heart. The god Thoth recorded the finding as the god Ammut stood by. If your heart was as a light as a feather, you passed Maat’s test and entered your afterlife. But, if your heart was heavy Ammut would move swiftly and gobble you up! The Egyptians believed that you gained a light heart by doing many good deeds during your lifetime. The moral gleaned from this recount, and poignant for this time frame, is to make amends and move into a deep healing inner space through acts of compassion, forgiveness and love for yourself and others.

The weighing of the heart from the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”

January Lunar eclipse in greater detail

February Solar Eclipse and the theme of new eclipse cycle in greater detail

For revision of the last Venus retrograde cycle of August 2015


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