The Super Sentient Solar Eclipse 02/26/17

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces February 26th 10am EST and 15.00 UTC

“Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse

February’s new Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces is a rare and once in a lifetime event with the Sun and Moon both conjunct Neptune on the South Node of the Moon. This super sentient energy tunes us into the high octave frequency that opens our extra sensory intuitive perception and unites us with the Christ consciousness, while the South Node reactivates past timelines and the reemergence of all that we may struggle to leave behind. These then are the karmic gateways to our heaven and our hell…

Neptune’s uninhibited fluid environment opens our hearts to the compassionate waves of unconditional love- the direct channel to the God source. Emotions overflow from our deep unconscious memory bank breaching the flood gates. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces has us swimming in the infinite, and surfing the astral plane accessing the lucid dream state. The most graceful way to ride out this emotionally charged tsunami is by channeling all that feeling into creative and artistic forms of self expression that reconnect us to source through our physical bodies, lifting our spirit wings high up above the sufferance experienced in this Earth realm .

Angel of Ascension

The influence of the south node in this eclipse brings to the surface undertones of past trauma, suffering and victimization that needs conscious release as well as deflection, or else we we could potentially drown in the pain all over again. This is highly challenging, in the foggy, blurry atmosphere of Neptune and the lack of boundaries felt in the all inclusive sign of Pisces.


The nebulous makeup of Neptune has us feeling spaced out, heading in all directions, feeling lost and overwhelmed with sensory overload, or disappearing from the physical realm entirely. Perhaps swept away with emotion, romantic notions, or with psychic revelation. This eclipse heralds great envisioning and prophecy with a signature of the supernatural, and extra terrestrial energy entering the Earth plane, with not only Neptune’s influence but also Uranus strongly aspected up in the heavens, as well as Saturn currently in alignment with the galactic center (the black hole).

Supernatural beings

February’s total eclipse will be visible in South America, and southern Africa with prime viewing in Antarctica. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is farther from Earth and appears to be smaller than the visible disk of the sun, thereby not covering up our star completely. This eclipse will generate a ring of fire around the temporarily darkened Sun, and this energetic transfer animates our inner shadow world as well as ignites our dreaming. The sign of Pisces is represented by two fish who swim in opposing directions through Neptune’s watery expanse, representing the unconscious aspect of our psyche, and just like we discover in the ocean deep, here too reside the largest monsters known to man. Looks can be deceiving (Neptune), and not all appears as it may seem (Pisces). Watch who enters and leaves your life during this time and discern carefully their true motive, paying particular attention to how you may ‘see’ others a certain way, or how your view of the world provokes any strong emotional reaction.

The Great Blue Whale -super sentient being of the deep

The universal energy of Pisces teaches us that we are all one, and so what we see and discover out in the world is all relative to the sum of individual souls and the impact of all the masses; the trillions of complex psyches that altogether create the collective consciousness throughout time. In this unification of all of life and beyond we share the sin, the blame and the guilt for the very worst human manifestations on this earth plane and in recognizing this we must move towards forgiveness as we go about amending our ways. Like it or not each and everyone of us are partly responsible for the insanity and suffering we may see and feel in others and out in the current state of world affairs. Neptune rules corporations, the media, film and photography so these could all be highly deceptive and elusive under the current alignments.

The solar eclipse triggering the shadow aspect of Pisces holds the potential to generate extreme anxiety, panic, depression, paranoia, victimization. Solar eclipses were traditionally regarded as highly auspicious times for omens and associated as harbingers for tumultuous times generating sudden dramatic shifts. Extreme fearfulness and manic depression can lead us right back into the old addictive behavior patterns, especially since  Neptunian energy has us looking out side of ourselves to fill the sense of the void we feel within. In the sign of Pisces our reality presents the flip side to all aspects of life here on Earth, teaching us to trust and have faith journeying through the full spectrum of the life experience; to accept and surrender to God and use our intuition to navigate our way through the chaos. At the end of the day we may look to others, and to God to save ourselves, yet we can only save our own souls by working hard at cleaning up our act and generating greater awareness; both of which contribute to the ascension and enlightenment process.

Archangel Michael – the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. Prince of Archangels, the Defender of the Faith and the Angel of Deliverance

On this same theme the North Node in Virgo is our most powerful ally and balance point right now, and as the pole of our destiny it is reminding us of the necessity of self care, of purification, micro management, discernment, and to cleanse and heal the body, as this is our earthly container for our soul and spirit. Rid yourself of all that no longer serves your highest good and develop physical and psychic boundaries that protect from further toxicity and anything that endangers the wellness and vitality of your being.

The culmination of both the lunar and solar eclipse generates the energetic theme for the next 6 months and this one especially facilitates the deep release of trauma that we have carried with us from one lifetime to another. This is another karmic reset realigning with the heart and tuning into our intuition to increase our capacity for receptivity. The visions, dreams and artistic expression of the solar eclipse greatly influences and compliments the desire to shine our brightest light out into the world from the previous lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. The combination of the elements fire and water challenge us to develop both the passion and compassion needed to build ourselves back up – to center in our divinity as a unique individuals while connecting to source and in unity to all other sentient and insentient beings.

Fire and Water purification

This beautiful blend of individuation and benevolent energy combines for our restructuring and renewal, influenced too by Uranus with his current companions Eris the warrioress, and Mars the sacred masculine warrior acting now as provocateur for drastic and sudden change; powerful in his motivation to elicit the breakaway from the past. We fight for our freedom, to be as creative and progressive an individual as humanely possible and use these qualities and talents to be as effective towards aiding human kind and the well being of the planet; perhaps even beyond all that is tangible. This energy to clean up after ourselves can truly allow us to sparkle and be a shining example for others who have lost their way, to addiction, manic depression and to chaos and a overwhelming sense of doom.

Red and Blue Star Hopi Prophecy

This eclipse time offers the energetic potential for astral projection, envisioning, of ancient and new prophecy and for sensing you are the chosen one. Many highly sensitive individuals will feel this, and will work alongside others compassionate creative endeavors, and with the help of expansive Jupiter our collaborative efforts will have far reaching effects for all sentient and insentient beings. The first set of eclipses this year will increase the light within all those working towards their higher consciousness, as well as the empaths and healers who take on the mammoth task of cleansing the collective consciousness of all the past suffering, injustices and trauma.

Extra sensory Pisces

To manage the intensity of this incoming energy breathe deeply and set about organizing your day as best you can in the current out of spacey energetic atmosphere. If it doesn’t happen then it’s okay in time it will. Above all trust- have faith in the timing, in the synchronicities; in Great Spirit and yourself, but yes push through if you cant see through the veil and this is causing you to fall back into despair, trauma or addiction. Play or listen to music, dance, express yourself, make beautiful art, write or recite poetry, romance yourself or another, and make sacred love. Heal your heart, your body and soul and set your mind and spirit free.

The Apotheosis of Homer

Set time aside from the busyness of your day or night to dream and relax your body and mind into that space of unconscious infinite possibility- the primal soup of your greatest dreaming. And if you encounter the monsters and demons lurking there then understand that they may never go away, but you don’t have to give them your energy, not all of the time. Ruminating on the negative breeds and attracts more of the same, so shift the focus on positive thoughts and dreams and do make sure to keep a reality check. Pledge loyalty to your true self, by  evoking the courage and strength of the lion heart, and trust your intuition by moving deep within to touch your own divinity. Surrender and trust in the life process and all that is wiped clear away now and for the following months; dissolved back in the matrix of the time, space continuum to make way for the new.

Sekhemet – “She who is powerful”


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