February Forecast: Eclipsing the past, to forge ahead on the heart path


January 27/28th New Moon in Aquarius – 17.08 EST/ 00.08 UTC (28th)

February 10/11th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo 19.45 EST 00.45 UTC (11th)


The planetary alignments of the last couple of months have generated some incredible soul mate action here on Earth, what with Mercury, Venus and Mars all having formed conjunctions with the South Node of the Moon, Neptune and Chiron. Romantically we were dealt a huge karmic whammy, and at the very best some soul mates merged back together, while others dramatically parted ways, or mysteriously disappeared as if swallowed up back into the ethers. Suffering the reemergence of karmic lessons in betrayal, abandonment, obsession, delusion have taken a toll on our souls and spirits, rendering us feeling helpless, yet all of this has served the purpose for us to clean up house, and set clear boundaries. This paves the way for the progression of our souls evolution, by blocking the toxicity of the past. The karmic baggage has proven itself a crippling weight to carry around.

All of this was most challenging too with the Mercury retrograde cycle; having to make decisions over such life changing matters, as well as feeling our karma was on the line, which it most definitely was. Add to this Mars and Venus swimming through the chaos and dissolution of the vast oceanic realm of Pisces with no dry land in sight and Mercury’s dark encounters with Pluto; it’s no surprise then that the momentum for a new beginning has been very much impaired. But don’t fret and don’t lose heart, Mars our sacred masculine warrior is all set to move in to his home sign of fiery Aries on Jan. 28th which means we should be back on the fast track very soon and feel more motivated to follow through with what was intended all along. This delay to the feeling of a New Year and new beginning is finally released with this New moon on January 27th in Aquarius.

Aquarius the water bearer

This new moon seeds an unconventional, radical, rebellious and trend setting new beginning for the lunar cycle.  The push for reformation will feel a powerful incentive for a personal as well as social revolution with the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition squaring Pluto. Aquarius is the water bearer and selflessly carries out this life giving responsibility for the good of all. Our own personal reformation will benefit others too, albeit perhaps shock them at first. However the hurt of a trauma from the past still needs processing in the face of embracing a new start that promotes our greater abundance, and happiness.

This new beginning concerns an ideal vision for the future; perhaps the most idealized version of our self. This vision is in jeopardy from the underlying wound suffered from a past or present love connection. This old wound that affects our self worth, how we give and receive love, is at odds with generating greater harmonious relations and our happiness. The influence of Aquarius can have us acting aloof and detached from our emotions, which may just serve as the best way out of a lot of drama experienced in a commitment, or romance, or anything that proves very disruptive at this point in time. If a commitment, or marriage has reached a point of no return and triggers a series of explosive events then this will be the time the masculine principle will dissolve ties, exit and disappear. Potent idealistic themes as well as the emotional detachment for the New Moon helps us to split from the traumas of past, as our eyes turn towards the future. (The astrology for all this involves Venus in Pisces conjunct Chiron square Saturn; Juno exact conjunct Centaur Phollus in Sagittarius square Mars at 29′ Pisces, plus both Chiron and Venus inconjunct with Jupiter in Libra).

Venus and Mars tango

On Feb 4th Venus our divine feminine moves into Aries and she too, like Mars gets an energy boost and the feel to start afresh in true warrior mode. With both Mars and Venus in Aries the sacred masculine and divine feminine are dancing close together for the first half of the month and so this is prime opportunity for initiating new projects, or jumping into a new relationship. Passions and tempers may be running high and most likely we will all know what we want, want it now, as well as insisting on doing it our own way!

The impassioned dance of the divine feminine and sacred masculine

On Feb. 9th Jupiter our planet of expansion stations retrograde at 23 degrees of Libra. He will backtrack for the next few months until stationing direct again at 13’ 13” Libra on June 9th. To capitalize on his retrograde phase feast your eyes on the glass half full, which is a gentle reminder to be happy and content with what you have, while envisioning a more prosperous and fortuitous future. Also make sure the implementation for greater prosperity is the byproduct of an authentic heart and a realistic mind, rather than from any greed or want of extravagance. Jupiter supports our growth and expansion and whatever is not supporting our spiritual and personal development will come into focus now during the retrograde phase. Whatever it is you so desire will also be tested, and since Libra is about partnership, fairness, balance and equality then the focus for growth in our lives must take in to account all our relationships including our bond with Mother Earth and our connection to Spirit. For the next 4 months we’re given a chance to review and figure out if our partnerships are indeed promoting our personal growth or holding us back.


On February 7th Mercury moves into Aquarius to join the Sun, Venus and Mars and so our thinking and ideas catch up with the mission regarding the radical idealistic theme of the new moon reformation. This may signal the real physical move forward regarding our future. We already have the motivation of Mars on board but now our mind comes in to synch with our will to act; opening to new revolutionary concepts and cooperating to pinpoint the direction of the future.

Penumbral Lunar Eclispe

The Full Moon on February 10th/11th in passionate Leo is super powerful and magical combining the energy of the lunar eclipse as well as other potent planetary alignments. This penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible from Europe, most of Asia, Africa and most of North America. The eclipse intensifies the energy of a Full Moon with long lasting effects. This is a rare occasion when the whole of the Moon’s face will pass within the Earth’s penumbra, and so the reduction of the Moon’s brightness will be more perceptible than usual. The eclipse will last from 17:35 until 21:54, and maximum eclipse will occur at 19:45 EST.

Leo ruled by the Sun

Leo is the fixed fire sign associated with creativity, romance, play, adolescence, sovereignty, and individuality. The lion is proud, passionate, fiercely loyal and true to his heart. He is the star of his own romanticized world and his creativity a gift of divine inspiration. In the northern hemisphere this Full Moon will feel like a burst of warm sunshine bringing the joyful radiance of summer to our hearts. This is a time to be proud of who you are, passionate about your inspired creativity and honor your sovereignty. Go out and have some fun, especially if you feel to broaden your social circle since that Aquarius new moon. Entertain a little romance, and most definitely let your inner light shine – audition for the starring role up on the center stage of life and bask in the accolades.

The darkening of the moon during the eclipse will bring to the surface the shadow of all our egos deep insecurities. This is our opportunity to center in the heart to find the courage and strength to release all fear, self restrictions and scarcity that held us back in the past from shining our bright light out in the world. This theme of this lunar eclipse will carry through for the next few months so keep coming back to who you are; own it, love it, like it and shine on. There is no need to hide your authentic self, or feel guilty for who you truly are, and absolutely no point in dimming your light to gain approval and acceptance from others.

The warm glow of summer Joy

The Full Moon also generates a natural flow of energy (containing two oppositions involving the Sun and Moon plus Jupiter and Uranus conjunct Eris), with the solution to our current personal and social conflicts lying in Saturn’s court; of revealing and crusading the truth with a practical, slow and methodical approach even when met with heavy resistance. Saturn is the Lord of time and karmic justice and so this means perseverance and endurance will eventually pay off when confronted with great obstacles. All of this is especially applicable for the feminine warrior archetype fighting for the cause of a progressive future (Eris conjunct Uranus) by heeding her call to retaliate against that which has offended and ostracized her. I am pointing this out as a confirmation for the empowered sisterhood that has risen up to protest against the old patriarchy and in retaliation of defending human rights. For all you wily cats out there power up on this Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Strategies formed now will go the distance for the next 6 months.

“Pussy Power” -Women’s March on January 21st, Washington

On Feb 14th Jupiter is exact inconjunct to the centaur Chiron, which no doubt is a downer for Valentines day, besides the affects of this being an underlying theme for this whole month. This hard aspect does however offer an ideal opportunity for healing the heart by coming to terms with that which is out of synch in the relationship department, as well as what has limited our growth and joy in partnership, and how all this relates to the original karmic wound. Ask yourself how the affects of past trauma have robbed you of true love and happiness for yourself and with another. Compartmentalizing the pain from the pleasure is a way of dealing with such incongruity, yet as humans we are exposed to both in dealings of the heart. Understand then that immense soul and spiritual growth comes from our loving, no matter of the outcome.

Bleeding Heart

The following New Moon on February 26th features the annual solar eclipse and I’ll be shedding more light on that in the next report. This months eclipses mark the end of the last phase which began with the challenging September 2016 solar and lunar eclipse.  February’s lunar and solar eclipse will remain active until the August 2017.

For this month then open yourself up to all possibilities, even if total reformation still feels like a long shot. Prepare yourself for sudden disruptions and unexpected changes that will in the end have a beneficial effect on our future. It may feel hard to get the cogs running even when you feel so ready for action and change. Start with small modifications to get things moving again. If you succumbed to old addictions last month then February will be a time to restrain yourself as the non productivity of addictive behavior sabotages personal growth. If there really appears a lack of growth and expansion in your life then broaden your horizons, think outside of the box, and definitely take a good look inside yourself and track what old conditioning, behavior, belief or past trauma is holding you back from living larger, in greater harmony, with greater abundance and joy. Accept that  you alone are responsible for creating the magic in your life, as well as accountable for your own happiness.

Lakshmi ~ Goddess of  prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity; embodying beauty, grace and charm

This months lunar cycle has a wild independent streak with the Aquarius/Leo axis as well as Mars and Venus moving through Aries towards Uranus and Eris. Personal autonomy needn’t be so lonely if you and a partner can get on the same page and both be happy with more space and less dependency. But for those braving this alone, then this may prove the most beneficial stance to forge ahead, perhaps placing us in better stead for any future relations. If  your lifestyle has become too exuberant then this will be a time to keep things in check, and manage with what you have rather than overextending yourself or your resources. Over the next 3 months figure out how to create more growth, balance and happiness especially within relationship. Move towards making the necessary change and reform to honor yourself in alignment with who and what you feel most passionate about. Conjure the magic for your life and if you want ‘the world’ then stay within the healthy boundaries of human ethics, morals, natural and universal law. Go on I dare you…shine bright, and watch what illuminates around you. Tango with your life, and with your partner – enjoy the thrills, enjoy your power, don’t hold back, move forward and be your most authentic self.



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