January 2017 forecast; choosing home at the cosmic crossroad

New Moon in Capricorn- Dec. 29th 2016; 1.53 am EDT, 06.53 UTC

Full Moon in Cancer – Jan. 12th  2017: 6.34 am EDT, 11.34 UTC

The previous lunar cycle fostered a commitment to truth, to all that is naturally aligned and to our ideal, especially in regard to our partnering. Now we follow through with this commitment back into a developmental stage on the cardinal Capricorn/Cancer axis. The first lunar cycle of 2017 commenced on December 29th with New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Mercury (sextile Mars & Neptune -trine the North Node). The stellium in Capricorn also included Pluto The Lord of the underworld who is energetically responsible for our karmic soul transformation.


What is to be birthed for the upcoming month and New Year wont yet be fully comprehensible or tangible on the New Moon, however there is much movement beneath the surface, with new ideas, bright insights and home truths rising out of the unconscious to illuminate our structural overhaul for 2017. With mercury still retrograde it may seem very hard to fathom the way forward until after January 8th when he stations direct in Sagittarius. It is our responsibility and karmic duty now to break free of old outdated structures and patterns based on thoughts and behavior that have undermined our security or stability in the past.

The process of beginning anew this month is supported by Mars in Pisces having just transited the south node and conjunct Neptune on Dec 31st. Perhaps having experienced some recent desolating karmic reenactment our sacred masculine warrior struggles now to put the past behind him. But there is a bright light in the dark of the unknown – the subtle influence of a powerful romantic attraction to something or someone and fueled by an extra sensory perception of knowing what needs to be initiated even if there is no drawn map yet of the overall plan. Any artistic expression facilitated around the New Moon assists in creating more clarity, breaking through mental blocks placing us in the flow and in unity with divine spirit. Paint, dance, make music, write poetry, photograph your unique world and activate as well as protect your dreams. With Uranus stationing direct on this new moon (retrograde since July 29th) there is no time to waste on nostalgia for what’s already past as new beginnings demand our energy, focus and attention.


On January 3rd Venus our divine feminine moves into the extra sensory sign of Pisces. She is filled with compassion, empathy, open to great psychic receptivity, romantic dreaming and encounters, all allowing our hearts to soften and ease into the cosmic flow. The Mercury retrograde phase intensifies from Jan. 4th to 8th before he stations direct and this backtracking into Sagittarius may bring up more truths in the face of lies that had power over us in the past. Then on January 8th Venus conjuncts the south node of the moon, and  with Mercury’s influence this could become a confusing transit as lovers, or soul mates resurface through this karmic portal conjuring delusional romantic notions that have us wanting to recreate a lost love, friendship or romance. Mercury moves back into Capricorn on January 13th, directing our thoughts towards our responsibility and duties in our work and home life. The shadow phase is complete by Jan 28th with all the confounding happenings of the last couple of months slowly coming back into order, making our thinking clearer and ideas more solid.

“Already Blooming” by Bronwen Mayer Henry

The Full moon culminates on January 12th in the sensitive and imaginative sign of Cancer within an aura of heightened romance generated from the beautiful Venus/Neptune conjunction. The Sun and moon opposition designs a Grand Cardinal cross up above with the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. This cosmic crossroad above has us seriously reflecting on our home life, family, our work, and relationships in respect to our newly emerging identity and life purpose. There is a strong polarity here between the inner and outer worlds, the unconscious and conscious, brought to a critical juncture with the importance of our personal autonomy versus greater sharing with another. With the Sun still conjunct Pluto (exact Jan 7th) there is a need for our ego to let go of our old selves and allow for rebirth by devoting ourselves to our most authentic life purpose. It will be vital at this juncture to stay true to our self and not compromise to anything other than that which compliments our souls most authentic expression. Whatever you consider as your true home will also feel very poignant on this Full Moon and onward to the end of the lunar cycle. Our imagination and feelings, nostalgia for the past, plus our desire for romance will ease the hard edges but also make the decision making rather fuzzy!

“Abbraccio Cosmico” by Camilian Demetrescu. It is a painting of the April 22nd, 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross commissioned for the Vatican

At any crossroad we can witness people coming and going, having to choose their route to their most desired destination. A cosmic crossroads then creates a karmic meeting point, an intersection and division point for souls on their life path. There is opportunity here for a karmic collision, or coalition  with another that is all part of our combined destiny. This is where soulmates enter or disappear, magnetically drawn together or pulled apart. In spite of the comings and goings you may choose instead not to interact with another and carve your solo way forward…or you could stay put, go no where and just spectate life as others make their choices and leave you behind. All of these are events programmed into the creative matrix framework; call it karma, destiny or fate. There is always a choice and a consequence in whatever direction one takes, and so we can leap straight in where fools dare, or tune into our inner compass to deliberate our next move.



On January 19th Mars squares Saturn, and our physical momentum feels very much impaired with it taking a lot longer and more work to get things done . Then on January 27th Venus squares Saturn on the New Moon in Aquarius, which I will discuss in the next forecast.  Mars moves from Pisces into his ruling sign of fiery Aries on Jan 29th as Mercury forms his exact conjunction with Pluto, and their combined efforts have us actively initiating the much awaited new beginning after what felt like a long delay. With Mercury’s retrograde influence the past 2 months no doubt this will be a very real case now of actions speaking louder than words.

In the foreground of this lunar cycle like the last, is Mercury’s dance with Pluto profoundly influencing our thoughts; moving us in and out of obsessive thinking attached to something or someone. Breaking through and free of this pattern holds the key to unlocking the door to our future. This month our thoughts, ideas and how we communicate changes everything- holds the key to our soul transformation. Trust the wisdom arising from the unconscious mind and from life experience. Be very attentive to any deep revelations that surface during this cycle- they may just provide the key stones for the map of your future.



In the background the ongoing T-square with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus until 12th April intensifies and if you feel driven to gain your greatest success at any cost then you are currently under the influence. Harmonious relations may feel jeopardized by the dark lord Pluto and his power plays, testing life’s extremities, while Uranus influence callously cuts ties to bring about self reformation. This also breeds more obsessive, extreme behavior that for good or bad has the power to change everything, yet how this is implemented needs due care, for the sake of hurting others and completely destroying the balance in our lives. Jupiter in Libra is the expansive effect here so our partnerships need our attention and are key in balancing out any radical separation factors.

Paying homage to the celebrities that passed in 2016

2016 in numerology was a 9 year which represented completion, and many souls were drawn to detach from toxic relationships no matter how painful that process became. Many larger than life souls passed to the other side, while others were brought to the very edge of their despair and suffering to release a deep karmic wound. 2017 is a 1 year and so we start anew, breaking free of all that has come to pass since 2008 to commence a new 9 year cycle. This premier lunar cycle bids us move forward by tapping into the innocence and imagination of the inner child with a healthy fascination for life as it unfolds, not seeking to control it, but just to experience and learn. The child too gets scared of the dark, of territory unknown and looks to the parent for protection and guidance. This is the beauty of the Cancer /Capricorn axis – the balancing of the inner child within, with the responsible adult we’ve been prepped to become by societies standards.

Image from Burning Man

If you find yourself feeling stuck this month use your imagination to assist in becoming unstuck. When you are frightened, by all the unknowns, calm yourself and take your own hand, then step by step coax yourself forward. When the duties of work conflicts with your home and family life attempt to balance your responsibilities to both. Prioritize your time so that there is no negligence. Don’t get bogged down in just the practical duties at hand, or allow yourself to get so carried away by your imagination you wind up daydreaming your life away. Seek the middle ground.

“Home is where the heart is” by Rory Berthiaume

Remember too that a home is always more than just a physical container that places a roof over our head. Home is where the heart is – it is the land on which you live, the place where you go to pray, it is the person you always return to, your family and tribe; it is that deep receptive place within, that has the capacity for profound remembering – this, the seat of our soul connected to all that is, ever was and will be. With whatever comes up this month, plus the uncertainties that are bound to arise ,remember who you truly are; that you are made of the stars and connected to divine source. Tap into your soul compass to navigate the way ahead. For some of us alive now the karmic slate has been wiped as clean as was needed for the opportunity now to attract something entirely new. And so we go back to the drawing board and decide what it is we can take forward and what must definitely stay behind. The future makings are what we must conjure from our own dreaming. Spirit and Goddess stand aside witnessing this remarkable birthing of our own power to dream our lives into existence.

Cosmos – Galactic center





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