2017 Year of the Hot Vagina, Predictions

Hillary Raimo shares her thoughts on whats coming and going for the New Year.

The Yin Factor

In 2017 there will be a hot vagina rising.
Right before a woman has an orgasm there is a wave of heat that comes rushing in. It is in this crucial moment that a woman must relax into the rising of this heat in order to orgasm to her fullest potential, when the dragon awakens and consumes all. It will be vital for partners to deepen their spiritual physical sexual relationships with each other. 2016 brings to an end the ability to avoid this important connection between intimates. Anything less then authentic will be dissipated as healing complete.  Karma done.

2017 will bring a new tide of potential as well as destruction. This will be instantly reflected in your microcosmic worlds. Seek your closest field of direct experience for the most powerful mirrors of reality and change. There is beauty in the breakdown. 2017 will demand you know how to…

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