December Forecast; truth, commitment, soul contracts, rule breaking and natural law

November 29th New Moon in Sagittarius 7.18 EST, 12.18 UTC

December 13th Full Moon in Gemini – 7.06 pm EST, Dec 14th 00.06 UTC

The last lunar cycle had us making passage over some deep dark waters through thick fog eliciting tremendous fear and disorientation. It demanded trust in the safety of this transit from one dimension to another. Whether you reached your Avalon or not depended on your capacity to trust in the unknown and your ability to yield and release your every expectation. Some made the passage safely to the other side while others got stuck in the fog trying to coerce the ferryman to aim the craft in a different direction. The craft only had one direction to take and that was the path of its destiny…

We are living through incredible times of radical change all facilitated by the energy of planetary alignments above. Change can either be facilitated slowly and gradually with constant input and labor, OR through the force of a sudden major overhaul that knocks us out of our long term complacency. An undertaking too can be scrapped if its yields prove insufficient, or didn’t meet the expectation that was originally set out and fostered. In the case of the Uranus Pluto first quarter square transforming all our archaic structures, then considering the most defining events of 2016 (as Uranus frees himself from Pluto’s clutch) I think it not difficult to differentiate which mode of change came to pass.


The December lunar cycle culminates just before on November 29th. The New Moon in fiery Sagittarius is exact conjunct asteroid Juno, fixed star Antares and square Neptune and the nodes of the moon. This is a rather tenacious, fearsome and passionate new moon, offset by all the consequences of the karmic suffering of this life and the incarnations that came before. It provides the energetic support for an active and daring commitment that upholds a belief in following what is natural, justified and true. Juno is the Roman Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth. For the Romans she represented love, dedication, community protection as well as being Queen of the Gods, while in astrology Juno is the asteroid representing marriage, soul mates, love and commitment. Our concept of commitment then is set to expand this month, and the definition of monogamy although less structured in Sagittarius becomes more idealistic. In myth Juno stayed faithful to Jupiter even though he was known for his infidelity. She rarely gave into pangs of jealousy when Jupiter was involved with other women, (unlike Hera her Greek counterpart) maintaining her status as a faithful wife and loving mother. Juno is the archetype of traditional committed partnership but in Sagittarius the emphasis is on the ideal as well as recognizing that freedom and personal autonomy is still important to one or both parties.


This commitment then concerns soul mates, as well as persons or nations of different cultures, countries, ethnicity or origins. It also promotes conviction to our goal of our own personal success – monetary or otherwise. The glowing hot ember of Sagittarius is readying to burst into flame, giving us the will and drive to reach our goal, yet if its too elevated and too idealistic much disappointment and judgment may ensue. Due caution here is needed because with the influence of Antares our goals may be fueled by a primal urge, from a survival point of view and acted out with belligerence. Antares the giant red fixed star located in the heart of Scorpion at 9′ 47″ Sagittarius represents one of the four archangels- Oriel watcher of the west. He brings out daredevil and subversive tendencies and so this commitment holds an element of danger and risk. Mercury is also exact conjunct Pholus in Sagittarius and so in the communicating of a belief, or news, much commotion and confusion ensues yet facilitates soul and spirit healing.


The month of December commences with Chiron stationing direct on 1st having been retrograde since June 27th. Chiron represents the wounded healer, which means our wounds are that which heal us. All the ongoing planetary aspects in the extra sensory sign of Pisces has increased the momentum for karmic resurgences and reenactments all reawakening childhood issues and traumas brought forth for healing through Chiron’s capacity to endure his infliction. Chiron teaches us to accept and integrate this wound to bring us back into wholeness by living with the pain of what cant be healed, and to even find beauty, meaning and teachings in all that pains us. Our own suffering and wounds make us more sensitized and compassionate towards others and so there is great capacity at this time to attempt to not only heal ourselves but also to witness and assist others, yet at the end of the day it is only their wound to bear, as is our own.


Also on Dec 1st Mars in Aquarius is exact trine Jupiter in Libra, square to Pluto. Our sacred masculine warrior sets about actively breaking the old rules and roles of relationship in order to establish more fairness and equality. He determines the means to meet his ideals concerning partnership with a will to compromise and play fair. Yet this ideal partnership will incur the disintegration and break down of the old module as well as behavioral patterns that hinder personal development. Then on Dec 8th Venus our divine feminine also moves into Aquarius and so her recent attraction to traditional partnering is about to adopt a more unconventional, emotionally detached outlook regarding who and what she loves. We may suddenly find ourselves attracted to, or valuing something or someone completely new, or historically speaking radically different. This is a great time for new trends in fashion, beauty, finance, astrology, and technology. Then on Dec 11th the Sun trines Uranus and Dec 12th Sun squares Chiron and so the later influence undermines breakthroughs in consciousness with the illumination of the karmic crisis entailed from suffering the wounds of the past.


Mid December another  Supermoon culminates on Dec.13th in airy Gemini with the Sun conjunct Saturn, exact trine Eris and Uranus. This full moon stirs up our emotional insecurity based on overthinking all that’s happening in the here and now. Our thoughts are subject to much changeability with a lot of doubt and conflicting ideas arising at this time concerning this new commitment. Our views hold much credibility for breaking the rules, yet reflecting on the big dream demands Saturn’s reality check, of all the hard work and more time needed to commit and succeed in ones goal. The commitment born of the new moon is now given a rebellious, warrior undertone thanks to Eris. The feminine here is strong, instinctive, passionate and a strategic force for tactical planning. Communication is key to working through all the immediate blocks (Saturn) by being bold, honest, outspoken and yet respectful. For the next year with Jupiter moving through Libra the sign of partnership and balance we will see expansion towards greater equality, and fairness play out in all our relationships otherwise they may not survive this transit. If you are not currently in a partnership then one can apply these same principles to the marriage of the opposites within the psyche. There will also be more emphasis on the law and justice with negotiations for peace as well as the will to fight for what’s fair and just…

On Dec 19th Mars moves in to Pisces and our warrior acts with compassion, to redeem himself and others. We may have a tendency to play the martyr, or find that our energy and actions become somewhat diluted, yet attracted to the flow and in unity or adrift with others. Mercury moved into earthy Capricorn on Dec 3rd and positions retrograde Dec 19th in Capricorn at 15’. He will backtrack into last degrees of Sagittarius before going direct again on Jan 8th. His natural ability to move fast and flit from subject to subject, or person to person is hindered in sturdy Capricorn. As he backtracks it may feel like our thoughts get stuck and our communication and thinking not quick, decisive or pragmatic enough. There is a tendency here too to have very sobering or fearful thoughts that could lead to much anxiety, depression, or procrastination. For the best outcome use the retrograde period to backtrack over all thoughts and ideas pertaining to the structural foundations in your life and how they support or create obstacles to your material wealth or status and your emotional security. There is a need here to find a balance between acting spontaneously rather than stubbornly sticking to the set plan; between an inquisitive mind versus rigid patterns of thinking.

Dec 21st heralds the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun’s path reaches its southernmost position marking the shortest day of the year. Many ancient sacred sites align structurally with the solstice axis and so in this lunar cycle since the karmic past and future is so activated right now together with the Full moon theme of the twins, it may be helpful to contemplate this natural alignment and how polarization can work to our advantage or disadvantage in these modern times.

stones-wintersunsetThe culminating Jupiter/Uranus opposition is exact on Dec. 26th and considering Jupiter’s square to Pluto, in a social context this places much emphasis on reforming the law, perhaps getting rid of an outdated judicial system to make way for a more progressive up to date version that shows foresight for the future. In the arena of technology there may be something that is being pioneered that opposes nature, or natural law and works to separate us further, causing more division rather than bringing us into greater harmony and unification with the Earth and with each other. Uranus wielding his freedom loving revolutionary wild card appears to threaten the balance of the status quo at this time. Also on Dec 26th Saturn is exact square Chiron and so more time is needed for the truth to emerge and create the karmic justice in relation to our wounded selves.

At the end of the month Uranus stations direct on December 29th with the next New Moon culminating in earthy Capricorn. It will be an interesting time moving forward into 2017 considering all that has come to pass with the recent breakaways from political agendas and governmental structures in Europe and US. There are many, many years of reform, and radical transformation up ahead, so now we enter another turning point in a long phase of reorganization.

The astrological atmosphere around this lunar cycle like the last is under the influence of Jupiter square Pluto, and Neptune conjunct south node. With Neptune still conjunct the south node there is great allure to reenact the past or for allowing old toxicity to infiltrate the sensory mainframe. The boundary to the past feels non existent so it is easy to return there to once again to suffer, feel victimized, ostracized or betrayed. Without setting healthy boundaries there is great danger for finding oneself back involved in old toxic situations, yet this window or portal can also be used for addressing and realigning karma that pertains to past power struggles.

The emphasis this month is on mutation, adaptability and transformation in order to succeed in this new commitment, while the Sun moving through Sagittarius the centaur trail blazes to seek the truth. Our beliefs and what we deem as true will be put to the test by the full moon as the duality of the cosmic twins presents the opposition and the antagonist. And so, just when you thought you figured it all out the twins start speaking in riddles – simultaneously talking us into something as they go about talking us out if it! At this time we may be bombarded by people, events and circumstances that mirror our own insecurities and prejudices.


Commitment demands loyalty to oneself, to another person, to the projected goal, in marriage, to a cause, or simply to commit to a belief in following what is true, just and most meaningful to you. This is a time to respect and uphold soul contracts, natural law and the truth. Everything is aligned towards its destiny within the cosmic matrix of universal law and so manipulating and tampering with this flow creates disharmony, malevolence, suffering and destruction. It is the human gift of great inspiration to dream big but also to develop the wisdom to devise realistic ways to attain goals so that step by step one progresses in that direction. When the aim is projected so far afield it takes great mastery to hit such a long distance target. It is possible then that you might fail to attain it, so prepare yourself for this challenge.

The constant mind chatter breeds niggling doubt and so to stick to this commitment one must calm the mind and strengthen the will. Feel the passion of those burning embers that hold the potential to combust and burst into flame. Meditation allows us to come back into center and hear our truth, while the glowing ember keeps the passion for this commitment alive.

This cycle speaks of a commitment that entails some personal risk, while it must somehow create enough space for ones independence and personal autonomy and in relationship this would equate to the benefits of interdependence versus the disadvantages of codependence. Use your innate ability to strategize and fend for yourself rather than letting another do all the thinking and acting for you. This is one way to ensure that you wont compromise yourself to another persons belief system that may not be a healthy match for your own. Understand then that overriding the other makes this a commitment founded on a bondage rather than on a personal choice. Slow down your thinking and find ways to communicate your truth without being antagonistic.


There are 2 sets of cosmic twins, one above in the heavens and another down here on earth; the mirror image of each other. Mirror reflections abound in our human capacity to project our own dual nature onto others. Contemplate these themes of duality- love and hate, good and bad, right and wrong, and devise ways of diminishing the inner conflict so that more balance and peace reside within. From this alignment create more alliance rather than more opposition. In this mutable lunar cycle great adaptations are necessary as well as the loyalty to commit to what is true, naturally aligned and of divine design. Juno was seen as the light-giver during the New Moon by the Romans so even if you still feel in the dark attempt to open and illuminate your field of vision. Observe which aspects of your life need your commitment and the transformation to create your dream and then take aim, knowing too that the greatest resistance you may encounter is the fear of reliving the memory and consequences of traumas past. This is a reality that must be faced with the resolve to follow in the path towards your greatest self development and soul evolution.




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