November 2016 Forecast: Crossing over deep water, and through the mist to enter the karmic gateway

New Moon in Scorpio – October 30th 1.38pm EDT~ UTC 17.38

Full Moon in Taurus – November 14th 10.52 am EDT ~ UTC 15.52

If Shakespeare were alive today he may have concluded like myself that October amounted to much ado, except it certainly didn’t amount to nothing! Quite the contrary, partnerships underwent major adjustment, or they split in a declaration of emotional independence, while the spellbound freed them selves from what felt like a longstanding karmic curse. Mars transiting Capricorn put in motion a new plan of action to carry us forward and solidify in the following two years. Thanks to our encounters with the shadow Goddesses (Black Moon) Lilith and Eris as well as Juno’s shadow side in a marriage, we may feel better versed now in our own darkness as well as that of others. The rage of the shadow Goddess erupted for our transformation and now we can journey forward on this passage of our souls reclamation back to wholeness.

Black Moon in Scorpio

The lunar cycle begins on October 30th with the New Moon culminating in the deep passionate water sign of Scorpio. For those located in the eastern hemisphere this is your turn to experience the mystery of the Black Moon. Adding to the magick this new cycle commences the day before Samhain when the boundary between this world and the ‘Otherworld’ can more easily be crossed. This is the ancient origin of Halloween and our remembering of the dead. How fitting then that on this New Moon we find ourselves in Lord Hades underworld returning back to the surface by the culmination of the Full Moon. This is Persephone’s passage that she makes once a year back to her mother Demeter heralding the Spring. So this New Moon then has the power to resuscitate, bring back to life what was thought to be dead, and therein lies Scorpio’s tremendous power for rebirth and renewal.

Mercury returns Persephone to her Mother Demeter

How fateful too that Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces is conjunct this New Moon. Our messenger of the Gods is acting as psychopomp, journeying between worlds through the veil. During this liminal time then, spirits of the dead may well be summoned into our consciousness and we could find great clarity in their guidance. Mercury too will have us taking a deep penetrating look at the innards of our own psyche and how these findings affected the power plays in our intimate relations. He will reveal our darkest secrets, our suppressed emotions, and the struggle for control within a karmic bond that chained us together. His mission beneath the surface is to uncover our unconscious mental and emotional blocks, our primal motivations and our shadow demons and then figure out the deeper meaning of all that has come to pass. During this time we may find ourselves caught up in the extremes of needing time alone to go deeper into our soul searching, or becoming more dependent on another by talking out all our emotional torments.

Around the time of this new beginning there’s an underlying urge and lust for a new flame, or for reviving the heated passion of an old flame. But Neptune conjunct south node opposes the north node, so this is a time to exercise great caution, wariness and discernment as there can be heavy deception and delusion in the mix here. This months cycle teaches us that the future for romantic coupling is sealed with much discrimination and generates more independence than it does co dependency. Feeling victimized, suffering or exiled through love must be left behind, as the North Node in Virgo points the way forward to fixing ourselves so that we can be more self sufficient and healthy when it comes to sharing intimately with another. We are still working with a past timeline and a future timeline both intersecting the present, and the convergence of all these facilitates the energy of this new moon. In respect to the convergence factor this new beginning opens the door of a karmic gateway. You may question whether to dive back in to a romance that reenacts some past fantasy/delusion, or you may bring your attention back to what first needs fixing in your self besides any involvement with another. The bottom line here is that any relationship that will go the distance isn’t aligned to bringing up the same toxicity of the past.

Barnett Newman’s 1969 Sculpture, ‘Tsim-tsum’

The New Moon is also powerfully influenced by Venus exact conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, (trine Uranus and Eris), making a T- square with Neptune and the Nodes. This could become a case of fatal attraction, and so we must be brutally honest with ourselves about what and who we love, while still maintaining the value and our belief of a true love. Allowing oneself to get lost in the seduction of love again to encounter yet again past sufferings and misdoings, or attempting to fix what’s already broken doesn’t speak of the value of ones true self worth either. Venus has Uranus and warrioress Eris on her side, and so her emotional detachment, and her tactical nature both serve her well in her search for her truth. Any breakthrough in her belief system gifts her with a big reality check as well as there being an element of karmic justice in any breakaway of late. Eris’s alliance is helpful for not looking back and ensuring she doesn’t put up with more of the same. She could use her story of banishment towards making a fresh positive start now with those that support her rather than demonize her.

Mars our sacred masculine moves into the intellectual, radical and humanitarian air sign of Aquarius November 9th illuminating all that must be done for a more progressive future. Our warrior self comes across rather emotionally detached and motivated towards inclusivity rather than exclusivity in partnership. This may be tough to integrate after such an emotionally charged and intimate New Moon, or it could come as a much welcomed relief. Venus our divine feminine frees herself from the grip of her many tense encounters of the past month as she begins to transit earthy, life sobering Capricorn from November 12th. She becomes very serious about love and money and tasks herself to responsibly set about structuring her foundations to bring her greater success in partnership and in her finances. Her values now come from a place of maturity. She supports herself and approaches love with a responsible heart and a dutiful will.

The Lovers of Vence, by Marc Chagall

On November 14th the Super Full Moon culminates in the patient, fertile, peace loving earth sign of Taurus, with the Sun opposing the moon, trine Chiron, sextile the Moon. What we have revealed from our thinking and investigating beneath the surface is now out in the open, from our inner dialogue as well as from all our emotive discourses and it is a powerful healing. Mercury left the underworld November 13th  to conjunct Juno Goddess of marriage, as well as making favorable aspects to Mars and Jupiter. As he ventures out on a quest for truth and to communicate his beliefs after he went digging in the dark of Scorpio there is much to be communicated about commitment and fidelity as well as jealousy in partnership. There is a natural flow here towards finding solutions and creating greater harmony within all relationships that insist on a foundation of loyalty.

As the Full Moon in earthy Taurus helps us to find our natural rhythm again things that were previously intangible start take form; they harden, take hold and root. The dust settles and the ground beneath our feet supports us and there’s security in the sense that we feel we’ve made it home. Creativity, beauty, material abundance and sensual pleasures are all positive influences of a Taurus full Moon. This is all good and wholesome yet pay attention to the deeper healing still in process. Feelings of rejection, abandonment, and victimization experienced in childhood may still feel raw as it relates to our old karma attached to the sufferings in past incarnations carried forward. So while life may feel more substantial and the desire to gratify and pleasure oneself comes on strong, enjoy by all means, yet recognize too that this is also a window into viewing our addictions to people and substance by recognizing the triggers and the material means and lengths we succumb to, in order to numb ourselves of the demons that still torment us within.

This lunar cycle on the Taurus/ Scorpio axis helps us to understand better our own identity and resources compared to those combined and shared with another, and of deep passion versus purely sensual gratification. We may reflect on the ‘death’ that has come to pass in order for us to have this experience of growth, stability and abundance. Earth naturally contains water so whatever comes up from the underworld after the New Moon will need to be fully contained by the Full moon and on wards into the remainder of the cycle.


Danu Mother of the Gods by JD Fergusson

On Nov 17th Neptune makes an exact conjunction with the south node directly opposing the North Node of the moon. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity gifted from above to release an old timeline of suffering our separation, to honor a new timeline for unity that breaks free of this karmic trauma. So mid month the tension between the old and the new timelines amounts and we may feel very conflicted and unable to clearly define either direction, as well experiencing the lack of a boundary that has us teetering on the brink of reentering back into the past. If we are not careful we could find ourselves right back where we started. Again we must consider our health, and well being and task ourselves to set boundaries, and do the work it will take to clean up our act, discriminate and discern. Then by Nov. 20th Neptune stations direct leaving only Uranus and Chiron still retrograde. The forward speed ahead above is felt down here on Earth, and after such a difficult year with the inertia of Mars retrograde cycle in Scorpio, the movement and action is finally returning to our lives. With the universe back in full gear we ready ourselves to reel in new karma.

Spiral Nebula

Another major aspect culminates on Nov 24th when Jupiter our planet of expansion squares Pluto the transformer. This is the first of 3 exact squares that peak between 2016 – 17. This transit asks of us to spin a new record rather than repeat what’s been spun before and got us stuck in that same old groove. What needs to happen here is extreme growth through transformation especially in relationship. So don’t phase out of the reality picture in a relationship by ignoring any chains still rattling from the karmic bonds. Remember that with extreme change, comes extreme lessons. This is not a time to take life or its lessons for granted, or think that now is a time for a nice hiatus! It is time to shed and grow especially in relationship. The month ends with the next New Moon in Nov 29th in fiery truth seeking sign of Sagittarius, which I will discuss at length in the following December forecast.

For this month then deliberate the healthiest way forward especially when it comes to intimate relations. Take a good look at your addictions; trace their origins and triggers and understand then how this generates any excessive sensual gratification. Shed the past with compassion for yourself and those left behind. Toxic, abusive relationships are not conducive for a healthy happy future so clean up and move along. Discuss your psychological findings in depth, communicate and express your deepest emotions. Be honest and truthful. Your new life may cost you your old life, yet with the emphasis on more equality, greater well being, health, wealth and happiness this perhaps is not such a bad thing! Give love and romance a chance but come from a mature and practical angle. Don’t let you imagination run a muck or delude yourself over a fantastical union. Set your boundaries as well as recognize those of others. Solidify what has been in the works the past month and see how this can be carried forward into greater development over the next 2 years. Give back to the world your best contributions and stay true to your most authentic soul path.

It is important to understand that this month our perception may seem foggy at times yet our ability to communicate from the depth of our being is heightened. Needless to say we may not be able to ‘see’ the whole picture yet. We can certainly see what is palpable, and yet we also feel what we cannot see. And so this November lunar cycle has us feeling our way in the dark and this experience takes us on a very powerful emotive journey, making light of our unconscious.

Crossing over

For this passage of return, imagine if you will that you are on a boat crossing a deep lake. You dip your left hand into the water to feel the cool wet sensation of the liquid trickling between your fingers. Your right hand steadies your balance by holding the solid wood of the craft. The air is thick with fog, and as you make the crossing it envelopes you, the boat and the ferryman. Even though your eyes can clearly see the vapor you know you can’t reach out and touch it, nor feel it, or even see through it. You are journeying from one side to the other, not yet able to see your destination. There is a deep knowing that all is well, and that there is nothing to fear as you cross over. The ferryman is your guide and he has made this journey many many times before. Knowing that you cannot control the atmosphere, you continue making passage until the mists clear. Your heart skips a beat as you catch your first glimpse of a beautiful magical isle. Now you can relax and rest knowing you have found your way home…


It is important that we do make this transit and forge our new passage ahead, using all our extra sensory perception to trust that there is magic awaiting us beyond the mists. In a sense we are romancing our inner and outer Avalon. Mercury our ferryman crossing between worlds will deliver us to our destination and yet it is the deep waters of Scorpio that carry us there, returning us to our earthly jewel, back to the sensuality of the Goddess and her fertile land of Taurus. This is the place the new seed can grow free of the traumas of past.

Mists of Avalon ~ Glastonbury Tor

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