Illumination of the Warrior Goddess Eris and her fiery comeuppance

For the Full Moon Oct. 16th 2016 I’d like to add some extra notes in this article to the previous October astro forecast about an aspect I didn’t cover in any great detail; that being the Eris connection and her fiery potent contribution to this current Aries/Libra lunar cycle.

Eris was discovered recently in 2005 and became the second largest known dwarf planet making her  27% more massive than Pluto. She is the ninth largest object orbiting the sun and located in the Kuiper Belt just past Neptune. Eris takes around 557 years to orbit the Sun, so in other words she moves staggeringly slowly through a sign.


In mythology Eris is the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, and her children were the Makhai (‘battles’) who were the daemons/spirits of battle and combat. They were all personifications of wrong doings or negative situations, such as pain, fights, murder, lies and forgetfulness. But there were two Eris’s. The second Eris is the sister and companion of bloodthirsty Ares. So Eris the Goddess has become associated with the strife of melancholia and sorrow mixed with bloody, raging anger. She can be a devious troublemaker and in her myth she was responsible for the Trojan war that ensued after she strategically implanted a golden apple at a party for the Gods and Goddesses that she was not invited to attend. The apple was  inscribed with the words ‘to the most beautiful’. For good or for bad then Eris represents the trickster/magician, whistle blower, the tactician, the boogieman, the militant activist, and for the Divine Feminine- the Xena warrior princess archetype as she moves through the sign of Aries. Interesting that before she was officially assigned the name Eris she was actually nicknamed Xena by astronomers.


Currently then Eris the dark revengeful warrioress is making her excruciatingly long transit through the fiery, direct, masculine sign of her warring brother Ares/Aries as well as currently being conjunct Uranus our planet of Illumination and Revolution. Sounds daunting and it is, since Eris is such a powerful and calculating force to be reckoned with on her own account, but when you have her in cohoots with Uranus who instigates sudden breakaways and breakthroughs, then it all becomes blatantly self-serving in the cardinal sign of Aries, with I imagine some loud and explosive outcomes. But remember we are still in the fall out zone of that big old longstanding square with Uranus and Pluto. So this Full Moon holds an extreme lesson in power, of the desire for vengeance instigated for poetic justice, but also for a deeper need for self -reclamation by breaking free of patterns, structures and people who under value our worth, and uphold the past karmic thread that undermines our power and dignity. We can be sure then that this is all a recipe for a staging a huge personal uprising. It could also entail a brilliant and calculated plan of retribution, which incurs bringing down the perpetrator for self -vindication.

This as we can see is playing out big time collectively in the ongoing media saga that covers the US electoral debates presenting two sides in opposition as they vie for presidency. The ploy to destroy the opposition to vindicate oneself is nothing new in politics, yet look at the extreme lengths these two candidates have gone to; of using overtly revengeful, well crafted tactics to demonize and banish the other to gain the lead. I mean between these 2 candidates nothing is left sacred, while hatred, prejudice and intolerance has been elevated to a whole new level, which has even life long friends falling out with one another over such heated and farcical politics.

Yet what is most potent concerning Eris in this current time frame and especially in this lunar cycle is the upsurge of a revolt against the masculine and his abuse and utter disrespect of the feminine. This month has seen a resurgence in feminine activism through the political exposes of the electoral debates, plus lets not forget that one of them is the contender to be the first female president of USA. The recent media exposure of abuse towards women sent enraged ripples throughout the collective and its multi dimensional consciousness, which has a giant memory bank of past injustices all tracking back to the centuries upon centuries of patriarchal oppression of the feminine. With Eris in conjunction with Uranus this makes the backlash explosive as well as jolting people to wake up and take action; revolt and fight against the abusers and perpetrators.


Eris like Lilith seeks revenge for being demonized, outcast and rejected and so in this moon cycle on the Libra/Aries axis the inner rage and warring is in response to a betrayal in a partnership that deals with an emotional and physical exile from the other, destroying the marriage of opposites, and thereby revealing the imbalance and inequality within relationship. With Eris so strongly aspected above we may feel very tempted to plot a way to expose our oppressor in a shocking, manipulative, and ruthless manner to even the scales of justice and to get our comeuppance.

The deeper shadow side to this Eris conjunction is that we could be feeling terribly isolated and alone on this Full Moon caught in a catch 22 situation. After Uranus influences our sudden emotional breakaway this liberation of course sets us apart and untethers us  from the other. Our now greater ostracization is then recognized as our own making, which was the course of action taken in a direct response to having been denigrated or exiled in the first place. This is all very hard to reconcile for the soul, as there are now two aspects to the personal exile – one imposed and the other self- inflicted.


Many astrologers predicted the tension this month would ease off after the major change that was elicited in the previous lunar eclipse cycle, but I sensed not so! At the beginning of this lunar cycle you may recall that Venus our planet representing our personal love and values as well as the divine feminine principle made some awesome aspects for undertaking shadow work. There is nothing easy about this undertaking as the demons we must confront are so very difficult to exorcise, transform and then metabolize for our own healing and our souls full integration.

With so much stirred up in our shadowy innards there is much turbulence brewing deep within, with the potential to suddenly explode to the surface. I’m sure like myself many of you have found yourself simultaneously crying and laughing at the shock of your own personal revelations on the injustices, betrayals and inequalities that we endure in this life, plus knowing that this is all residual karma from the centuries and centuries of oppression that came before this present timeline.

If like myself you have gone hunting in the shadow world to retrieve aspects of self, or on behalf of the Goddess, and for her sovereign land that has been stolen and defiled by the masculine, then you know the pain of it all, and how empty one can feel after such a soul retrieval has come to pass. Because once you attempt to release all of this abuse and oppression that has been buried within, or imprinted in the land you realize that this was a huge chunk of who or what you were, having been so conditioned to yield, or forced into compliant acceptance. Huge inequality still reigns in society, in the world of commerce, as well and most importantly at home in the bedroom within the intimate coupling of a partnership. Non of this is easy to process so I suspect that there have been many who have laid awake at night this month grieving about what has been taken without their consent, about what was given and not reciprocated, while struggling to take back their power in a relationship and heal the aspect of oneself that has gotten utterly compromised.

On this Full Moon our reflections of our relationships and the injustices that speak of betrayal of our love and our self worth all feels very raw, and this is why the alignments are so perfect by energetically supporting an emotional breakthrough mid month. ‘She’ has had enough and she needs to breakaway from those that use and abuse her, disrespect and undervalue her. Many of us have come to a point where they must say enough is enough, and vow not to put up with anymore denigration. After the time line convergence effect brought about by Saturn squaring the nodes of the moon there’s been a deep recognition that if we continue on the same path and accept the same old fate, then we are just settling back into karmically generating more of the same, and this is no longer to be tolerated.


I’m pretty certain Eris conjunct this Full Moon really wants to stick a knife in the person that has exiled her and made her look like the baddie, because Eris can be a bitch, and this is exactly what she might think to do with Uranus as her companion. And I suspect she will enjoy slowly twisting the knife round once it is sunk deep in her perpetrators guts. I say all this metaphorically speaking of course! So this is fair warning to simmer down, and remember that if you have a conscience which I think most of us do, that once the ‘killing’ is done there maybe a deep regret that we showed no mercy and that we let the heat of our emotions enact a revenge that although just, it was however not our Goddess given right to take a life for a a wrong doing.



In the heat of it all remember that the perpetrator also has been groomed and mind conditioned all his life and from centuries of patriarchal hierarchy to conquer, destroy, rape, and abduct all that he so desires, and that his will for power originates from the primal but has ascended into the intellectual. The true sacred masculine has also been hijacked and mind conditioned to get what he wants, and if not then he must go to battle fight for it and prepare to die for it. His value system is all askew and his warped sense of entitlement believes that he has the right to claim what is his, by operating above natural law. This in the end is his failing and our human demise, as his slow destruction of Mother Earth eventually destroys us all, even himself.

My advice ongoing for this month is to curb the rage and center in your heart and find the compassion to show mercy, yet hold fast, stay strong and don’t back down. Love and value yourself and don’t accept more of the same abuse, and do take action to move forward not backward, with the focus and intent on creating more equality in the future between you and the ones you love. Poetic justice may feel good at the time but two wrongs simply don’t make a right.


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