October 2016 Forecast – Balancing the scales between black moons, the dark feminine, and karmic timeline convergence


Oct 1st new moon in Libra at 9′ 21″-8.11pm EDT/ October 1st 00.11 UTC
Oct 16th Full Moon in Aries at 23′ 14″ – 12.23am EDT/04.23 UTC
October 30th New Moon in Scorpio at 7′ 44″ – 2.38pm EDT/ 17.38 UTC

As we journey past the high drama of September’s new eclipse cycle onward into October many of us are grappling now with a sudden change or unexpected turn of events in our lives. There has been a fundamental shift but we may still feel in the dark as to how this new alignment will unfold. The new lunar cycle commenced on September 30th making this the second New Moon in the same calendar month, that is if you live in the western hemisphere. This phenomenon is called a Black moon and is a relatively rare occurrence.

The New Moon in the air sign of Libra is conjunct Jupiter. Our planet of expansion lends his exponential growth to negotiating great harmony, equality, fairness and peace in all our relations. On this day too Venus is exact trine Neptune, which is a wonderful energy to work with towards romantic partnership, self- expression, empathic encounters, and the beauty created through music, dance and art. At this new beginning the Sun and Moon conjunction symbolizes the conscious and unconscious mind brought into equilibrium on Libra’s balancing scales. This all sounds fantastic yet there is a powerful spanner in the works hindering a fresh start for better relations. Mars the sacred masculine warrior in Capricorn is square the New Moon. Rather than being focused on compromise in partnership he approaches it like a business arrangement, preserving the relationship module and his patriarchal role regardless of what’s fair or just. He is certain he is right which makes her most likely wrong!

Libra’s scales

Venus the divine feminine makes a number of beneficial aspects at the beginning of the month but not necessarily easy to process. First off on Oct 5th Venus sextile Pluto means she is in cahoots with Lord Hades to transform her values and shed light on where she gives her power away versus how she may dominate in intimate relations especially when it comes to sex, money and other shared resources. On the same day Mars makes an exact square with Jupiter in Libra and so all the sweet rewards of harmonious union is disregarded by Mars. His mission has him pouring his energy into his work, his duties and responsibilities and dealing with practicalities rather than investing his time in companionship with another.

Aphrodite Goddess of Love

Oct 6th looks to be a very auspicious day as Venus will be exact conjunct Black Moon Lilith, symbolizing the union of the light and dark aspects of the feminine. In Greek myth this would entail surface oriented Aphrodite encountering her underworld counterpart Persephone. According to myth Lilith is one of the oldest known female spirits of the world; she is the dark sister and the storm demon. Traditionally Lilith means ‘the night’, and she is related to attributes connected with the spiritual aspects of sensuality and freedom, but also terror. This is a powerful opportunity for the divine feminine to reassemble herself back into wholeness by reclaiming and integrating the shadow aspects of herself that have been repressed or cast out. At this time the centuries of patriarchal oppression of the feminine will trigger repressed fury in their meeting in Scorpio. The energetic of this union is far from pretty, in fact it could be downright ugly, overtly sexual, raging and raw. This is an opportunity to heal the anger and pain of rejection, vulnerability and abandonment as well as face our own deviance and desire to control and have things our way at any cost. Just as this aspect subsides on Oct 11th Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces signaling the unconscious mind awakening to an old wound that concerns a betrayal in love, of sexual intimacy and sufferance under domination. The healing that this entails will resonate with our personal story as well all the infliction carried karmically within the collective consciousness. On this same day Venus is conjunct Juno – ‘Regina’ the Queen and Goddess of love and marriage. In Roman mythology Juno married her brother Jupiter the Roman King of the Gods and the sky. He is the epitome of patriarchy. So it follows then that Venus is being challenged in this succession of awesome alignments to retrieve aspects of herself that have been rejected as too deviant, too frightening, too powerful and overwhelming for the sacred masculine and his patriarchy. Also this is an opportunity to develop awareness of how one trades in ones personal power and identity within a marriage. Often a wife like Juno reveres and upholds the authority of the husband in an attempt to gain more power and status herself.

Jupiter and Juno

Meanwhile Mercury our planet of communication moves into Libra Oct 7th and so there is much to communicate in relationship in order to make things fair and square for both parties. Talk, talk, talk and more negotiating and mediating, all aimed towards more equality. Then on Oct 8th Saturn- Lord of time and karmic justice squares the Nodes of the Moon reeling in more karmic deliverance and a heavy reality check. The feeling that the future doesn’t appear to be working out the way we hoped or planned may lead us into negative thought patterns. There is a crisis here between the past and the future that has us wrestling with our present reality. This is experienced personally and out in the public domain. Time is of the essence, especially potent now for releasing the past, to be able to aim the arrow of our destiny. This is where we may feel a convergence of karmic timelines, which has an unsteadying, dizzying, nauseating affect. Maintain your center and watch what comes up and back around for you and out in the public domain without allowing these events or people to sway you off course. The heaviness of Saturn energy can induce fear and depression and so we must be brave and develop trust that the future is unfolding as it should. All will be well providing we don’t get stuck in the crossfire of past timelines once again active and coursing through our current lives.


The Super Full Moon culminates Oct 16th in Aries at 23′ 14″, with the moon conjunct Uranus and Eris opposing the Sun in Libra, both forming a loose T square with Mars and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The Moon that normally finds security in all that’s safe and familiar suddenly elicits an emotional breakaway. Our heart needs freedom to feel where it has been repressed and restricted, liberating us to act out of the safety net. Our reflections on our relationships cause us to assert our emotional and physical independence, which no doubt conflicts with the roles and rules upheld by partnership. Our motivations are towards being who we really are no matter how unconventional that might look, or how different it may be from the past. We will feel awakened to our authenticity rather than appeasing the other, or maintaining the standard version of partnership as proposed by Mars in Capricorn. In relationship it may be shocking for the other to recognize that the emotional relationship dynamic has suddenly changed with a reluctance to see the other anew, and instead holding onto the memory of the old version. Yet with Mars conjunct Pluto our motivations for how we structure relationship are about to be challenged. This Super Moon spotlights all the arenas in a relationship that need reorganization so that both parties can be who they truly must be, regardless of what the other desires or needs of them. And this energy all blends together now after we have retrieved the outcast aspects of the dark feminine in the beginning of the cycle. This energy imbued in the Full Moon doesn’t want us to compromise in matters that speak of true authenticity regardless of any partnership. On the Full Moon Mercury also squares Pluto and so it would appear that our communicating is not getting to the depth of the matter, while the roles that we adopt in relationship may be keeping things equal and harmonious on the surface but not serving a deeper purpose of awakening true intimacy.

On Oct 18th Venus moves into Sagittarius while Mars is exact conjunct Pluto and so the truth underlying our need and desire for what and who we love and value cannot remain hidden, while our relationships are challenged to evolve through some major reconstruction and transmutation. The truth will set our hearts free and with Venus set to traverse the fiery sign of the centaur she seeks honesty, purity and spirituality in love.  Mars traversing Capricorn is in his exaltation and so now we get a taste of what it is we need to solidify, and construct in order to set us up for the long term, and after his meeting with Pluto the foundations are set to change again, so we must expect more ‘death’ of anything structurally archaic, or that isn’t practical, responsible and mature. Oct 25th Mercury transits into Scorpio’s domain, moving fast and deep in the underworld. Our thoughts scramble around in the dark searching for meaning and buried truths while ideas surface about how to share more intimately with another. Then Oct 28th Mars makes an exact square with Uranus manifesting in some highly explosive and volatile action. Monitor yourself carefully, as during this transit we could become forceful and erratic leading to sudden explosive and combustive outbursts. Whether our primal motives are like an erupting volcano or a loud firework display there is a big element of danger ready to shock and awe the receiver. Lastly on Oct 29th Venus is exact conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius starting a new growth and development cycle with the karmic lord of time where she tasks herself to mature by testing out her value and belief system of who and what she loves to discover if all of this honors her truth and how this fits with the broader perspective of truth out in the world. Lastly right at the end of the month the lunar cycle begins anew on Oct 30th with the second black moon in Scorpio at 7′ 44″, this time in the eastern hemisphere and I will be discussing this in detail in the next forecast.

APTOPIX Nicaragua Volcano
The Momotombo volcano  (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

Elementally this moon cycle is a highly combustive combination of fire and air on the Aries/Libra axis; the self versus the other, teetering between going it solo versus doing it together. It’s a balancing act to not only honor our own needs and but also our partner and then negotiate the compromises that must be made for the ‘you’ and ‘I’ to become the ‘us’ together. As the moon changes her phase cycle in relation to the calendar month, so we too must adjust ourselves for the next new phase of our life. And with this current lunar cycle it’s all about relationships, and the marriage of opposites that echoes the equilibrium of the union of the masculine and feminine principles deep within the psyche.

Great feminine magick is upon us during the first half of the lunar cycle gifting us the opportunity to take a walk with the dark side of the feminine, to do the shadow work and confront wounds of betrayal in love, rejection, and of not feeling worthy or powerful enough. We may delve too into our own manipulations of how we attempt to get what we want no matter what, and how we respond when we don’t have our way. We will be shown our deepest darkest wound yet again and its attachment to our fear and hatred of others and of ourselves, for this is the shadow aspect of love. We will also develop greater awareness of how relationship nourishes or depletes our sense of identity and self worth. It’s important to remember that wholeness is always an inside job and cannot be sought from another no matter how ‘in love’ we are, or how ‘big’ our relationship becomes.


For this month then instead of feeding off the negativity and dissolution of the past, or focusing on what has fallen at the wayside, take the steps necessary to progress forward towards a more solid, secure and productive future. It may feel anything but easy within this double black moon phase to trust the way ahead even when thinking practically, especially while Venus accomplishes her shadow work, together with the impairment of our ‘sight’ experienced through this ongoing Saturn /Neptune square. We may also still be suffering in our physical bodies, our minds and hearts from the fallout of the recent eclipse cycle. Trust in yourself, trust in Spirit, and trust in your current alignment as well as being open to change. Stick up for what you believe in and act on it to forge your way ahead, and whether you are single or coupled know that this month tests not only our relationship with another, but the fundamental one with ourselves. Great alchemy is in the works as this is Venus’s gift of transformation through the full body and spirit integration of love, as everything that sets eyes on her becomes transfixed and imbued in her golden aura.





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