Reconciliation of the Macro & Micro by Hillary Raimo

When you consider Betsy’s astrological forecast, which you can revisit for the month here, and look around September and what has transpired on the world stage there are a few special ones that stand out. The elections, the black vs white social unrest, terrorism is spreading, you are being programmed to see something, say something. How does this apply to your microcosm?

Having just returned from the Standing Rock Camp in North Dakota where a large gathering of Native American tribes have come together to protest the Dakota Access pipeline being built under the Missouri river. They are also gathering to do ceremony and prayer together for the first time since the 1800’s. This is a historical event, and the media is not covering it accurately so I went to the camp to see it firsthand for myself. Because firsthand knowledge is the best kind, in my opinion anyhow.

So for me personally the astrology is relevant in many ways aligning with my pilgrimage to standing rock. So most of my writing will come from what I have learned through this experience and my thoughts and reflections on it. After all, the microcosm is a reflection of the macro. So here is a glimpse into my micro.


That said we are getting closer and closer to the United States presidential election. Everyone by now, for the most part, has taken sides and the stand off is coming to a head. Those who love Hillary, love her deeply, and those who do not, hate her guts. Same with Trump. Therefore it is fair to say there is a love vs. hate thing in the air heavily now and will continue to grow until November. So how do we love and hate those in our smaller lives? How do we choose who we give our love too? How do we fair in the love vs hate theme?

Standing Rock camp is historical in so many ways. What I saw there was a coming together of peoples who have had age old differences, and despite them, showed up to stand together. Because water is an all person right and no matter what your differences are, or how the racial differences stir, we all come together for a greater cause. Overcoming the bitter resentment of having enemies is a healing rite of passage.

Coming together to pray for the water on this scale, is a massive healing for this planet and everyone on it. What a powerfully beautiful thing. Could it be for the micro that all the parts of self are coming together to integrate and work as one? A massive soul retrieval symbolic of all that means.

I saw beauty everywhere, even in the ugly parts. The land was being stood up for, and protected for the right reasons and this alone was beautiful and humbling to witness. I felt a level of gratitude for the openness of the people, to come together for this common cause. It was a fulfillment of prophecy and many confirmations were present.

As a white woman around native americans I often feel some reverse racism. I’m white therefore I am… automatically, until a conversation happens and trust is developed authentically, not to be trusted, so I often feel a need to prove myself. We all come from something indigenous. No matter what our heritage or skin color. We all have roots. But the reality of our social conditioning still effects outcomes and choices.

The Fall Equinox this month was very intense, as Betsy predicted. For me I was reconciling the last of things within myself that needed to go peacefully to be recycled back into the etheric dimensions to continue to grow in love. Letting go of the past and reclaiming only the love. Giveaway floated down the river off to circulate energetically for all. Caring was the prayer. It was an emotional and deep clarity that surfaced for me and I felt reconciled within. I imagine we are all traveling a similar thread somehow. Connection works in mysterious ways.

Terror tries to steal our hope, lock up our love, and make us distrustful of everything and everyone. Who will hurt me now? How will you betray me? Love wounds were amplified this month and what needed to heal was revealed through obvious ways. Mercury retrograde did nothing to stop my travels and never interfered with the synchronicity we found as we made our way towards North Dakota. Flawless and smooth as if the retrograde was aligned with us and assisting like all the good astrological signs do. Another example perhaps of how we attract what we fear, and if we have no fear, we attract something else.

The message this month was making peace with adversary. Anything that is adversarial to our greatest good, highest path, and our divine destiny. Imagine if you had no enemies! No one to not love, and you could be yourself with everyone. No need to guard, hide, refuse, judge, just simple easy connection between you and the other; no games, gimmicks or tricks.

The other is a unique gift. We find our commonality when we take the time to care about something other than ourselves. We open up a different space of common and from there we create whatever we choose.

In choosing love we choose an energy that aligns with every expression of life. We need to protect our animals, our plants, our air, our water. The elementals are ancient old wise beings for a reason. Respecting them means life continues.

Self observation is a good skill to have. But don’t obsess with it because that is another kind of path. Self reflection is the ability to see yourself in a bigger picture and allows you to track your own weaknesses to heal and strengthen. Your consciousness reflects the healing power of the human body. Something we need to reclaim and something most need to learn how to do better. Respecting the body means you respect the human vortex.

Water feeds the human body. It is vital for life. If it is contaminated in anyway we should know, stand up for it to stop and request the protection of its purity because it matters for everything.

What we focus on is a choice. How much we hate something, or how much we feel something should be protected, or how much we love. These choices determine our perspective which filters our reality which makes it so.

The drama in the elections, who to hate or love, the protests of our rights as earth citizens, the mind numbing nonsense in entertainment, or the half truths we are spoon fed by indoctrination our whole life, down to letting everyone know on social media what we like or respond too, we choose to focus on something.

What if we stopped choosing and just felt what is?

This month was about feeling what is. Decomposing the shit in our garden soil. So the nutrients of that can be transformed and used for good. When one spends time out in nature one realizes quickly how much one has in common with her. The more time one spends with her the deeper that healing goes. Until you find yourself finding yourself in ways you never imagined, and freeing your mind to believe it so. This is self love, and from there you love the other because you know how. It is all about the healing process, always.

Hillary Raimo








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