September 2016 Forecast: Eclipse of the mind, body and soul

New moon in Virgo Sep. 1st 5.03am EDT 9.03 UTC- 9′ 21″ Solar Eclipse 9.08 UTC
Full Moon in Pisces Sep. 16th 3.05pm EDT 19.05 UTC-24′ 20″ Penumbral Eclipse 18.55 UTC
Jupiter in Libra September 9th 2016 – October 11th 2017

photo 2

Eclipse season commences day one -September 1st with an annular solar eclipse followed by its lunar counterpart mid month. Eclipses are dramatic astrological ‘wild cards’. They are unpredictable and herald life changes, while amplifying the energetic of the New and Full Moon. Eclipses work on a 6 months cycle and there’s usually a strong sense for upcoming changes a few weeks before, which we would have been sensing the later part of August.

“A family of signs will keep occurring in pairs, coinciding with new moons and full moons, every five and a half months for 18 to 24 months, until they are done. At that point, your transformation will be complete. Once a family of signs is finished, it will not be back for about seven or eight years.”- Susan Miller

The current Virgo/Pisces family of eclipses started in 2015 and will complete February 26th 2017 with a total number of six eclipses. So this is the 3rd and 2nd to last installment for some major transformation on the axis of earthly versus spiritual matters, the micro versus macro, before the finale next year. This family challenges us to create heaven here on earth through cleansing, releasing, and engaging the minds process of analysis. Pisces seeks unification with Christ consciousness and fills our hearts with compassion. The dissolution also experienced in the sign of Pisces fills us with grief and uncertainty yet it marks the end of a natural cycle, of coming full circle before we begin again anew.

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The Sep 1st New Moon conjunct the North Node representing our karmic destiny, plus the solar eclipse form a tight T- square with Saturn and Neptune. Saturn at the apex point is still conjunct Mars. This powerful New Moon heralds a tense new beginning that has us immersed in earthly matters especially taking care of our health, our work and attending to all the intricate details with the focus very much on anything that needs fixing. The amplification of Virgo creates high anxiety and stress, as it is the sign of the perfectionist. Remember too that Mercury is now retrograde in Virgo so all sorts of hitches and set backs could exasperate our ability to work efficiently and complete tasks, which then taxes our nervous system further. With this ongoing T-square our lives may feel far from perfect, so much so that we may feel incapacitated with fear and self- doubt to transform, and so this brings up much physical and spiritual discomfort especially on recognizing any handicaps that are self generated. Perhaps we don’t think we are worthy of our greatest dreams, not accomplished enough, or that we don’t have the power to elicit the necessary changes to fulfill our destiny. Perhaps the past holds us back, or we have grown lazy and procrastinate. Often underlying all this is the fear of success or failure, perhaps guilt and shame, or simply just being overwhelmed with the small print and thereby not living in true possibility. This New Moon and eclipse feels intense and heavy with the potential for triggering the negative conditioning of not being powerful or perfect enough yet to facilitate living our dream. This karmic withdrawal from our full potential needs to be exorcised and the past betrayal of self forgiven. It’s time to venture with Mars the sacred masculine warrior back into the open field of possibilities.

Fortunately for all of us Jupiter the giant planet of expansion moves into Libra on September 9th after 13 months in Virgo. This is wonderful news for our relationships and for a more just world because Libra seeks relationship, and ruled by Goddess Athena she strives for justice and fairness and equality for all. During this year- long phase there will be much emphasis on our relationships, strategy and for compromise. Any injustices or inequality will soon come to light, and if not rectified then the Goddess of wisdom, justice and war will wield her sword to battle for what she deems fair and ‘right’. I imagine that this growth factor for harmony and equality in all our relations very beneficial and since Libra also mediates between opposing sides, many settlements could be made this coming year. Libra creates a marriage between the opposites and balances the scales. If a relationship is currently very imbalanced and disharmonious, due to one person’s selfishness, which leaves the other in serious detriment, then if this isn’t rectified soon it could lead to the death of this relationship. Previously when Jupiter was in Virgo the focus and expansion was on self- management, purifying, and being of greater service to others. Many of us had to work hard at healing ourselves, while others became consumed with big projects and so we spent much time apart from others and not so actively social. Now Libra envisions a life together rather than alone- a shared life where two persons build an alliance, a partnership through cooperation, collaboration mutual respect and compromise.

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The next day Sep 10th the last of 3 exact squares culminates between Saturn and Neptune. The first occurred Nov 26th 2015 and the second recently June 17th. This is the most significant aspect for Saturn until 2020 when he will form a great conjunction with Jupiter as well as Pluto. This square has challenged our hopes and our greatest dreams by presenting restrictions, as well as delays from other people or events. It’s all too easy to get depressed, fatigued and lose heart through the trials of this transit, yet this is an important karmic lesson that will reveal some fundamental truths and attempt to vanquish our fearful delusions. With Neptune in Pisces we are susceptible to victimhood, martyrdom, addiction, persecution, so lets turn this around and make the psychological breakthroughs necessary to stay positive and focused on the future rather than relive the past and perpetuate the guilt and shame associated with old wounds. The same compassion we have for those in great adversity needs to be generated too for our own suffering and imperfections so that we may heal through self love.

The Full Harvest Moon culminates in Pisces on September 16th at the same time as the penumbral lunar eclipse, visible in Europe, Africa, Asia &W Pacific. This type of eclipse causes the moon to only darken slightly when viewed from earth and is one of the less dramatic lunar eclipses. Still our inner reflection at this time is cast in shadow and our inner demons rise from the unconscious awakening our fears and insecurities. There is a need here to redeem our selves instead of looking outwardly for a savior. This is possible through the conviction to our faith and our ability to reinvent ourselves. New lifestyle changes can be implemented and we can raise our consciousness to overcome the darkness and dissolution, the pain and suffering as well as actively pursue a purposeful life. Take this as an opportunity to grow spiritually by recognizing the innards of all the paranoia, fears and phobias. As long as our soul and spirit remain in physical form we must confront and endure the conditions of being human….


Venus the divine feminine is traversing the sign of Libra and so this combined with Jupiter’s energetic will have us all feeling the immense value of love and the importance of the relationships it creates. September is great time for addressing your self worth and value in relation to a connection with another, or with your relationship to money. Mars the sacred masculine is traversing Sagittarius activating a personal crusade to seek the truth and nothing but the truth. He is enjoying his freedom of his solo mission and so the sacred lovers are still at odds, however on September 19th the lovers are exact sextile at 24′ 58″ which brings fluid connectivity in our coupling and aids in developing healthy partnership. On September 24th Venus moves into Scorpio’s underworld where her love is imbued with an emotional intensity, with a passion for sexual union as well as sharing her resources. She must endure separation or instigate merger, reclaim her power as well as learn to let go; transform and rebirth her self. Mars moves into Capricorn on Sep 27th and he feels the weight and constriction of Saturn again as he turns his attention to his responsibilities, duties, career and status. He is undergoing an earthy reality check after his spirit quest and wanderlust of the last month. Meanwhile Mercury backtracking in Virgo places a lot of stress on our physical and mental health for 3 weeks in his retrograde motion. It’ll be a time of heightened stress, worry and anxiety concerning deadlines, the quality of our workmanship, our health and dealing with the frustration of so much perceived imperfection. This is on top of all the regular dysfunctions of his retro cycle affects our communication, machinery and technology. Mercury stations direct on Sep 22nd on the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, but will still be in post shadow phase until October 6th. Notably too Pluto stations direct at 16′ 51″ of Capricorn on September 26th after 5 months of his back tracking, leaving Uranus, Neptune and Chiron still retrograde. Pluto has an erratic orbit and moves incredibly slowly from only 0 to three minutes a day and takes approximately 248 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in each one from 14 to 30 years. As we know all too well by now, it takes a very long time, sometimes many incarnations to release our karmic bonds and then transform and resurrect ourselves from the ashes fully recalibrated. With Pluto Lord of the Underworld back in direct motion we are on course again for more transmutation through the death of structures that no longer support our souls evolution.

During this cycle of eclipses we are being summoned by the universe to wake up and take heed of personal and global dilemmas and make changes, by raising our consciousness out of the material and mundane to awaken our souls to the memory of the sacred- the energy of God/Spirit from whence we came and will return. Discern the facts from the fiction and decide what it is you are willing to sacrifice, what you wish to transform, heal and resolve, as well as heed any ending of an era that closes a long term energy circuit. We are more sensitized now to acknowledging the widespread suffering out in the world. These horrors as well as our own flaws can get us into a terrible dark panic where we are likely to succumb to addiction to alleviate the pain. Alternatively we can fill ourselves with hope – envision a dream that enables us to live our full human potential. Choose now to be positive, to act, think and attract positive, and blossom through self -expression. Express yourself artistically, musically, through dance; in whatever creative capacity moves you to alleviate the soul pain. Sit in nature and surround yourself with natural beauty. These life lessons can inspire some great Art. Quiet the mind through meditation rather than over thinking and over analyzing, and becoming hypercritical.

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September’s lunar cycle ultimately teaches us to unconditionally love and respect ourselves when we are less than the perfect image we so desire. Perhaps we are depressed, sick, injured, ostracized, hurt or victimized, and so the challenge here is to perceive our inner beauty and wholeness even when we feel completely broken, flawed, ugly, foolish, or tainted. Self -loathing destroys our confidence and perpetuates more self- sabotage. When we as individuals learn to manage this internally, then the ripple effect filters into the collective consciousness. We are over 2000 years past the year of The Lord Christ- the Savior. He forgave our sins so that we could enter heaven, the Kingdom of God. Now in 2016 through the power of positive thinking, unconditional love, faith and trust we come to our own aid and redeem ourselves. In this present time frame we must take back the responsibility and have mercy on ourselves. We must accept our human flaws and forgive our past mistakes and sins then strive to do better. Perfection may not be attainable yet divinity, serenity and grace may always reside within us if we choose to fill our hearts with love and compassion. This eclipse and lunar cycle attempts to end our separation and deliver us from the evils we perceive back into unity with Spirit and will all. The Hawaiians have an ancient practice of reconciliation and forgiveness called ‘Ho’oponopono’. It comes from the perspective of taking total responsibility and can be achieved through identifying the hurt and reciting the following statement;

I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you.

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To end this forecast I’d like to recall the tale of “Beauty and the Beast” and the symbology this story holds for our psyche; of adversities overcome and resolved through a marriage of opposites and its relevance for this lunar cycle. At the end of the story the curse is broken through the power of love and the ugly beast is transformed back to his handsome princely form. In turn Beauty’s love of Beast transforms her from virginal innocent child to wise and loving woman…

“Learning to accept the whole self is at the heart of this story; You cannot learn to love yourself only when you have achieved so-called perfection but to love yourself when you are flawed, ugly, afraid etc. The transformation only occurs when you truly see the ugly as beautiful, the dark as light, the fearful as valuable. These are the lessons of the story of Beauty and the Beast.” ~ Susanna Barlow

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For more astro- intuitive insights for September 2016 lunar and eclipse cycle please see my articles on Chariklo Speaks:

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