Being Wise vs Being a Guru by Hillary Raimo

I’ve been watching the world stage as August progresses according to the Astrological forecast predicted by Betsy Peerless for this month. As I gather information about what the general malaise is on the collective platform I can see the mirror effect of the microcosmic scene. The personal parallel.

As a Reiki MT for over a decade, I generally see the world from a perspective of energy pretty much all of the time. I had a fantastic teacher who has been teaching Reiki and energy healing for over 40 years. Sue Vazal in Schenectady, New York is one of the most beautiful gentle humbled teachers I have ever had. Her guidance and love through those years I was being certified was a wonderful and positive experience. In her 70’s today, she is still happily married to her great love and genuinely enjoys every moment of life. Adores her family and smiles at everyone. I am proud to be one of her graduated students out off in the world today. As I reflect on my time with Sue, I am reminded of the difference between being a student under a teacher and a teacher who used to be a student.

As August continues and the heat finally breaks here in New York, I can feel Fall just around the corner. But for awhile there it seemed like God had turned an oven on and the world was baking at high degree. It was like a Reiki session in a sense. Heat rises on certain areas of the body when a practitioner uses his/her hands on the client. It can be an energetic signature. I had the thought that the Earth was receiving a Reiki treatment through these dog days of summer. So I went out one day into the woods by my home here in Albany and put my hands on the Earth and did a Reiki session on her. It felt as if I had discovered the Goddess herself and I was laying my hands on her. I had a thought at that moment. Having organized 13 global meditations from 2014-2015 around human love and nature, and how much beauty has come from it since, what if we intentionally gave the Earth Reiki – one on one – on our own without any hoop la to it?  Now this idea may not be original and perhaps others have tried it and are doing it, but the thought came through right then and there almost as if it were a message. DO IT. So I am sharing my experience and my moment on the land.

I sat on the lush grass after doing the Reiki session on the Earth and I meditated on the thought of sending that love created to all the collective issues at hand. I thought about the headlines, the election drama in the US, the extreme fanatical discrimination the world still experiences even after all this so call enlightenment ascension stuff we see everywhere. I thought about the media and all the stuff going on, all the hatred forming in eddies of separation throughout the world and again brought it into the microcosm. How am I separated within? How does it manifest in my own life? What still needs to be healed? What is asking to be self reflected on?

So I looked. And I owned. And I processed as needed.
This is how we change the world and what is happening in it. That’s just my humble opinion and I am voicing it. I know others will disagree, have other ideas and perspectives and that is what makes being human so beautiful.

There is some kind of weird thinking out there that if you share your wisdom publicly you are trying to be a guru. Yet a guru is actually something much different.

U back.

We all have wisdom from life. It’s all beautiful. It’s all relevant and if offered publicly so what? Why are others so quick to hand out judgements and accusations. Just because someone offers a positive message with their research, or manifestations, does not mean they are trying to be a guru. It could mean they are offering their wisdom from their experience and one can listen and reflect, or not – free will people! A great way to discern is to see if there is something you HAVE to believe in to get what that person is saying. Is there a dogma? a hierarchy of belief system? Rewards of knowledge only if you do certain things or pay a certain amount of money? Common sense is a good quality to instill in your life. Do not forsake wisdom when offered genuinely for a cult like guru corporation who forces you to abide by their rules. Two very different things. It has been said that if Jesus existed today few would accept him, and many would stone him, defame him and take him down. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water folks. Wisdom comes with age and experience and sharing with those who have that, some who are our elders should be highly revered and protected. Those who share their wisdom have lived through things perhaps others have not and we should be grateful if that wisdom is shared in a way  that seeks to better things and uplift. Don’t be so quick to point the fingers at others, jump on band wagons or believe everything you hear from anything other then the source. It leads to mass hysteria, wrongful shaming and can harm others.

I am reminded of this clip from one of my favorite scenes called Hermit from Monty Python.

I have watched the election news in the United States closely to prepare for writing my  thoughts this month. Here is what I have decided to share about that. Voters already know who they are voting for. Why do we need the 24/7 onslaught of media frenzy mass brainwashing and expert mud slinging? Turn it off. Stop watching. Stop discussing. You are being baited into a reputation damaging festival of epic proportions. Who can destroy who the fastest, best and with the most money. It is the greatest reality show on TV, and Hillary and Trump know it. So stop watching.

Opt out. Fuck CNN, others like them, and their ratings. You will hit their bottom line and corporate will have a fit and conjure up some other false flag operation just to keep you glued to your TVs and electronic devices because that is where you are digitally tracked. If you are not online you are offline and no one can study you. Technology is the life line to the establishment. How do I know that? From years of radio shows, interviews and my own research is how I can make  that statement. But please don’t take my word for it, research it yourself.  My advice is double check your sources always. Never just accept what you read and hear as truth, even mine. Make your own experience with the information. That is freedom.

The internet is the new TV. If you don’t watch TV, or have stopped just for this reason, kudos to you. But do you sign in on your social media accounts during the day? Do you click on headlines online? Do you read the articles your friends share? TV has expanded to being online. Revenue is tracked and harvested by your clicks. Make no mistake just because you don’t watch TV that you are free from the influence if you are only online.

The astrology this month has predicted this generalized over view of micro and macro. I weave it in words this way so people can see what they need to see and perhaps it will lead them somewhere else. Synchronicity is real, but it can be manipulated. Especially digitally with all the algorithms and collusions of digital companies, search engines, all that the internet TRULY is and has become one big giant marketing tool to get the world to BUY BUY BUY. From a corporations stand point all humans are cash cows. Keep the populations working, wanting and buying. Hence the launch of the digital age. This is a WORKING planet run by those who want to keep it that way. No free thinking time allowed, and if it is it is a privilege to have, not a basic human right. And please keep hating being alone so you don’t tap into the natural world and all that life-force that comes with it. Fill your life with all the distraction you can so you don’t figure it out. But there is that gut feeling in your stomach that knows! something isn’t right. Because something ISN’T right.

And we are in it. Fully emerged and being expertly studied.
And many of us depend on it now to make money.
The internet has captured the human species.

So here we are headed into the new moon of August. With an eclipse happening September 1st. Let’s check in.

How are you feeling? 
What is your greatest challenge right now? 
What does that challenge have to do with your ability to be accountable? 
What wisdom have you learned from your experience? 

Self-reflection is an ability not everyone has. Some people find it extremely difficult to self reflect so all they do is project. Projection is a powerful force. Especially for the projector. But you can’t just lump everything you don’t like into being someone else’s projection either, so how do you tell the difference when it’s your shit vs. someone else’s?

If a situation comes up and you have an emotional reaction to it, in any way, it’s your shit. You’ve been triggered. You need to look at it and own what belongs to you. However, I want to talk about RIGHTEOUS anger and how it works here. There are legitimate reasons for righteous anger to be expressed, some examples are when the rights of people, animals, the earth and our limited resources are not respected. If someone is harming someone else and you defend them to stop that harm, anger can be a useful and changing tool. The sooner you figure yourself out the better. If you wait, or go into denial or avoid it, you will attract manifestations that will repeat it in parallel ways until you do. So save yourself the time and look sooner. When you see what it is for you, you disperse the energy. Congratulations. This is not to say you may not find hues of these lessons coming back around again, but they will be hues not full blown manifestations. And again you repeat the same self-reflection process as before and it will pass. This is the psychology of the quantum field. A subject I am writing about for a new publication.

I decided not to give a barrage of headlines in this months article because I felt called to share this instead. We are being asked to hold our boundaries strong, yet permeable enough to allow love and connection to still thrive in healthy ways. If you are violating someone else’s boundaries then you most likely violate your own. So learn how not to ignore, neglect or disrespect you own and you will remedy this. The world works like this because the world we live in is bound to the quantum rules we are emerged in.

You can’t do anything about anything if you can’t do something about yourself.
I am not a guru. I am a wise woman who loves the earth. My wisdom comes from practice, hard work, and loyalty to growth and love.

We are in the astrology to support this kind of personal growth. Get off the TV and get your faces out of your phones long enough to notice the real world right in front of your noses. Distraction is a craft the establishment has mastered.
Don’t be fooled.

Hillary Raimo









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