August 2016 Forecast -Igniting the God spark

New Moon August 2nd in Leo 4.44 pm 20.44 UTC

Full Moon August 18th in Aquarius 5.26 am 9.26 UTC

Last month we entered into the Dog Days of Summer and as the temperatures rose so did the rage factor while we were all on tenterhooks emotionally with the grand water trine activating our feelings with the focus on Chiron healing our deepest wounds. As the South Node and Neptune slowly edge closer into exact conjunction all the horrors, sufferance and injustice from the past centuries of patriarchal rule and suppression are reemerging now for the final climax at the dissolution of the Piscean Age. The new age of Aquarius is energetically set to promote a global community of empowered sovereign individuals, all backing a strong collective movement towards interdependence. Global unity needn’t be governed by a one -world take over, but instead facilitated and organized by and for the people…

Aquarius the Water Bearer on St Mark’s Clock, San Marco, Venice

This months lunar cycle commences on August 2nd with the New Moon positioned in the mighty lions domain- romantic, passionate and loyal Leo. This warm fixed fiery sign is a welcome reprieve after all the watery moodiness and emotional outbursts of last cycle. Leo represents the adolescent; the developmental stage of our ego, personality, creativity and individuality. This is wonderful morale boost that has us glowing in the spotlight when it comes to any new beginnings. With the New moon trine Saturn it encourages our most authentic expression of self, based on beliefs that uphold our individual truths by encouraging them to come forward now and take center stage. In the energetic background is Venus trine Uranus, so this cycle attracts something new that is valued for being radical and unconventional, that makes a clean split from the past. There’s a reality check though when it comes to anything that is either too idealistic, or ego based. As well it may just mean we have to work a little harder and abide under certain restrictions and tough it out for a while longer if we are to bask in our own glory, or receive those accolades under the limelight.


On August 3rd Mars enters Sagittarius and so our sacred masculine warrior finally resurfaces from the underworld to soldier onward now on his quest for truth. He has faced his demons and reclaimed his power and he’s ready for action, and to initiate a personal goal or venture that may have been dropped at the wayside. Meanwhile on August 6th Venus enters Virgo and squares Mars in Sagittarius and so who we love and what we value are observed under the microscope with a very discerning eye. The divine feminine devises ways to clean up our act, work at it and look at all the details and make it all beautiful and perfect again, while Mars the sacred masculine liberates himself on a big venture out in the world. This creates much friction and conflict between the sacred lovers as they are not on the same page and the blinders are up for the other. While Venus problem solves through analysis and fixes things, Mars has already left what’s broken behind and marched off into the sunset. This division is felt between the masculine and feminine principles within our own psyche, as well as in our love relationships and creates a personal crisis point.

Shooting Star

The Perseids Meteor Shower runs annually from July 17 to August 24. It peaks this year on the night of August 11 and the morning of August 12th and it’s been predicted that 200 meteors per hour will be seen on the peak night. Bursts of meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus, but can appear anywhere in the sky. With a sky full of shooting stars as a backdrop, Jupiter makes his final opposition to Chiron on August 12th in this current series that began last November 2015. This is the third chance at figuring out a way to live with the pain; acknowledge our imperfections and weaknesses while devising earthly and spiritual ways of dealing with our wounded self. The more we analyze the wound and dissect it the more we realize the depth and breadth of how our pain has polluted every aspect of our lives. This deep wound and the Pandora’s box it opens needs to be accepted and integrated into our life tapestry but without it tainting the color and pattern of our life moving ahead. Following this conclusion of our body, soul and spirit healing, on August 13th Saturn stations direct leaving only the transpersonal planets in retrograde. Revision time is over and it’s back to envisioning our highest goals realistically and putting in the necessary hard work it’ll take to realize them. With both Mars and Saturn back together on a goal quest they begin again to pick up the pace and we feel the momentum return.

On August 18th the Full Moon culminates in the intellectual, unconventional and humanitarian sign of Aquarius. The Sun, Earth, and Moon will be very closely aligned, but there’ll be no lunar eclipse seen from anywhere on our planet, since the earth’s shadow just misses the moon. With the Sun opposing the Moon trine Uranus (retrograde) we are granted another dose of the unexpected and a wake up call. I expect on the Leo/Aquarius axis this sudden inspiration or illumination holds the potential for something very positive to manifest for the future, nevertheless still potentially shocking, even if it recalls something that suddenly came up for us in the recent past. At this time Chiron too opposes Mercury and Jupiter, which suggests a major purge of thoughts formed in childhood that have persisted and kept our deep wound regenerating itself time and time again. It is necessary now to purge this toxic thinking and progress forward with a healthier mindset. With Venus exact trine to Pluto the divine feminine is also feeling the benefits of releasing past power struggles of her sexual and financial attachments, to transform her value system as well as her love and intimacy, thereby transmutating her physical and karmic bonds.

Uriel~ Archangel of Wisdom & Destiny

On August 24th Mars is exact conjunct Saturn and fixed star Antares -the alpha star in constellation Scorpio. It is literally found in the heart of the scorpion at 9º 47′ Sagittarius and represents one of the important four Archangels stars. He is Angel Uriel, meaning ‘God is my light,’ and the watcher of the west. He uses the sword of truth to fight against all that is not in conformity to the will of God. This fixed star has a dangerous and fearsome reputation of the nature of Mars and Jupiter causing malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality. This is a powerful energetic interplay then, where an impassioned crusade could overthrow and destroy those that don’t uphold divine truth according to their belief system. Perhaps a dose of Saturnian trepidation plus obstacles manifesting along the passage of the quest can heed the crusader from the danger of total annihilation.


“St.Bartholomew’s Day Massacre”(Paris) Aug 23rd- 24th 1572, by Francois Dubois

Then on August 27th Venus is exact conjunct Jupiter and will be visible in the evening sky. Love, beauty and perfection are bountiful up above on this night, and for us here on Earth this love expands what’s ethically good and inspires us to be of greater service. The two bright planets will be extremely close, appearing only 0.06 degrees apart in the western sky just after sunset. Then when Venus enters Libra on August 30th  it enhances our desire for another, as well as an attraction to the ‘marriage’ of opposites. Venus values partnership, balance and equality and will mediate in order to create harmony in our relationships.

Both the planets Mercury and Venus feature strongly this month, making many challenging aspects with the social and transpersonal planets as well as Chiron the centaur. Mercury enters the pre-shadow retrograde stage on August 10th and then stations retrograde on Aug 30th in the sign of Virgo at the last degree, which means introspective reorganization of earthly practical matters are in order for September. During the first week of August we kick off with a breakthrough, or breakaway proceeded by fearful thoughts, or a heavy dose of delusion, depression and victim mentality. The second week there is conflict about enduring a financial or heart crisis, as well as overcoming any delusion in love and sacrificing who or what we’ve loved and valued for the greater good. By the third week opportunities arise to release the karmic love bonds of past and address the thinking that triggers the reopening of that same old wound. The month completes with an opportunity for expanding our hearts as well as broadening our views and ideas. The Mercury and Venus conjunction on August 29th brings our thinking in line with our desire giving us a chance to regroup and meld our hearts and minds together after all the month long challenges, to now come into full integration.

Mercury & Venus

This lunar cycle invites us to recognize our individuality and our sovereignty and how we all have something creative to contribute to the group collective. We are more powerful in numbers. We are more heard when we have the back up of others. Petitions signed by millions helps to sway governments towards action and representation where it’s needed. So instead of pointing the finger or picking sides and thinking this is your only option, stick up for what you believe in, for what you are passionate about. Truly, if you don’t believe or trust in what’s been sold to you then there is no need to buy into it anymore. We can stop facilitating more of the same and use our clever mercurial minds to devise a new way. After all there could never be more of a time in history where the average person has so many means for communication, plus the freedom of speech to utilize this towards benefiting the individual (Leo) as we’ll as being effective for the group (Aquarius). Our experiences gleaned this month will reveal how our thoughts and our desires are integral to our understanding of not only our own motivations or procrastination, but how they contribute to the collective consciousness and create the society in which we live and how we have fallen short of what’s truly possible.

“Festival of Lights”

For this month then, appreciate, tolerate and encourage others shininess. Remember too that as a divine spark manifest in this human body we are a living miracle. As a collective we have the power to change the world, starting with our individual desire and thoughts that match in their urgency for expression. This is the motivation for action and with Mars direct and soldiering forward in Sagittarius this is definitely a time to re-embark on a goal or on your quest. If this becomes a benevolent crusade then do it without taking prisoners, making martyrs or creating victims. This is not about ridding the world of evil and slaying the evil doers. No, it’s about being the light and stepping up and out in the world with that light burning as an example for others to follow. Be the light out in the world that you wish to see mirrored back and come together and amplify – let the light shine out in the aid of all those still residing in the darkness, in ignorance, chaos and sufferance. The hand of God reaches out to all of us. We need to accept Spirit’s assistance to lift ourselves out of centuries of turmoil, of battling between the light and dark forces, to deliver us all into a state of living in higher consciousness. Don’t let all the strife in this world kill the passion and romance, or let the sparkle dim within. Keep shining your light and allow others to shine too, so we continue to ignite the God spark here on this Earth, and let love be the guiding force for us to create anew.

“God is light”

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