5 Planet Retrograde Update, Mercury Transit & Revolution

New Moon in Taurus May 6th 15.29 EDT 20.29 GMT Full Moon in Sagittarius May 21st 17.14 EDT 22.14 GMT

Last months lunar cycle and retrograde motion deeply affected Earth. I’m sure many among us felt her shake, rumble and vent deep in their own core. Like Gaia herself we may have fluxed between exerting our physical power versus conserving our vital energy, and discovered healthy ways to let off steam when the fire serpent rose up from within. Some may have driven themselves to the very edge, to the brink of their existence while others overstepped the mark completely. Our deep core strength and alignment supports the theme for May’s lunar cycle, which commenced with the New Moon on May 6th in earthy Taurus. This new seed holds great potential for personal growth and sustainability when backed by a creative or practical skill set and self generated resources. The emphasis now is on how to thrive rather than just survive. With Venus also traversing Taurus it’s a homecoming for her, generating love, attraction, beauty, money, pleasures and comforts that all contribute to our sense of value and physical wellbeing. Mercury retrograde also backtracking through Taurus conjunct the moon examines our thoughts and feelings of self worth from the past up until the present. Do we have enough and are we enough are the questions we may face at this time. We may contemplate our most valuable life contributions thus far and deliberate whether we maintain the ranks of the takers, or sustain the lineage of givers.


In regards to the spring retrograde line up of 5 planets, Saturn the taskmaster continues to present obstacles in the wake of our success allowing for more time to review our goals, and rework our boundaries in relation to our beliefs. Mars representing the sacred masculine also retrograde in Sagittarius lacks physical motivation. He shifts the focus from his quest for truth out in the world to the truth buried in the depth of his warrior being after May 28th when he reenters Scorpio. Meanwhile Pluto the transformer retrograde in Capricorn reveals aspects of our shadow self still engrained in our core structures while reeling in more karmic reemergence for release and transmutation. Although you may be feeling sluggish, stuck or less active than normal there is a chance that physical backtracking to the recent past occurs at high velocity until end of June. Jupiter still in Virgo stations direct on May 10th and so our health, work, holistic living, environmental conservation, artistic projects, purification and healing are all arenas that hold great potential for growth and will have long term expansive effects especially if chosen as a primary focus from now until September. Mercury retrograde involves a review and reevaluation of our inner resources, our acquisitions, money expenditure, who and what we love and value, and ideas of how to generate more for our selves. He’ll station direct on May 22nd allowing our thinking to slowly process and address all these findings.


On May 21st the Full Moon culminates at 1’ 14” of fiery Sagittarius conjunct Mars opposing the Sun and Venus, which brings our highest goals under the spotlight. They require alignment with our beliefs that stem from solid truths and that support our values and our life mission. With both Mars and Saturn backtracking in Sagittarius we would do well to review the direction of our target goal. As the archer draws back the bow the arrow is pulled taut towards the chest and the heart. In this meditative process there is a suspension in time supported by the space between the original intention and the target ahead. Perhaps during this ongoing retrograde period our progress may appear arrested or suspended, yet this grants us an extension phase to refocus before letting that arrow pilot fast into the future. Again we must remember true progression is more about direction, and less about speed. It may be that our most authentic goal has been subdued by other distractions, or still feels like a distant dream even after months of hard work. So reset your intention now and pace yourself back into action.


This is an important lunar cycle for introspection for focusing on your core capacity for manifestation, and for aligning your natural talents with your life’s most purposeful goals. It’s an invitation to harness your full potential- utilize all your skills even talents still lying latent, and to build on what you already have in order to propagate a more abundant and expansive future. Reflect on your material worth versus your self worth, your acquisitions versus your true desires, your productivity versus your creativity, your self gratification versus true passion and differentiate between the superficial, the wasteful and the deep and meaningful and understand these simple life truths. Our thinking is best utilized now towards deepening our pleasure zone. Sensual pleasures and earthly comfort may provide us with material happiness and security yet when escapism or self gratification leads to addiction, overconsumption, or living beyond our means it keeps us tethered to the mundane and our greatest dreams far out of reach.

With Venus moving through Taurus the divine feminine is learning to support and provide for herself in the physical world by generating her own resources. Where the Goddess is already established she will flourish, and where she is awakening her seed will grow and procreate. Her nurturance and proliferation are supported by our love and devotion. On May 24th a potent exact opposition between the sacred lovers above fosters conflict between an idea and an aspiration here on earth. If you desire a fulfilling measure of success consider that it doesn’t matter how great an idea is when it lacks passion and purpose for implementation. So this is an opportunity again to grow beyond the polarity to find a resolve that unites both masculine and feminine principles. Venus also moves into the air sign of Gemini the twins on May 24th engaging in social interactions and debates to experience variety as the spice of life. Projections of her own self worth onto others may become very apparent in the waning phase of the lunar cycle.


When we take the time this month to assess our personal resources it is essential to move out of the fear of scarcity and recall the joy of abundance. This reassessment may reveal both sides of the coin – where resources are lacking and where you’ve developed a bounty for yourself. Focus on the cup half full rather than the cup half empty and offer gratitude by just taking a moment each day to feel thankful for the special people in your life, and all the things you have that bring joy, comfort, pleasure, and security. Thank Mother Earth for all that she generously provides to support and nourish our physical bodies. She truly needs our devotion now more than ever.

In the background of this lunar cycle is a grand trine that persists in the earth signs forming a trinity between the planets Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. This creates a subtle underlying energetic flow that generates greater abundance through the process of discrimination, purification, elimination and transformation – all relative to our past and future personal growth. Of great significance too is the last of the 3 exact squares of Jupiter and Saturn culminating on May 26th which T squares Neptune. It may be helpful to backtrack now to Aug 3rd 2015 and more recently March 23rd to recall any crisis that arose around these dates. This may have concerned something that grew big and fast based on an ideal that then decimated itself through having no realistic footing. The situation may have left you feeling high and dry. In some personal arena or in a societal context something held potential to grow rapidly and disproportionately within the main frame with the capacity to jeopardize the whole structure…I will take a malignant tumor as a symbolic example here; as a cancer present in the inner workings of ourselves or within our society that suddenly becomes palpable, or is made visible through an investigative process. This is a wake up call to act responsibly and fix a dire critical situation with practical realistic solutions rather then leaving it up to fate, someone else, or perhaps even believe it will dissolve in time of its own accord. Exponential growth is unrealistic, unsustainable and detrimental when it defies then endangers the natural boundary holder. At this last square the energetic invitation is to accept the truth of the reality, know the limits, respond, and work out ways to best manage the situation respectfully. A holistic approach is most preferable at this time.


Finally you may have unwittingly arrived at the fork in the road – understand this juncture is part of a karmic circuit about to repeat itself. Fully acknowledge the sway towards the light or the dark and understand now the great strength, power and stamina it takes to center in your truth and withstand the pressure of division. Shift the focus away from the polarity and separation to concentrate on the stream of convergence and unity. Survey your surroundings -the fertile green Earth- and sense your vital position on this planet. Remain steadfast and unified no matter how many polarities continue to present them selves. Experience the continuum effect until you ‘see’ the third passage.

by Betsy Peerless


Does it feel as if you are watching a circus when it comes to the US Presidential elections? Considering the astrology we are in now, it is really not a surprise. If you think you are feeling it with five planets in retrograde, imagine how a campaign manager probably feels right now. It has become painfully clear just how bad the bias is in the mainstream media. Can you trust them to give a neutral unbiased account of things? It is my opinion you cannot. As the host of Rocking Politics I am interviewing key people in the field and as I do I am seeing the wide gap of truth growing at alarming rates. How can people make a fair decision when they are bombarded with manipulative information and some flat out lies. It is a cess pool of information and the mainstream media is doing an awful job of standing in their integrity as journalists and media outlets. It’s all about the bottom line and keeping their owners happy and appeased. This standard is not how the American people want their country managed and they are speaking up to have their voices heard. A long over due reaction and welcomed. The astrology supports this revolution of the people and we are seeing this evident everywhere. Even if the media refuses to cover it.


Recently, thousands of people marched from Philadelphia to Washington DC  to voice their unhappiness with big money in politics and voting issues. Their first day in Washington 400 people were arrested during PEACEFUL PROTESTS. The story received less than 17 seconds of airtime in the mainstream media. By Wednesday 600 people had been incarcerated. Again mainstream media reported less than 20 secs worth of coverage. So I decided to interview Peter James Callahan, the Communications Director for Democracy Spring on my show to help spread the word. The YouTube archive can be found here. You can also find out more with the hashtag #democracyspring or go directly to their website. It is important to stay up to date on the collective action of the masses. It reflects the astrology at work on a macro basis. Clearly we are all feeling a need to speak up, act out and change what needs to be changed.


On Monday May 9th we had a 7.5 hour Mercury transit across the sun. This rare transit happens only 13-14 times a century! There will be one other transit of Mercury in 2019 and then the next one will not take place until 2039. The transit is symbolic and personal. Looking back on what you were experiencing on May 9th may offer some deeper insight into what this may represent for you. Reflection is a valuable tool for evolving human consciousness. The 2016 transit of Mercury across the Sun was visible throughout North America, Mexico, Central America, South America, and parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

sdo transit test for 9may2016

Throughout this time since our last Intuitive Matrix report an icon transcended the earthly plane into Heaven. The popular singer Prince passed away leaving behind a plethora of purple and symbolic love seeded into the consciousness of the masses worldwide. This Megaritual event offered an emotional abundance of energy released into the ethers. Even if you did not like the artist or know who he was, you were still a part of it because what happens to one, happens to all.


When Prince died the world went PURPLE. His personal symbol has been invoked around the globe. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the Egyptian Ankh. There was of course the similar male/female symbol similarity – yet its not either of those. In the world of symbols close doesn’t cut it. It also has a hint of Voodoo writing.

When Prince changed his name to a symbol, nobody knew how to write or say his new name, but everyone took notice of the change.

The symbol was originally created for Prince in 1991 as a logo to be featured on his upcoming album and in his concert sets. It wasn’t until two years later that it became his temporary name after signing a lucrative deal with Warner Brothers record label.

“When he signed the contract he didn’t feel like he was Prince Rogers Nelson anymore,” says Sotera Tschetter, art director for Prince from 1990 to 1993, who helped create the design along with Mitch Monson and Liz Luce. “And so he adopted the symbol as his name – to say, ‘Hey I’m not that person, that sellout, I’m unique’ – in 1993.”

“At the time [the symbol was created], he was dating [ex-wife] Mayte [Garcia] and he was very much into mythology,” says Tschetter. “That really drove his intent to create this icon.”

“Our job as designers was to execute Prince’s vision. The unification of the male and female symbol to equal love,” says Tschetter.

“If you look at what it embraces, in the end it’s a symbol that says a lot about him,” she continues. “You look at the male and female and combine into two – it’s unification. And together they are earth. It’s called the love symbol because everything he did, he did with passion and love.” (People Magazine Issue May 2016)

The purple rain continues to fall….. you can read more about my thoughts on the Prince Megaritual in my recently published article on The Yin Factor.


As we continue to track the earth messages in the headlines we compare them to the astrology and take notice of any patterns.

A large crack formed in a hillside near the Altoona shopping center in the Logan Town, Pennsylvania, a couple of weeks ago. The crack is steadily growing since and has caused 52 local business in the area to shut temporarily on May 5, 2016.

Initially, the crack was about 0.3 m (1 foot) wide, but is now spreading across the width of about 3 m (10 feet) and is, locally, 4.6 m (15 feet) deep. The local power supply to the shopping center was cut on May 4 and restored to most of the customers on the following day, according to the spokesman Scott Surgeoner.

According to Dr. Jennifer Sliko, a lecturer in earth sciences at Penn State Harrisburg, the crack was caused by the so-called “mass wasting” geological phenomenon, the particular form, such as this one being known as a “slump”. I am sure many of us can relate to the ‘slump’ felt during a 5 planet retrograde. As Betsy suggests above in her report, this is a time to be aware, discerning and proactive.

Also happening during this time, earthquake swarms are being registered under Mt. Saint Helens. Scientists have reported the volcano is recharging its magma stores. Rivers are boiling near Yellowstone National Park and waves of dead sea creatures are washing up in troves on the Chilean coast line. You can read more about these Earth Messages in my recent article HERE as well. You can also join us on Facebook/EarthMessages to find updated events/articles and share your own.


Nature responds in her own way! Meet the beech marten that ate through the wires at CERN shutting down operations temporarily. It was rumored CERN was going to attempt a full power up to open up another dimension, one of the supposed real reasons for the technology. May 5th had been the rumored date, oddly enough before that, this creature stopped it from happening. Was it nature protesting? a biotech drone robot from the future? one can only imagine the true synchronistic meaning behind this. As the world fills with revolution nature seems to be adding her two cents.

1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand

Meanwhile 5000 schools gathered together. Bringing together 1 million ‪‎children‬ meditating for world ‪‎peace‬ at the Phra Shammakaya Temple of ‪‎Thailand‬. Uniting the collective consciousness in a massive gesture. This event has taken place within the astrology we have reported above, and amidst the changes being tracked worldwide both manmade and Earth oriented.  You can read my thoughts on this event as reported on The Yin Factor HERE

Author Barbara Hand Clow spoke at Vancouver’s Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo on April 16, 2016 in a keynote address on “A Time-Free Transparent World”. Barbara told the assembled Expo attendees, “We are right in the middle of astronomical and cultural cycles that are profoundly altering the Earth, and most of us don’t know where we are going…. These cycles have been fomenting mind-boggling and confusing global changes with the dysfunctional structures of the patriarchy crashing and burning all over the world. In the midst of this time-sensitive revolution.

I will close this article with a few words from her lecture.

So, with these rich ideas in mind, what do the cycles mean to us? The Age of Aquarius has been flowing in for more than a hundred years with the discovery of quantum physics and IT, and actually what troubles us now is the ending of the remnants of previous ages. The more we understand how the changes of the ages work, the more we will easily let go of old patterns. The Age of Pisces has been a dualistic two-thousand-year period that developed organized religion. Before the Age of Pisces, during the Age of Aries around 2400 BC to 160 BC, humans adopted organized warfare for power and control. Both of these ages adored war and were male dominant. Unfortunately the war aspects of the Age of Aries were adopted by organized religions two thousand years ago, and during the Age of Pisces, people have been mind-controlled to kill other people in the name of God. Now that the Aquarian ideals are flowing in, many people are imagining the end of homo agressus, and next we will become homo pacem, “man of peace”, which I proposed in 2007 in The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. In other words, the newest level of our origins is coming forth.


by Hillary Raimo

Gods of Nature Collection by Hillary Raimo



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