Solar Fire Cleansing Moon: March 9th New Moon/Solar Eclipse

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 8th 8.55pm EST, March 9th 1.55am GMT & 1.58 am UTC for greatest eclipse by Betsy Peerless 


March 8th – 9th the totally eclipsed Sun will rise in the Indian Ocean and set north of Hawaii. Eclipses confront us with our shadow selves to reveal and illuminate what’s been hidden. Energetically then eclipses become catalysts for our advancement, for positive change and transformation over the upcoming months. As the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun, daylight turns to twilight and parts of the world plunge into primordial darkness. Yet its effect is felt widespread by attuned psyches all over the planet, and as the moon continues her passage our unconscious overflows into conscious thought flooding us with revelations about our fears, our dreams, our premonitions, and our delusions, triggering a powerful rebirth effect.

This is the third eclipse in a series falling along the Virgo-Pisces axis that first began with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces back in March 2015 followed by a Solar eclipse in Virgo on September 13th 2015. There are another three eclipses on this same axis ahead, sweeping us all the way along to 2017. With such a powerful Neptunian theme playing out on this Solar Eclipse the following 3-6 months predisposes the Earth and her people to powerful surges, flooding, infection, infiltration of borders, higher consciousness, compassion for victims of crisis and salvation from sufferance.

Detail of an old map in the Gallery of Maps at the Vatican Museums

March’s new moon features 4 planets ~ Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, plus the South Node and the centaur Chiron (the wounded healer) all positioned together in the sign of Pisces. Venus will join them on March 12th adding her desire and values towards our integration with the oneness of all creation. Pisces symbolized by two fish joined together personifies the ‘Christ consciousness’ – the shifting out of the ego mind with the full support of the heart towards transcendence, nirvana, and enlightenment. Jesus was an ascended master. He responded to all mankind’s suffering with unconditional love, compassion and grace. His teachings guide us to move beyond our primal instincts to surpass our ego mind and develop conscious awareness for a more enlightened way of being. The original sign for Jesus was the ‘Vesica Piscis’ originating partly from the Mother Goddess symbol known as the ‘Ichthus’ in ancient Greece, formed by two intertwining circles, which meet in the middle creating the central fish shape – a universal symbol of creation. Jesus as the center of the vesica or the ‘mandorla’ carries the idea of the oneness principle entering into the manifest world of duality and form, through the union of the masculine and feminine energies. The Christ symbol also represents the third eye or the pineal gland. This brow chakra houses the potential for developing our sixth sense- all those extra-sensory perceptions, and so the new seed for this lunar and eclipse cycle creates great potential for envisioning and transforming our reality through the merger of the masculine and feminine principles therein dissolving duality.


This Eclipse and the New Moon are conjunct Chiron, opposing Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo and square Saturn in Sagittarius. Under the influence of these astrological aspects the vast depths of this seeding ground reawakens mankind’s original wound – our separation from God the creator, or as the ancients believed from the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses…man made mortal and cast out to this physical realm where he must endure hardship, as well as redeem himself through the practice of unconditional love.

Both pain and suffering can be triggered by excess, or by scarcity and so implementing moderation becomes key to navigating any overwhelming factors this period may incite. Backing up this theme is the procession of these same planets forming an exact conjunction to the South node, starting with the Moon on 9th, Sun on 11th, followed by Mercury on 17th, Chiron on 24th and Venus on 29th. This gives us a full month to contemplate our personal fall from grace…how far have we deviated from our original soul self, or why and how have we become so separate or alienated in this lifetime? From where comes the source of our suffering and how can we heal our wounds? During this lunar cycle our dreaming holds the potential for much insight, while fantasies may delude us from the truth of our reality. It is up to every individual to discern for themselves these matters and make amends accordingly. With so much emphasis on the South Node it signifies again more release and karmic purging for the months ahead in line with the Uranus-Pluto square, still ever present. Pisces ruler of the 12th house signifies natural endings, while the fast approaching Spring Equinox heralds the astrological New Year with the Sun moving into the first degree of Aries. So it is during this lunar cycle then that all that needs to be vanquished for a new cycle of life to commence must be dissolved now in Pisces.

water droplet

As matter materializes or disintegrates on the Virgo-Pisces axis, so can our form morph into different shapes or dissolve completely in the fluid environment of Neptune’s great watery realm. Feelings can act like tsunamis, fantasies have us swept away, and we struggle against drowning in our worries and worst nightmares. Take proactive measures to stay centered during this lunar cycle – physically ground through the feet. To accomplish this commit to an exercise regime, eat a whole food diet, walk in nature, exert self control, discipline yourself, continue to work hard and especially on projects that are close to your heart- that have an artistic, expressive or altruistic theme. Doing what we love and being who we truly are is incredibly important right now. Stay in your integrity. It may feel easy to get swayed or stray out of alignment but keep checking in and asking yourself- is this me – is this who I really am -am I living the life I choose, am I of good service to others and what yields my greatest joy? Non of us are perfect yet thankfully we can choose to be involved with things or people that make us feel good and positive about ourselves. During this time continue being ever mindful of personal boundaries and respect their vital role in supporting emotional and physical wellbeing. Just as our immune system functions to protect us against intruders, vigilance and discrimination is necessary for all energetic transferals- from the realm of the collective consciousness, or from another individual. We must strive to create healthy boundaries in our dealings with others especially now as we head towards the Libra Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse, when the shadow aspects of our partnerships fall under the spotlight.

The Moon

Meanwhile Mars the sacred masculine entered Sagittarius on March 6th followed by Venus the divine feminine entering Pisces March 12th. The combination of this duo may have us lost in a clash of romantic fantasies, ideals or values that aren’t realistic or practically based. There’s a capacity here too for not heeding the truth, not seeing the real picture, and even a tendency for escapism in love. No doubt this lunar cycle will trigger some high reverie moments of unification counteracted by some deep lows in recognition of our separation that only suffice to fuel our addictions, the doubt, confusion and anxiety; perhaps still not feeling perfect enough, not able to see the delusion within the fantasy, or still yearning for long awaited dreams to manifest. There maybe higher reasons why these dreams have not yet manifested, or perhaps they’re too unrealistic, or lacking a solid work ethic to bring them into fruition. While we’re empowered by the Virgo-Pisces axis it’s important to remember that we are conscious spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth and that our spiritual awakening leads to greater self –actualization. To align with Christ consciousness it is necessary to let go of the need for control, and release the undermining doubts and fears to totally surrender the ego and center in the heart. More often than not our suffering becomes our spiritual teacher, and sometimes we must lose ourselves, or our direction in order to discover who we really are and our most authentic life path ahead. Activate your souls inner compass and let it steer you forward from within as you heal your wounds and forgive and accept yourself in your current condition. Move ahead with reverence for your soul and spirits vessel…

“Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are” ~ 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

“And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, ‘Physician, heal thyself’: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country.” Luke 4:23 (King James Bible)




The eclipse will begin at 23:19 UTC on March 8, 2016, and its maximum point will take place at 01:59 UTC on March 9, 2016. Totality will last for 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

Thoughts on the Solar Eclipse/New Moon by Hillary Raimo 

It is a crossover point. Like that moment between before and after. A leap across the chasm of consciousness, despite time and space. What have you learned so far on this grand journey of yours through humanhood? Where do you stand right now?

It is time to channel your clarity and focus. It is time to own your own and let others be in theirs. Our destiny is limited here, defined by duality and purpose. As long as you illuminate a body, you are playing within the rules of the physical matrix. How well you have learned  the rules depends on how well you have studied them. Our intellect is evolving. We are not dumbing down as told by various sources. We are in fact breaking free and remembering who we really are and in this ah ha moment we claim our full potential as human expanded consciousness illuminating a physical body. In that awareness, we define our own reality.

Our manifestations matter now more then ever. What we create reflects clearly who we are now and how we got here. Be that drama … or great buildings. What is your legacy? What are you leaving behind for those coming in behind you? We must think not in linear fashion but in dynamic circular waves of emanating force willed through clarity of consciousness. Cleaned of all distraction, dramatic delusions and holding steady to the blank slate innocence needed to see through present time, backward or forwards, all of which anchors us. It is very much like the artists creative process. That space that is needed to think. Thinking in conscious ways and being compassionate for self and others opens the channels of forgiveness. Here we let go of our grievances and pains, any moments we have let guide our actions, beliefs and energy in negative ways. From here we move forward.

Astrological alignments like this offer us a chance to drink from the Holy well. Will we approach the moment absentmindedly? with indifference or distrust? or will we approach this moment with respect, ask permission, and be true and naked to who we are?

The judgement is over. Your heart has been seen. You have either made peace with your wounds or you have not. Life continues accordingly. You are accountable for everything because your human ability to connect directly to source is absolute. Absolute power frees one from the delusion of the false matrix we have all been enslaved in through the powers that be now in the physical 3D matrix. You can only see it for what it is as you become aware of what that means. Revealing in accordance with your level of trust.

Synchronicity has taught us something valuable. It has strengthened the telepathic gene. Isolating it so that it may be studied indefinitely. The internet has cast its web around the planet enslaving minds digitally imprinting and cataloging humanity into understandable values. Consuming data furiously while the rage between the divine male and female carries on.

Moments like this ask us to dim the fire in the center of its fullest bloom, receiving the lunar energies wide open womb. Eclipsed by nothing while containing everything.
We are not the same species our ancestors were, yet we hold a continued secret. An unlocking backup sequence that illuminates on special times of the year. The Druids and Pagans, and even those who came before.. held a reverence for nature and her cycles, just like they respected woman and hers. Life is precious. It can be wasted on fruitless feats of ambition or it can be aligned with and assist in humanities soar.

Humanity has been hoodwinked into believing they are nothing more then a waste of space, to work a 9’5 job and pay bills until they die. There has been so many rules put onto the minds of thinkers that they have forgotten how to think! let alone know what to feel.

The hoodwink is over. Humanity is free now to be be what it is.
Conjure your most beautiful memories of love now and meditate on them in nature. She will respond. She always responds to love. This is her law.

Will you choose love?

Gods of Nature Collection by Hillary Raimo

March 9th 1pm all time zones
Love Breathe for Earth Global meditation
Solar Fire Cleansing Moon

Conjure your memories of love
Meditate on the feeling
Sit in nature
Offer your breath

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