New Moon Fire Monkey Says… Cleanse Your Wounds

February 2016 Lunar cycle:
New moon in Aquarius Feb 8th 9.39 am EST (2.39pm UTC) Full Moon in Virgo Feb 22nd 1.20pm EST, (6.20pm UTC) by Betsy Peerless 


The lunar cycle begins this month on February 8th with the New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The water bearer cleanses, purifies and illuminates in his act of libation and integrates now with the feminine, receptive and emotional energy of the Moon. Uranus (the natural ruler of Aquarius) is currently sextile to the Sun/Moon conjunction and so this new beginning heralds a sudden awakening of consciousness. It’s a time of great personal illumination, innovation and support of the fellowship. Revelations on this new moon may strike with thunderbolt clarity, while the air surrounding us is fervent with ideas of liberating the self. It may become the catalyst for a spontaneous breakaway that will test our boundaries, our beliefs and our goals. Whether it manifests physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally the breakaway is sparked from thinking outside of all the places we felt boxed in, and where core structures became oppressive, destructive or just too outdated and conventional. At this time the mind is conscious of the duality of love and fear and its clever methods of detachment from the heart. Yet no amount of detachment or denial can hide or mask the truth. Sometimes we must revisit the past in order to move forward- confront and reexamine the places and people who have nurtured or destroyed us. Still under the influence of the Uranus/ Pluto tight square our perception undergoes radical change and transformation, because once the innards are exposed there is no place for corruption, deviance or any kind of darkness to hide.


There was much anger and frustration brewing inwardly leading up to this New Moon and at any given moment all the hurt and pain of the past had the potential to erupt and explode on the surface. The Moons tight square with Mars plus our valiant warrior in conjunct with Uranus generates an intense theme for this month- an all or nothing approach to reclaiming our power and moving forward. The source of where we feel stuck, or held in place originates from our primal desires and needs and so it will be challenging to let go, move forward and seize the future while Mars has us tenaciously holding on to our intimate mergers of past and present. He has his sword at the ready to defend and protect against any abusers but of course forgiveness of self is perhaps the hardest challenge of all and it is our current or recent past karmic liaisons that are revealing the biggest injustices. It is important at this time to recognize patterns of abuse and victimhood. No doubt each of us have had experiences leading up to this incarnation where we switched between the roles of victim and abuser attempting to balance the karmic scales.

With the Sun and Moon inconjunct to Jupiter and North Node in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces, (plus this Virgo conjunction trine the stellium in Capricorn) it’s a stark reminder that no matter how much we wish to break free and forge ahead there is still a lot of work and clearing up to do. There is a dire need during this lunar cycle for some cleaning house, for purifying and healing the body and soul. Sweeping things under the carpet won’t cut it – with Jupiter’s expansive influence the pile you’ve created will just grow exponentially more rotten if left by the wayside. It’s akin to a fast growing tumor left undetected, but once discovered suddenly turns life threatening. Take care of matters now not later no matter how inspired you are to split from the past, or wish to think ahead and not do the work it takes to clean up and reorganize. The human soul needs a healthy functioning body for optimum performance, an innovative idea needs to refine the details for it to come to fruition and success is more imminent with good organization and management. Karma too can only be purified if you face your demons and do the work it takes to exorcise them and clean the skeletons out of the closet.


This truly is a great time to air out the closet in relationship, in intimate partnership, and to tackle wounds that have their origin in childhood as well as from past lives. Prior to the beginning of the lunar cycle Venus moved past Pluto’s mantle trailing close behind Mercury. This generated some release and transformation regarding our self –value, money, our source of earthly pleasures and a lot of revaluating who, how and what we love. Alongside Mercury she is articulate about anything that needs reformation in order to feel more secure and stable. If you are currently in a relationship for financial gain, status, or simply to suffice your primal needs then the ego may be subjugated to some karmic justice. It would be nice to have your cake and eat it, but Pluto will make sure that if you are over attached through fear, lust or greed then this maybe a time to watch out for the rug pull.

On February 22nd the Full moon culminates in Virgo opposing the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces making a T Square with Mars in Scorpio. After the revelations that came through on the New Moon that inspired the breakaway moment the energy of Virgo again reinstates the need to diligently do the work it takes to fix and heal what has been broken, plus eliminate anything that has jeopardized our health and well being, and tackle the habits and addictions that only sufficed to take us further away from the bliss and perfection we seek. This is a time when the angel that lives inside of us may sense its wings broken, may feel soiled and less than pure. At times it feels lost and unsure of its true identity, thinking itself to be a butterfly with wings so damaged it will never fly again. The angel inside is afraid that all that dirt has tarnished its purity and extinguished its beauty and light. And it is afraid of death and transformation. But the angel inside must stand up, wipe its self down and mend its wings. It must recognize beauty in its flaws and remember its connection to divine source, so that even when our ego takes a huge fall from grace there is always an inextinguishable torch offered to lead us back on to the light path.

Broken Wings

This opposition on the Virgo/ Pisces axis symbolizes the polarity between the physical world and the spiritual dimension. In the center of this axis we position ourselves between heaven and earth to bridge the gap. Our mortal soul confined to its singular vessel senses the great divide from Spirit and the unification with all. This is a time that our human body needs meticulous attention as does our work, and how we are to be of greater service to others. It is important too, to make space for the unknown; to not be so caught up in the details that we reject the natural flow of life and miss Spirits calling. If over diligence becomes obsessive then our failure to achieve that ideal only leads us down the delinquent road of disillusionment and depression.

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By the time the Full Moon culminates Venus traveling alongside Mercury has moved into the sign of Aquarius and now our divine feminine is engaged in progressive thinking and using her visionary perception rather than concerned with intimacy, healing and reforming core structures. The divine feminine may come across detached and aloof to the sacred masculine -Mars positioned at 25′ of Scorpio but he senses there is a higher purpose to her stance. It’s as if now that the relationship closet has been aired she is giving him the space to work out it all out and straighten out the past while she pours her energy into the future. Mars in Scorpio is going deep into the darkness of his psyche. The sacred masculine has journeyed into the Underworld to emancipate him self from the ball and chains that enslave him. He is determined to conquer and gain control but first he must face his inner demons. When he learns to yield to life and is courageous enough to invite vulnerability then he is back on the road towards self-mastery.

Throughout this lunar cycle a complete breakaway may feel very pressing but if there is any unfinished business that needs further consideration; more hard work before you can really say- ok I’ve done all I can now- then this will become the quest. If however you have done everything in your power to heal the situation and its still not working out then you can be sure its time to set yourself free.

Throat Chakra
Beaded Throat Chakra by Betsy Peerless

With Mars weaving in and out of the sign of Scorpio until August there is a base line theme of repressed anger, passion and desire for the first half of the year. To avoid hurtful and hateful outbursts of rage the shadow aspect must find safe and healthy expression rather than rampantly wielding a sword in revenge for any past injustices. It is vital to remove any blockages in the 5th chakra (throat chakra) so there is no obstacle to voice clearly and confidently all that has been suppressed. Once you are able to speak your own truth, then you are able to create your own reality through the power of your words. The future is forged from your thoughts and from actively participating in this world and communicating with others. Words can create or destroy. Words like a sword have the power to slay and ‘kill’. Sometimes after great deliberation it becomes necessary to ‘kill’ the perpetrator. Choose your words wisely. Choose them with the greatest respect for yourself and others…


Speak your mind
Speak your truth
Speak from the heart

Work on yourself
Work at releasing the past
Work for the good of others

Cleanse your body
Cleanse your soul
Cleanse your wounds

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