Capricorn Kisses Venus, Saturn Reacts: Astrology for January 2016

Entry into 2016 and January Lunar Cycle
New Moon in Capricorn– Jan 9th, 20.30 EST/ Jan 10th , 01.30 UTC Full moon in Leo – Jan 23rd 20.46 EST/Jan 24th 01.46 UTC

New Year is a time for envisioning the future- it opens us to the possibility of unleashing our greatest potential yet. It upholds the annual tradition of making amends with our selves by instigating resolutions construed for our greater success and happiness. With Jupiter in Virgo conjunct the North Node at the beginning of January and exact on the Full Moon on 23rd it affirms this years energetic potential for great purification and healing. Discerning how to best manage the health and wellbeing of our selves, and the planet taps into the energetic above for the exponential expansion of all holistic implementations. This first lunar cycle of 2016 is also in good alignment with the Jupiter/North Node theme, not only important because it is the first of 2016 but because it supports self –preservation through liberation. It will aid in reevaluating personal boundaries from a practical standpoint based on inner truths that help reconfigure our partnerships and romantic relationships. Commitments whether they are love relationships or work obligations will be infused with the need for more self- fulfillment. It is a powerful cycle for integrating a new discipline into your daily schedule that with practice will bring you closer to your dreams, and for those artistically inclined now is the time to solidify a creative project, or experiment and find an alternative creative outlet.

Sculpture by Spencer Byles

It feels perfect too that we commence 2016 with a Capricorn New Moon on Jan 9th, amidst the Uranus/Pluto square (exact by just over 1 degree), bringing our attention to the old structuring devised for our security and success; all those solid foundations and formulas that help us to survive and thrive in this physical world. The New Moon calls for a practical, and simplified approach for transforming life’s core structures. With the luminary conjunction joined to both Mercury in his retrograde motion and Pluto in Capricorn (square Uranus) there is a great chance here for some serious rethinking – perhaps a dropping out from a commitment, or from a life plan, perhaps a change in career or status, or transforming an old discipline. Either way there is a crisis at this point as to what structures in your life need to be released and transformed to better support your life plan. Any ideas conceived or reconfigurations made around this new moon need careful consideration and will become more concrete if those ideas align with being of greater service to others. With both luminaries, Mercury and Pluto all trine Jupiter in Virgo this expansive support aids the successful implementation of regimens for good health, and for all in all better management of our lives and the solidification of anything that has lacked boundaries or definition.

As the full moon culminates in Leo we embrace the God/Goddess within -our divine creative spark that lights up this world with our colorful personality. It romances the many aspirations to create, to play, to love, to bask in the limelight -all in the most fun and exuberant ways. This is a stark contrast to the Sun’s opposition in Aquarius as well as that former Capricorn new moon. Both signs are concerned with our role in public where the essence of individual purpose dilutes within the group and diminishes beneath overbearing life responsibilities. This Full Moon asks of us to honor our individuality and creativity, and respond to our responsibilities and duties by giving back to ourselves for our self- preservation – through joyful, playful activities…to remember the fun and romance of being a teenager in love with life, in love with another and in love with the uniqueness of being you. It is another call to free the self from bondage, unshackle the chains from anything that doesn’t support your most authentic self. Leo is sovereign – he represents power of the individual. The proud regal lion is King of his domain and he is loyal and generous in love and in life.

In heraldry from the 15th century, the Unicorn is depicted with the lion’s tail (Leo) and the goat’s cloven hooves (Capricorn). This symbolizes the ability to break free from bondage.

And on the subject of love, our sacred lovers above – Venus and Mars wont be dancing together in close union during 2016, after their 3 spectacular conjunctions in 2015. In fact there will be no sacred union above again until Oct. 5th 2017. It is important to recognize that these two archetypes representing the sacred masculine and the divine feminine both reside within us regardless of gender– they symbolize the yin and yang principles within our psyche.

Venus our Goddess of love is traversing now through the fiery sign of Sagittarius and will enter earthy Capricorn on Jan. 24th. Of great significance Venus is exact conjunct Saturn on the New Moon Jan 9th instigating a new Venus/Saturn cycle that has the divine feminine seeking her inner truth out in the world. Saturn offers her a heavy duty reality check regarding her self worth, her love, values, pleasure, luxuries, beauty, and in the sign of Sagittarius it’s an invitation to explore natural and universal law as opposed to man made laws. If the outer truth does not match the inner then the divine feminine may have to realign her self in fundamental ways and reconsider her personal boundaries. Her energy rose up throughout 2015 in alignment with Venus’s conjunctions with Jupiter and Mars to rebirth herself through the power of The Sisterhood – by resurrecting the Goddess and the power of love to shake up this world. Her beliefs will be tested this month. She must apply her energy and resources to that which speaks her same truth, her true value, her true love as she experiences it. It also means that there is no place for lies in love. No place for anything false, or that restricts her freedom other than the hard work on her spiritual quest to keep learning and growing wise, and finding great meaning in the journey we call life. Then after the Full Moon and on into the waning lunar cycle she will adopt a more pragmatic, practical and business like approach when it comes to the value of her inner resources and her work, and of course the reciprocation of love in her relationships.

slaying the dragon/demon?

Meanwhile Mars our valiant sacred masculine is currently traversing the sign of Scorpio and in his retrograde motion he will move in and out of the Underworld until August. For the first half of this year the sacred masculine will feel driven to experience life’s extremities, all the while testing his personal power. The warrior’s energy in Scorpio gives him the physical strength and stamina to endure. He has the chance to transform and master his most intimate relationship –that being with himself. With a partner he may hold on tight or he may let go completely, subject to his underlying desire for power and to control others and situations. Sharing for him will take a deeper turn allowing him to become more aware where he is still co dependent on another emotionally and through his sharing of resources. No doubt he will have strong desires for intense sexual encounters, but to avoid all the drama this energy can be channeled towards overcoming his inner demons, forging ahead and sticking passionately to his goals. In spite of his inner strength he may be in trouble when it comes to walking his talk at the beginning of the lunar cycle with Mars square Mercury. Although Hermes is the only God in the Greek Pantheon other than Hades able to enter and leave the underworld so this could indicate a crisis brewing from some deep inner turmoil. On Jan 18th Mars trines Neptune (square Saturn) and so this motivates us to put our dreams into action but with due caution towards any delusions.

Meanwhile Mercury the planet of communication stationed retrograde on Jan 5th and is backtracking in the sign of Capricorn to station direct again on Jan 25th. Apart from anticipating technological and mechanical glitches, breakages and accidents, his retrograde motion could blend nicely with the current lunar cycle theme by allowing us to take our time, think deeper about our various commitments and make rational and practical decisions. On Jan 21st Mercury will be in an exact square with Uranus and then in an exact conjunction with Pluto on Jan 22nd. There is a chance here that if an idea or thought is madly unconventional and innovative it could possibly be the ticket for our future success, and yet anything initiated, decided or motivated in haste may not transpire so positively as first conceived. During this lunar cycle Mercury will pass in between the Earth and the Sun on January 14th, to transition over to the morning sky. He becomes visible in the eastern sky before sunrise, starting around January 20th, joining up with the other four morning planets – Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn – to feature the first appearance of all five visible planets in the same sky since the year 2005.

In summary then 2016 is a calling to activate the wisdom seeker, the healer, the artist, the dreamer and the alchemist. This is your year to be of greatest service with your work, to manage your body holistically, expand your artistry and make personal dreams come true. Last years karmic stories and dramatic reenactments provide the backdrop to this years ongoing truth seeking. Meanwhile huge dangerous dragons have been unleashed now roaming free in the world – phenomenal Godzilla’s that are rampaging our psyches. I need not mention names only to give them more power, which is always the ultimate goal. Back in 1887 Lord Acton wrote to Bishop Creighton “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Let’s face it when it comes to the human desire for power not a lot has changed throughout mankind’s recorded history, yet this year and on into 2018 the Uranus/Pluto square summons a response to this crisis of structure to direct and implement this movement for individual and societal reformation that was seeded collectively back in the mid 60’s.


Whatever may come to pass it is vital that once you know your heart truth that you unequivocally abide by it. There are as many versions of the truth as there are people on this planet but through our human experience, human consciousness and natural law there are always parallels, connections, and common ground. We are a living breathing paradox –all at once a separate entity and collectively and divinely all One. With the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square and the Saturn/Neptune square providing the energetic background over the course of this year, plus Jupiter in Virgo until September all our core structures are being remodeled towards our greater service to others and for the manifesting of our dreams. Leo’s prowess on this Full Moon energizes the waning lunar cycle with the power to reinstate our sovereign birthright and to let that creative spark burst aflame. Self- preservation then is a standpoint taken not out of fear but firmly based in your truth – in the integrity of knowing exactly who you are, and making life choices that support the gifts you came here to share with the world.

Preserve the human heart with love and grace
Preserve the human spirit with truth and faith
Preserve the human body as the souls vessel and a holy place
Preserve relationship with honesty and breathing space
Preserve the human race with compassion and equality in every individual case
Preserve the Earth and come together regardless of creed or race



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