New Moon Magic, Submerged Holiness, Eyes of Love



2016 asks us to discard the same old love that has left us high and dry in the past. The first New Moon of the year submerges us deeply into the dark and it will either be cold, stark and devoid of feeling; or it will be a star filled sky holding awe and wonder. These two perspectives change the surrounding reality exponentially. You either see it through eyes of love or you see it through the lens of something else, not love. Love is not just an emotion, a rush of chemicals going to the brain when you are in it. It holds the key that allows access to a higher level of consciousness. The trick is it must be cared for, well tended and nurtured. It has zero tolerance for anything else. Anything else does not open to these higher realms. It is an energetic signature that calls us bringing us to this state, however we are responsible for being good keepers of the flame. Should we neglect it, pour to much water on it drowning it, or turn our backs to it; it becomes unpredictable and unmanageable or it dies off. Either way it will quickly react with a swift truth that cuts deeply into all delusions, stripping one of their carefully constructed reality and sense of foundation. It will hold you suspended in the air, naked and raw.

Here in this vulnerable space, you can cling to your defenses, however here they are meaningless. The elementals that surround you observing how you will respond to this level of bare clarity, will only smile in response. Knowing eventually you will submit to your own demise. Here in this place of self acceptance you will find a power stronger then any known force. It doesn’t matter what you call it, or how you describe it, all that matters is that you feel it. Feeling overrides thinking. Feeling is the set of keys offering openings into chambers of the most ancient temple. The one that resides within you. You can analyze this structure, break it down into points of relevant reference, however if you do not succumb to it and shed your mind, bare your soul you will miss it. This is the power of the earth based feminine force that resides here. This is why we are here, to find it, feel it, take care of it – in ourselves and respectfully see it in others. We are leaving the age of do harm unto others, revenge and hate. These have been chains on our souls, weighing us down, shredding our wings and keeping us separate from the truth.

The Earth will no longer tolerate being ignored. She will be seen one way or the other. We can find this mirrored in our personal relationships. The intimate space  that exists between women and the other. She carries life, she births it, she nurtures that life until it can take care of itself. Her resources are limited however, and if not carefully guarded and respected, will expire, leaving the other without that inspiring life force, that fire that burns the fluff off of unnecessary dross. She is the life giver and the death bringer. Her wrath is swift, clear and cuts through illusion instantly.  One of her earthquakes can bring empires to the ground reducing it to unrecognizable rubbish. One of her soulquakes will change the axis of everything. Moving climates, temperate zones, killing off what cannot survive, returning it to the land, cycling the spirit into the one supreme being. Humanity is ignorant to pretend she will not adjust to being overused, berated and dismissed as irrelevant. Her plates will shift eventually, clearing the slate. In this state, one must relearn a better way or build the same only destined to repeat itself.

As a whole the feminine energy that resides in Earth, also resides in women. We see a long history of women being used, discarded and disrespected as insignificant to the greater whole. This is an atrocity of high regard. Every human on this planet has been born from one. Without women, and their menstrual cycles, we would not reproduce. Unless technological advances allow for the removal of her from this ancient chain of perfected evolution.

This New Moon asks us to look deeper into our dark, to be honest with what we hold there, and how we express or do not express, the truth that emanates from it. This is not a game of shame, it has no winners or losers. It is not about being right. It is not about who is smarter or who is better. It is about our ability to hold steadfast in the elemental winds that blow from the inner black holes that consume the light within us. We have been bred to fear. We have been bred to not love. We have been bred to behave and comply. Until that wild within us rebels and says enough. It is a reclaiming of power. Personal power. Something far to many have fundamental issues with. We have been bred to compete, stripping others of their worth, light and power to get ahead. To seek revenge when we are wronged or hurt, to kill what threatens our way of life.

This will change because it is an unsustainable way of being. As we evolve, as our brains merge from two sides to a whole, as our spirits engage in sensual telepathy, we will be tempted to retreat back to what we know. Because the sensations are so far beyond what we know we will recoil in fear, because we have been bred too. We are all a product of our planets systems, no matter what degree we say we are not a part of it, we are not separate because we are human and alive. This unbreakable connection ensures our responsibility to each other on all levels. It is the spooky action at a distance. That spin when engaged it reaches everywhere. In observing ourselves and others we change the waves to particles. We have the power to change matter simply by being good observers. This is being God-like. We do not need someone to invent any piece of  technology or a fancy server to do this. We only need to be aware of ourselves and others. We also must learn not to abuse this power and harm others with it. Observation for higher connection purposes verse observations to learn insecurities to do harm and manipulate are two very different things. Integrity and commitment to doing no harm is a must or it will destroy the very thing it seeks to create.

In this state of higher connection and consciousness we experience a state of truth, where no lies can live. Nothing can be hidden, or kept secret. This is the danger of the transitionary stage we are in now. We have been bred to be secret keepers, to hide things, to manipulate what we want and how we get it. We have been bred to be liars and heartbreakers. This level of higher connection I speak of above breaks all those rules and conditioning, instantly. The struggle then becomes a matter of telling the truth when others around you insist on being in the old way of perceiving – filled with deception, harm and pain. If all is known and accessed, lies simply cannot hold the fabric of reality together. They have no power. No ability to take root and grow like the cancer they are. We are collectively at a point where the scales are tipping in favor for being aware of ourselves and others. The more aware we are, the less we can be deceived or manipulated by others who choose to continue the old ways, or have yet to evolve past them.

As we watch the economy change, old outdated and corrupt institutions are exposed, lying is seen for what it is and people begin to come out of the fog. We are learning a new way of being. New learning takes practice. Each time we get it right we move towards deeper connection, higher sensory abilities and expanded levels of consciousness. This is humanities destiny, to become better and better connected. If computers do this for us naturally by design, it is up to us to do it one on one with others without technology, least we take  the chance of becoming co-dependant on a system that again has the potential to become corrupt and dangerous to our authentic human survival.

There is nothing like the touch of our beloved on our skin in the deep throws of passion and love. It ignites us like fire and claims our logical minds. It eliminates delusions, false beliefs and reclaims our authentic power within instantly dissolving resistance, fear and pain IF we have learned to allow ourselves to feel deeply. When we resist, or recoil from this feeling we fall victim to our conditioning and breeding.

Reducing everything down to a historical or academic value is delusional and can eventually pull the rug out from under our feet. History itself teaches us that definite can sometimes be overturned and proven wrong. Requiring us to re-estabish new parameters to reconstruct our lives accordingly.

There are some who have the ability to love beyond the normal levels of accepted love within our current human breeding. These few have incarnated now to assist in humanities transition from dual-minded beings to integrated feelers who can then in turn, breed a new kind of love in themselves and with others. Creating a spider web of feeling that breaks the chains of the delusional system at work now on our planet. It is the consistent and inevitable breakdown of a level of unsustainable consciousness we have been bred to live by the powers that be, to keep us small, powerless and muted. When we free our love, we free our voices, when we free our voices we rise because we simply cannot accept anti-love. We birth a zero tolerance for bullshit. As well as the ability to see through lies and manipulation as soon as it presents itself. It may take practice to handle all of these new abilities and ways of being, we may fall and skin our knees now and then, but persistence will reward with its own kind of deeper connection and understanding.

Seek out the greatest love between you and another. Explore it completely. Nurture it well, protect it. The greatest threat to the establishment in power now, and the ego within, is the kind of love that gives one access to a new level of consciousness. One that loves life, cares for it and does no harm. It is the kind of love that breaks the breeding program and frees the body, mind and soul. There is intimate love and love between everyone. These are not the same. Intimate love has the power to create new life. It is within these two extreme polarities that sparks and fans the inner flame. Do not under estimate the power that lies between a man and a woman. Humanity has been bred to distrust it, sabotage it, hate it, compete within it, and seeks to destroy it at all cost. Because in evolving this extreme power lies the answer to freeing humanity from an imprisonment.

Imagine if all your life you were nurtured and saturated in this level of powerful love? How would that change your world view? Think about it. It’s not to late.

Hillary Raimo
January New Moon 2016
New York





















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