Full Moon in Cancer, 13th and Final

FULL MOON in Cancer: December 25th 11.11am UTC – 6.11 am EST
by Betsy Peerless 


The last and 13th full moon of the year culminates Dec. 25th coinciding with the Christian holy day that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ over 2 millenniums ago. A Christmas full moon is a relatively rare phenomenon -the last time this occurred was in 1977 and such an event won’t happen again until 2034. Also of special significance is the moons opposition to the sun at precisely 11.11am UTC in the capitol cities of London and Dublin and at 1.11 pm in Athens, Istanbul and Helsinki. This sequence of 1’s is a powerful synchronistic frequency instilled with the potency to attune our thoughts to higher consciousness. It’s a reminder to keep on the spiritual path – to stay awake and make every moment count. In this window our thoughts can materialize quickly into physical form and fruition. 11:11 is a calling to those who experience it to raise and elevate awareness and understanding of this ‘reality’ we are temporarily experiencing. Perhaps these countries, cities and communities in these two time zones are energetically being called upon to accept the mantle of helping bring our world into a higher vibration at this crux time in history.

Artwork by Autumn Sky Morrison

This current lunar cycle commenced Dec. 11th with the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius. This new seed readied itself to flourish into our greatest aspirations by gaining fresh inspiration and motivation from Uranus, as well as receiving a heavy duty reality check from Saturn. This new moon may have highlighted the belief structure and the old wounds that have restricted our horizons, or hindered our loftiest goals. These goals must reflect what is true, what is real, what cannot be disproven, because falsities and can no longer carry us forward.

As the Full moon culminates in Cancer our inner child awakens, stirred into being by the emotional connections to our roots, our family, our homes, our ancestors and our origins. It is through these original connections with our family, and with this earth – our mother- that we first experienced our human instinct to give and receive love, support and protection. With the Sun in Capricorn opposing the Moon conflict arises between the inner and outer aspects of our lives – our duties versus our play, and our inner imaginings versus our outer reality. Under this spotlight we are also challenged to honor our traditions in a more authentic heartfelt manner rather than just following through in ways we may always have done in dutiful compliance, but not in true willingness. This is a time to confront anything we have always taken on board because it was what was expected of us, or because a person or an establishment was granted the authority and designated it to be thus so. Saturn in Sagittarius seeks the truth outwardly in the world within the confines of our physical reality –so this full moon challenges the belief system we grew up with, whether we were indoctrinated by our parents, our teachers, a religious establishment, or through educational institutions. Our loyalty to authority and tradition is being tested and yet so is our loyalty to our own heart authenticity…


And so if it comes to pass that certain traditions feel antiquated and don’t match your truth then it is time to seek inspiration from within to conjure something new– create a new tradition, ritual, or offering. Whether you are amongst friends, family or in solitude this holiday season, offer and give with gratitude what feels true to your heart. Gather around the warmth of the hearth and give to the fire, or go out into the woods, to the beach or the mountains and honor the Earth -create your own ritual that will facilitate a new sacred and holy tradition for yourself or for your family. In our modern age holy festivals have been denigrated to holidays of excess, of feasting, overindulging and material expense while the sacred teachings are neglected or left by the wayside.

The urge to break with tradition this holiday season seems somewhat inevitable considering the planetary alignments; with both Pluto and Mercury also in Capricorn lending their energetic support to the Suns opposition with the moon, and then on December 26th Uranus stations direct after his retrograde motion, which commenced end of July. He continues forward now in post shadow phase until April 10/11th 2016, after which the orb between Uranus/Pluto square finally widens setting Uranus free from the clutches of Pluto until January 2017 when the square aspect returns with an orb of 3 degrees. Uranus is the illuminator, the innovator, the pioneer and the freedom seeker so we can expect some major breakthroughs in later half of 2016 in our technology, science, in astronomy and astrology, as well as the continuing reformation of our laws, government, authorities, institutions and establishments. This holiday season could take an unconventional turn setting it apart from its predecessors. This could be the start of a personal new tradition –perhaps breaking ties with the past and the consumer mega ritual that Christmas has become, with further potential for transforming how we celebrate all our future holidays.


As we continue this lunar cycle towards the New Year with yet another old tradition of more reveling and over consumption before the annual ‘great purge’ – consider too how best to nurture your physical body moving forward. Jupiter in Virgo continues to amplify the importance of cleansing and healing – for the health of our bodies and the planet in 2016. Alongside the North Node of the Moon it also calls for us to align our work with our greatest service to others. With Mercury trine Jupiter and both sextile to Venus there is a sense here to provide pleasure even when elimination is in order– to deeply nourish and nurture so as to counteract any depletion. It takes tremendous will power to give up an addiction and if this is your resolution then consider giving back to your body – support yourself with love, compassion and understanding as well as healthful nutrients and exercise as you move through this process, and be mindful of your self talk.

Venus symbolically and energetically representing the divine feminine positioned in Scorpio is currently focused on intimacy and reclaiming her power within mergers and unions especially when sharing her love and resources. She has diligence for self -care and healing and intelligence that directs her to solidify mergers while Mars- the sacred masculine still positioned in Libra is cooperative and receptive in the sign of partnership, diplomacy and equality.


Under the light of this full moon and on into the New Year treat yourself with kindness and gentleness as if you were still a tiny child that needs the best nourishment for his/her healthy development – mother and father yourself to your best capacity so that no depletion can occur. Nurture, nourish, replenish, and allow your instincts to reunite you with your innocence so that you can imagine and create with greater vivacity. When we simplify we clarify and a space opens inside of us for something new to manifest. Without all the clutter and the burdens we naturally open to possibility.

As the winter hibernation sets in and we come to the end of this calendar year we are taking stock of all that has come to pass under the intense and conflicting energetics of the planetary alignments in 2015. Much has surfaced from the deep. Our souls ancient karmic imprints have been reactivated. Old scars have reopened exposing the initial wound for the specific purpose of our soul healing. And in that exposure we may have suffered all over again. All human suffering is hard to bear and yet somehow we find the courage and endurance to continue to do so. We may now only just fully comprehend exactly how much extra baggage we have been carrying all along in this current incarnation. There are still some very intense alignments up above that will continue on into 2016 -Neptune and Chiron still positioned in Pisces, Uranus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn with just over a 2’ orb, while Saturn in Sagittarius is square Neptune still within a 2’ orb. As we journey into this New Year we are still in remembrance individually and collectively- the Cancer moon will have us reflecting on the past, rather nostalgically perhaps, yet now more than ever, is the time to unburden and put the heavy load down…


If you have a long term duty or responsibility – a position that has been weighing you down, stopping you from moving forward, or living your most authentic life then it’s time to ask for help, time to come up with a new management scheme that relieves the strain of the heaviness you still carry around.

If you are dealing with a karmic burden pray for guidance and healing – for karmic release with the least amount of sufferance. Align with your hearts hopes and dreams and visualize yourself walking towards them untethered from your present karmic entanglement. Continue to follow through and show up until you no longer can. Trust in your soul mission to evolve and recalibrate.

If you are held back from pursuing your joy by the rigidity of another’s beliefs, perhaps pressured by the expectations of others, or you’re acting as a filter for their insecurities and fears, understand that this is not your stuff to own -unburden yourself for non of this need belong to you.

If it is you with the negative talk in your mind, spurred on by fear in your heart then seek the truth and deeply consider life’s full potential – its endless opportunities for growth, abundance and joy if only you can allow for it. In keeping with the awakening number 11:11 change the inner dialogue towards positive thoughts and intentions.

If you have been stuck in a holding pattern and feel the heaviness in your stricture, attempt to uproot yourself from the lower energetic octave and open up to the higher octave waves- let light, divine love and vital energy filter through your crown chakra and return to the lightness of being.

Suggested reading: Reflections of 12/25/15 by Hillary Raimo 


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