Physics Observed Changes Time Space, Cosmic Trolls and Fairy Dust


Looking back is always a good thing when it comes to stepping forward. To see for yourself what aspects of you might need more love. Taking spiritual stock of our lives, admitting what needs to change, and taking the steps to do that so we can own what we love in powerful ways. When we know what we want we can attract it. All you have to do is sit and wait for it to come. I’d like to share some of my most treasured thoughts from 2015. As I ready myself to go all the way home for that moment at midnight when everything changes, I reflect on what I have learned.

We can know the astrology, but can we create movement within it? 

If the stars are fixed and the signs cast by it, how does virgin get in? Something new, so pure it shades all previously knowns. Like when someone once thought ‘is the earth round?’,  ‘Do we orbit around the sun?’

This is the only kind of entanglement worth spinning through my mind. The rest is necessary fallout. Dissolved into reentry of old atmospheres not quite cleaned up.

The most dangerous kind of hate lives within families.

You can overcome your fears by being bold. The kind of courage needed for that lives in the deepest part of you.  You can awaken it at any single moment of knowing.

True love is real, and powerful, and changes everything. A necessary shed. Defend and embrace the new that comes from it.

Intellect is different for everyone, especially men and women. Is this the key to illuminating the bridge between them? As this truth conceives within,  can we learn to unlearn some necessary things? Study a new dance. A different kind of twine. One that opens the hearts of all simply by witness. The power of it lives within the ability to turn the dark scary skies of your inner dark forest into a starry night sky… one that inspires and encourages you to ask better questions to find your own way out.


The human shadow is a difficult task master. All of the astrology signs have shadow aspects. Those weaker points within us that, when rubbed or pushed, trigger the shadow worlds within us. This is a very dangerous skill to master, and takes great responsibility and integrity not to hurt others with it. The death that can come from it, is heavy and swift. Inanna taught us to dance with lord Pluto, god of the underworld, all summer long  through 2015 – Betsy and I wrote about it here on Intuitive Matrix. Pulling up and out those long buried things needing releasing. Out they went as we choose beauty and love over all else, unless you didn’t. You navigated that all according to your own unique myth. Shaped and formulated by your own inner creator. Congratulations on that, this was the year of passion, finding out exactly what that is, owning it, and taking nothing captive along the way. Shadow work is the hardest work you will ever do in your physical human body, and you will never achieve enlightenment without it. That is the human condition.

Revenge is a fire. It can spread. Wild and rebellious. All it really does, however, is fertilize the ground for new life. Sometimes you have to own your ninja sword. When people do bad things, sometimes that causes a fire that needs to be dealt with. Other times it just runs free until it runs out. Either way, there is love and beauty within the break down. Peace is the ultimate revenge.

Once we climb out of the container of our emotions, we dry off in the wind. Standing naked and raw in our instincts is bliss.


How we love our beloved matters. Deep, strong, honest and safe musing opens the intellect of both, and when merged in love, cracks the Human codes. Releasing genetic memories offering us hope and information, as well as, drama and wounds. We are not just responsible for ourselves, but also everything alive within us. We are made of star stuff. How you feel matters. Treat the emotions with great respect. They are the guardians of what lies underneath. Protecting that, and its vast reach carefully, from those who wish to access it for selfish needs. Thanks to our ingrained security system not designed by human minds. This is where you live when you live within your center, this space. Be mindful of what you let in. Discern without being paranoid.

The quality of what we put in determines the quality of what comes out. This includes food, thoughts, emotions, babies, co-creations, touch, prayer.

If something amazing walks into your life one day say hello, welcome it, sit down and get to know it for a bit, be grateful, and take good care of it. There is powerful love in the commitment and the stay.


We can understand people better with astrology. As we can better understand the timing of collective events. Asking the obvious question, does astrology define us and we act it out accordingly knowing or not? it then asks us to ask more questions simply in the asking. Do collective events happen because of the astrology? or is it designed to happen at those times by some other force? can a human, or group of humans, align the two- astrology and collective mass mind control – and make it a megaritual?

We had another 911 and Sandy Hook this year with the Paris attacks and the San Bernardino shootings. All striving hard for collective PTSD. So humanities insecurities and weaknesses can be used against them when needed by the massive complex running the current paradigm. This year I was in a love bubble on ancestral ground as it all happened. It didn’t scar me. I am free of it. What a gift. I can look at it now unattached and not emotionally connected. It gives me an unusual perspective, and reaffirms my belief in love.

Astrology offers tools. Ways to figure people out. Knowing someone isn’t about knowing everything about them, it is about ones ability to engage THE KNOWING between you and the other in combination with it. This is an ability to be something other then just yourself. It offers route to the middle lane. It gives you better options of navigation, and opens realms of knowing usually not accessed by a single form alone.

Our cracks are mini galaxies waiting to be explored. The better we know what lies within us, the better we are at being human. When we are in the presence of another cracks, offer healing salve and stay clear.


2015 brought us the hero/heroine journey. Clearing the summit and making it to the other side. It was marked by two powerful blood moon eclipses, April and September. Wrapping up all the stuff from April 2014. Clearing what needed to be cleared, and realigned the matrix to a new blueprint. One developed by a cosmic creator connected to everything vs the ego mind. The bigger picture never reveals it all to anyone, and this is the assurance nature has. The continuance is based on that one variable no one can see. The wild card. The moment where nothing can be predicted or understood.

This journey reflects in our choices. Same old love can’t live here. It has to evolve or it dies- a necessary death. Moving it towards a purity for all generations. We have a responsibility to protect and nurture this love.


Claiming this love within us is the act of a warrior. Forgiveness and compassion are the moderators that guide the warriors path to truth. Here lies the ancient ways of our ancestors, who lived by law of the land and nature. It awakens within us a place of steep knowing and aggressive passion to protect what is right and aligned. Primal emotions rise like sea levels, flooding our carefully constructed ways and destroying them. Shiva walks through the rubble and claims responsibility. Recalibrating attitudes and longitudes.

There is always a bigger picture. 

Would you do whatever is necessary? How far will you take it? Navigating the duality lands within you until you merge as one, in all ways always. That eternal aspect to you fractals outward into everything. Empower it as you would empower the greatest love. Bridge your weaknesses and fuel them with your strengths. This is mastery.


Self righteousness is an illusion. It lies in the top three of all illusions. It tricks you like a coyote on a hot desert day. Tempts you to believe you are always right, and leaves nothing for mystery. Drying up the riverbeds of flowing creativity. It cracks and aches, thirsty for what flows effortlessly above it. Rain comes only in the right conditions, fertilizing the ground with nutrients vital for life. So it is with love. The right conditions enable the plant to grow to its fullest potential. So it is with love.

You only grow as far as you are able to give and receive love. 

Love is an emotion. It comes and goes. Higher consciousness is enhanced through cognitive interaction with self and others. Some mistake this for love as it is euphoric. Both events enhance one another and both produce the end result. When two people love each other, they have an opportunity  to induce and deliver a higher thread of connectiveness and cognition if they can enable their own space and accept the presence of another within that space. Practice is good and leads to better stability  of the field between two, and ignites the mathematics of higher consciousness through this powerful connection. The trick is to trust, nurture, forgive and continue. Giving up is the backup plan of the ego. Hoping to keep you trapped within the safety of its all encompassing net.

It serves well to know the systems of your beloved. How to navigate them. they have to trust you in order to let you in. Once in, it becomes a matter of Do No Harm. If this one law is established, and mutually honored, the possibilities are endless.

The words I AM is a living contradiction. There is no I, no am. It is a lie. There is only our eyes, and what we choose to focus on.


The 13th moon of 2015 goes full at 11:11. This year on 11/11 I went home. Literally and symbolically. Into the arms of beauty, and nothing short of miraculous. I am thankful for the lessons and love that moment offered me to experience. I hold on to nothing. Letting all of this past year merge into my center, assimilate the way it needs too, and then some. Compost for the soul. Transforming and transmuting what needs doing. Always working for our highest good. It becomes a way of life. A choice. Something to mock or something to muse. On December 25th, at 11:11, a moment is all it takes to acknowledge the truth of ones heart.

Cleaning up the past requires ownership of ones own doing. Choices made that sacrificed or sustained. Moments when risk overruled the safety of comfort zones. Which are nothing more then engrained ways of thought.

Death becomes these things. It is a required prerequisite to spiritual atonement.

2015 held a truth. A powerful one. One that can change everything.  

Align with your heart, bliss, pleasure, abundance, honesty and make love to that all at once. Soul in the bedroom requires sexual relevancy. Potent and kind. Strong and compassionate. Bold passion ignites big fires, producing lots of ashes, bringing magma up from your deep places, creator style. This is rejuvenation.


I witnessed a surge in the strength of the divine feminine energies this year. I learned how alignments replace entanglements. The world swayed as different personalities desperately tried to catch my attention. Enacting their pettiness and superficial ways. Depth captured those of us ready for the ride, and carried us safely to other shores, where renaissance rules and enlightenment reigns. Protected by intuitive reason and synchronistic signs. Those who listened now reap the wisdom. Those who denied, cycle through again. This is the way it has always been.

The inner child holds the key to it all. This time of year we engage a quality of the inner child as we were raised. Despite all that, there is an opening within that childlike mind, that remembers a place before anything but pure source was known, and we can connect to it intently. Epiphanies here are what mystics and philosophers have been musing on since the awakening of the first human mind.

Honor the inner child well. Protect it with all you are. This level of consciousness is accessed through the mother feminine energies within us. The ability to nurture, inspire, contain, patience, perseverance and ability to navigate pain, all matter. We only have limited time here, doing this work is why we came. How one expresses that work is the I AM. Meaningless and meaningful at the same time. The eternal paradox.

Hillary Raimo

The astrology for 12/25/15 by Betsy Peerless 













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