Down the Rabbit Hole: Astrology of Duality, Love & Pain – Full Moon Nov 25th

Full Moon in Gemini – November 25th 5.44pm EST
by intuitive astrologer Betsy Peerless

The current lunar cycle commenced on November 11th with a new moon in Scorpio. Anything birthed in the sign of Scorpio is subjected to extremities and forces beyond our control. Through the experience of mergers and separations we test our power in acts of domination, submission and surrender. Ultimately the self- mastery of Scorpio teaches us to trust in the life process no matter what outcome may come to pass.


Following this conjunction of the Sun and Moon the North Node moved into the sign of Virgo on November 12th after 21 months of traversing through the sign of Libra. This transition acted like an internal compass realigning humanities evolutionary path on a new course geared towards refining our work and being of greater service to others. With the North Node now joining Jupiter in Virgo’s domain we can expect exponential growth and expansive potential for the themes of our work, as well as our health and the conservation of this planet becoming more and more paramount in our daily routines and duties.  While the North Node of the moon was in Libra the evolutionary emphasis for the collective was on co-creation, equality, partnerships, collaborations and balancing the masculine and feminine principles. During this new moon much consideration was given to the collaborations and partnerships that were ushered in since February 2014. These have been our most healing, creative and enduring mergers- the strongholds for our future that will go the distance and be of the greatest service.


As we entered the first half of this lunar cycle it’s as if we took a dive with Alice down the rabbit hole into a more sinister looking Wonderland. And like Alice lately we have been filled with unconscious feelings of morbidity, scared of physical disgrace, confronted with unfairness, and encountered bizarre feelings about our bodily functions. With Jupiter in Virgo still opposing Chiron in Neptune tension has escalated on earthly versus spiritual matters causing much stress, worry and concern for our physical bodies. So many souls are now suffering full- blown health crises and spiritual dis-ease.


As we continue on with the story, Alice is continually confronted with the problem of her shifting identity as well as with the anarchy and cruelty of Wonderland, just as we were bombarded with more chaos, terror, death and destruction in the global events that took shape on this new moon. When Alice physically shrinks in size, she is never really small enough to hide from the disagreeable creatures that she meets. And yet when she grows to adult or to even larger size she is still not large enough to command authority. This is such a perfect Scorpio tale echoing our sentiments over this period and the experience of our powerlessness, the shame, the fear and discomfort as we traverse our inner and outer landscapes. Sometimes external forces are just too great and we buckle under the pressure – we may lay low and feel the inner tremors, or we attempt to shrug it off and get on with life as we once knew it, or we succumb to the pain and slowly the paralysis sets in.

The Full Moon culminates on November 25th in Gemini- the sign of the cosmic twins and so we prepare to emerge under the spotlight with the very unsettling understanding of our inability to control every situation. The dominance of dark forces and our subjugation to power plays, and the threat of death and total annihilation truly reeks havoc with our rational thought process because it completely jeopardizes all our notions of emotional and physical comfort, safety and security. Like Alice we may feel defeated. With the moon in Gemini both the reflection and communication of our emotional and mental dilemmas is incessant and we struggle to find inner peace. Yet the constant airing of our thoughts and feelings helps us to relate better to our selves and to uncover the deep underlying duality within our own psyche. Like Alice we have discovered there are different sets of rules and standards underground than above. In Wonderland things change  for no known reason, thus logic loses all its validity. Meanwhile here on present day Earth, taken to the extreme, terrorist attacks wield horrific consequences with no apparent rationale, fairness, or concern for human life triggering fear, hatred, discrimination and divergence.

Cosmic Twin

In the second half of this lunar cycle after the full moon culminates in Gemini Alice approaches the looking glass and like Alice we test our reflection out in the mirror world from the standpoint of our current reality and identity whilst encountering extremities and confronting the unknown.  Alice’s adventure through the looking glass takes a nightmarish turn when she becomes a pawn in a game of chess, as she makes her way up the ranks in an attempt to gain more power. In truth both sides of the mirror present a dream and how the dream merges with reality is dependent on how much we have integrated our inner twins, bridged our inner sacred masculine and divine feminine to reconcile the duality aspects deep within our psyche.

Faced with so many dilemmas much of our energy is expended on discerning and making decisions negotiated from the constant chatter and the antagonistic bantering that goes on inside our heads. Once in a while it’s necessary to let the heyoka out of our brainy box to stir up our logical, rational thinking. Often it is in these moments sudden flashes of inspiration and wisdom penetrate the madness of the thought process. During this lunar cycle try and discern when to let go of the agonizing mental dialogue and trust in the life process. Have faith that all outcomes serve a purpose and impart greater meaning in this life, whether that involves ease or discomfort, abundance or scarcity, sense or nonsense…

Alice encounters Tweedledum & Tweedledee

This is a very unsettling time astrologically and consequently here on Earth– the sacred lovers above moving through Libra desire peace and diplomacy but the firmament around them is not echoing this sentiment. Venus’s visions of pleasure, love, romance, and beauty are marred by the memory of the past perpetrators that have raped, pillaged and suppressed the sisterhood, and robbed the Earth and humanity of her greatest resources. Meanwhile Mars the God of War’s diplomatic strides towards peacekeeping are met with the dissolution of hope and  the sufferance of a wounded collective. Venus moves into an exact opposition to Uranus followed closely behind by Mars, to form a T Square with Pluto, and so the sacred lovers struggle to see the beauty around them; struggle with maintaining their peace, harmony, and equality in a world that is falling apart, within a society whose infrastructure is slowly crumbling and where the unexpected and sudden reform can strike at any given moment in previously inconceivable ways. The sacred lovers have each other and what is truly needed here is to yield to the power of love and make love the true bond of their relationship and in so doing balance the scales.

Rapto de las sabinas

As the full Moon culminates it opposes the Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius and so as we become more and more mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. Bombarded by so many projections reflecting our inner discord and dissonance it becomes very challenging then to extend our sight further afield- for us to discover the truth beyond the mirror effect. There is just so much fear and uncertainty alongside madness and absurdity which challenges our entire belief system. And as global events take another tragic turn with still more innocent people suffering, displaced, hurt, tortured, maimed and killed for the power trip of old patriarchal institutions, old laws and old beliefs -we feel it, we grieve and we despair. There is a sense to give up our purpose, relinquish the calling to co create a better world, yet now we need to have faith more than ever and trust in all our efforts to dream a new world that wont support the nightmare of such atrocities. Remind yourself now of all the work you have given selflessly to make a difference to this earth, to humanity, towards more equality for all. Every human contribution counts – because every contribution has an energetic ripple effect. There is no saying how far and wide that ripple will travel. From where you stand you may never be able to see its final destination because the scope is just that wide.


Continuing on through this lunar cycle follow through with this teaching and learn when it’s in your best interest to surrender to the forces beyond your control, or deliberate when it is wise to stand up and assert your power and authority. Self- mastery is an internal process gleaned from our interactions in a physical world while subjected to the unknown. Only when we learn about the consequence of power do we understand our dual capacity to destroy and create, and the regeneration process that this facilitates. Out in the world we experience the duality of the cosmic twins – we project onto others that which is not fully developed and integrated within. We project our wounds, our fears and our inferiorities and we attract dragon like circumstances and people that present opportunities to heal, to master and empower ourselves, or simply relinquish the control -trust and go with the flow…

Do not give up, or back down, for fear of being too small to make a difference. Pour your love into relationship and work; seek the greater meaning in all outcomes, even when the bleakest picture is drawn.

Keep the torch lit no matter how far you wander or withdraw from the world. In all your soul searching seek the truth and nothing but the truth, for wisdom to prevail…

Continue with your artistry- create, write, dance, make love, and bask in beauty. Trust in the process of life and that love will find a way – It always does-


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