October Supermoon Trinity: Lessons of Love by Betsy Peerless

Super Full Moon – October 27th, 8.05 am EDT
by Betsy Peerless 

This current lunar cycle commenced in the sign of Libra. It planted seeds for the renewal of relationship with one another, with this planet, and between the masculine and feminine principles. In partnerships the challenge arose of how to couple in balanced and harmonious ways while deconstructing the old module and forging a new progressive way ahead for partnership. Just a few days before this new lunar cycle began the North Node positioned at 0’ and Mercury went direct- both in Libra. This triggered strong energetic support for negotiating ways to foster more equality in all our relationships. It is vital to recognize that the most important relationship we have is between self and Divine Creator. This unification builds a strong interior foundation that then provides a sturdy base for all other relationships. Now with the Full Moon culminating in the sign of Taurus the most fertile, solid and grounded sign of the zodiac it is a time to uncompromisingly support oneself before anyone else. It also opens the full scope of our relationship horizons spotlighting how we need to work towards peaceful resolves and encourage harmonious ways of coming together as couples -to enjoy each other – to give each other affection and the security of the creature comforts that we all so desire, but without becoming settled in our ways, or just fixated on material and sensual delights. The most generous gesture to offer during this lunar cycle is to allow your partner more personal space. This conscious separation within a merger allows for greater fluidity and personal growth by untethering from any confinement generated within the relationship structure.

The Lovers Tarot cardjpg

The grounding aspect at this time is very strong with 5 planets in the earth element. Although this provides great comfort it can also have us stuck in a groove and immersed again in old habits -stubbornly sticking with the known rather than embracing the unknown. As comforting as it may be to fall back into familiar patterns for security sake this is absolutely not the time to revoke the ways of the past. After the ending of this last Tetrad and the intensity of this new wave of energy that came through for us as we stood on the threshold of a dimensional shift at the gateway of the last blood moon, the only ways that can have true sticking power now are those of an innovative nature. Of course it’s easy to fall back into old habits and addictions when the fear and uncertainty arise again. Forgive yourself and others for any backtracking of late, but reflect on the hard lessons learned and let this teaching carry you forward with resolution. Much has come to pass and this ongoing crisis of structure (Uranus/Pluto square) continues to gather momentum for a structural reformation on all levels of our existence. There might indeed be ways that some traditions, some simple pleasures, and what we currently value the most can carry us forward, just as long as we discern what is beneficial for our evolutionary growth- specifically that which supports our souls authenticity, our expanding consciousness and greater equality here on Earth.

The Moons position in Taurus ruled by Venus generates fertile ground for our imaginings but also for the seduction of the material and pleasuring the senses. The moons opposition to the Sun in Scorpio reminds us that the conscious dive into intimacy in a partnership runs deeper than what may just grow on the surface. It places us in the throws of the extremities of merger and separation, sharing all our resources, experiencing power and control and facing our demons. It also takes the intimate and emotional merger of two physical beings and the alchemy of two souls to create profound karmic bonds and the potential to elicit a powerful spiritual awakening. Healthy partnerships are born of two persons that acknowledge their true self-value and who are at home in their own physicality first before any intimacy transpires between them. There is great value to mastering a skill set, and developing those innate talents to manifest things physically for sustaining one self. From this solid standpoint then both have much to give and share with the other and reciprocation is mutual. Otherwise codependent relationships become the easy fix for the void of not being able to define and develop oneself as a productive manifester.


On this full moon the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Virgo are all trine Pluto in Capricorn, while Pluto also trines the Moon in Taurus. This is giving an underlying energetic flow and support through the earth element for our evolutionary growth and restructuring. Even with all this natural flow towards release and transformation while the moon is in Taurus there is still the tendency to hold back and stubbornly stick to the path of least resistance. It may feel immensely difficult to make the necessary changes for self- healing, or to make any moves to uproot even when we sense it truly is time to reroot.

As the sacred lovers reunite again in the sky for the third time this year- now in the perfectionist sign of Virgo they are taking care of themselves and learning to manage things better as singular as well as joint entities. The lovers are being primed to get their act together and purify themselves, and under Jupiter’s influence there is generous support for the expansion of this union where nothing goes overlooked. All the minute details of their relating are being taken into consideration -how these parts work and fit together, and how they support or sabotage each other come into focus. In relationship it wont be back to business as usual until everything is reworked, until the bridge between the sacred masculine and divine feminine has undergone some diligent renovation and restructuring. So much has come to pass this year for the sacred lovers -there’s been much troubled water under their bridge that’s still in the process of settling. All aspects of our relating to one another are under the microscope as Mars and Venus journey through Virgo and then continue on into Libra by mid November. Non of what has come to pass between them can be swept under the carpet – the lovers still have much work ahead of them to make amends and create a stronger bridge for the future. The final exact conjunction in 2015 for Venus and Mars culminates on Nov. 2nd. Energetically this offers a magical union for healing, for forgiveness, sacrifice and resolve.


As the full moon culminates on Oct. 27th Venus in Virgo 17’ 19” finds herself in the hot seat with an exact inconjunct with Uranus in Aries 17’ 54” and an exact opposition to Chiron in Pisces 17’ 24”. Her need to fix and heal herself while also coming to the aid of other’s makes it very challenging to progress forward and pioneer for her own future. This is a very tense time for the Goddess and sisterhood as much is at stake with just how much healing is needed out there in the world in line with how much old karma she is able to transmutate for herself and the collective. Her empathic nature is naturally drawn to nurture and help others overcome their hardships, which then distracts her attention away from the focus of foremostly healing herself. Mars the sacred masculine is also in a tight spot feeling the pressure from Chiron and Uranus. His motivations to heal and take better care of himself are in opposition to the amount of work and energy dedicated to managing business and fixing all the dysfunctions he sees around him. The overwhelm factor here is great and precautions are best heeded to not take on so much as to overtax the nervous system.

Vesica Pisces

Throughout this lunar cycle much effort is being facilitated for recalibrating and balancing of the masculine and feminine principles as single and joint entities. A healthy relationship is the sum of two healthy parts and towards this end we must work tirelessly to bring all parts back in equilibrium. Taking care of our physical needs and developing ourselves in structural ways is very important, as we all need a clear definition of who we are and what we have to offer to present to the other. When there is a strong stable foundation our emotions can steadily course through our living, our work, and our relationships. Once all aspects of our life are infiltrated from heart centered energy then there is great opportunity for growth, and for passionate creative living. Our sense of peace comes from within – it is not something someone else can bestow upon us, just as our happiness is our responsibility and not our partners. This moon asks of us to generate peace and happiness from our own resources. If then a partner comes along and adds to that happiness then that truly is a wonderful gift and blessing in ones life. The warm light of this Supermoon generates much affection and nurturance for our selves and for each other. It is a highly creative time for engaging all our senses, and then taking that pleasure center and deepening it…


What ever presents itself now as a giant obstacle in your wake, or whatever has you holding back from making that move forward is the construct of the hard shell that protects that delicious nutritious nut inside. How we crack that shell open takes all our inner resource making capacity to claim our well earned reward. If you are considering ways to uproot and then find the means to reroot, patience is key…most things of great benefit don’t just happen over night- there is always an accumulative effect whether you are aware of it or not. Reflect on all the lessons of late and then add to that your whole life experience that has set you up thus far for the person you are in this present moment, and the circumstances that you are currently attracting. Indeed we have all covered a lot of territory especially over the last 3 years. This summer many of us journeyed with Inanna into the dark underworld during the Venus retrograde cycle and are still acclimatizing from this death and rebirth experience. It is important to take this moment to bask in your accomplishments as well as understand what still needs attention, more labor and refinement. As the steady decay of summer ushers in the Fall sink your feet in the piles of crisp leaves and let your inner child have its play. Fill yourself with gratitude and give thanks for that all that has come to pass with the understanding that what is lost forever is part of the ongoing shift and recalibration effect – it was a sacrificial offering for the birth of the brave new world we are all co- creating.

"Rainbow Church" sculpture by Tokujin Yoshioka
“Rainbow Church” sculpture by Tokujin Yoshioka

As we diligently strive to balance and rearrange ourselves inwardly and outwardly our awareness is brought to our many imperfections that have cracked us open throughout this process. It is only through love and more love that we can heal these fissures -AND it is through the cracks in our seams that we often shine our greatest light out into the world. Love facilitates the highest frequency for healing and it is through loving ourselves, and one another that we learn to accept our mortal flaws and move forward with courage and into forgiveness.

Individual karma: purify, heal, rearrange, rebuild, bridge, balance

Imagery: Rainbow Bridge in Utah is the site of ritual offerings, sacred ceremonies, and other religious practices. “Navajo stories tell of a male and a female rainbow person coming together in perfect union, and being frozen in time. This rock rainbow is particularly special because it is the only rainbow that can be viewed from both sides. “ (Luckert 22-3).

Rainbow Bridge, Utah
Rainbow Bridge, Utah

Collective Karma Theme: develop, work, perfect, present, contribute, expand

Imagery: A garden is a showcase for colorful flowers, for medicinal collection of herbs, or a raised bed for vegetables and fruits. Either way each planting brings a unique quality to the garden and has a set of specific needs for sustaining itself. The common denominator for healthy growth and survival is the same for all these plants- nutrient rich soil, water, light and nurturance. Some plants help the other grow stronger by its side while others may deplete its neighbor. There is a position for each plant to coexist in this garden and for all to proffer – it is just a matter of placement and discerning combinations that work best. It takes a lot of hard labor and nurture to create an abundant garden but once it’s developed it sustains itself with very little effort allowing us to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


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