A Precursor to Progression, October Trinity Moon by Hillary Raimo


The Egyptian energies are very ripe right now. The pyramids are radiating a new light as reflected by the recent discovery of such on the sun. It is bringing all the luminous ones together. Consorts drawn closer, Gods and Goddesses convene. As this light gently falls on the ancient stone writing it registers within the crystalline structure inside the stone. Activating ancient technologies, as well as the plant kingdom. This input triggers a tsunami of reaction across the planet. Our human bodies are not spared. Pain may rise, unusual feelings. This is expected. Your body is digesting a new light. It will transmute and transform your cellular structure, naturally, as it has done for eons. Humanity is a product of this special ingestion of cosmic light. As we are exposed to it, we begin the process of opening our cocoons. The long awaited moment of recognition in self and other begins to happen everywhere. Our truth is revealed and opened in ways like never before.

Past engagements cease to exist. In this timeless place nothing matters accept this now moment. Breathe it in, feel it ripple through your being out into everything around you. Protect your private space where you connect to the universe. It is for self only. Love generated here ripens all of creation. Partner well with those who understand this. It will empower all of you.

The extreme balance of knowledge and feeling evolves tenderly through our polarities. These sacred eddies of pure catalytic power swirl endlessly churning waiting for us to enter them. When we emerge from them, we are purified and clarity reigns. This is the purpose of pain. To clear the system of toxicity. Here in this blessed state one achieves access to all knowing consciousness, a place shamans and psychics enter regularly. Knowing is not always learned knowledge. This plane is a feeling of exquisite understanding. Where everything is known – simultaneously. Here lives a record of everything that has ever existed. Human consciousness connects to it, plugs in, and wanders through endless wonders of epiphany.

If you want the sacred marriage, you must marry yourself first. Here lies the holy of holies. It is all in how we create. A lack of this marriage proves to be the root of much pain. If one wishes to walk along while the whales sing, they accept the melody that churns the great depths, self love is like this. Life changes accordingly. Stirring our great tides is the point. The balance that the sacred marriage provides creates a powerful quality of love. This quality of love can be measured and analyzed. It can be experimented with so we can learn from it. It can be given and received. It is an elemental ingredient of life. It contains your original nature. That nature has a signature.

What if you could feel your original signature?

This signature is the recognition. A cosmic security system. A fingerprint of the origin. Unique for a reason. Rare because of its concentrated force. If you could close your eyes and remember, what would you see?

I see pyramids covered in inscriptions, illuminated by moonlight.

The original signature confirms intention of life. Life seeks out life, and evolution thereof. It is a marriage of forces. The sacred marriage is a union of love. It opens portals, star gates and altered states of dimension. Consciousness is the tool used to navigate it. This union holds the original signature of creation. It lies hidden deep within our most brilliant place. The light here is special. It lifts up minds, clears hearts and balances polarities. Karma is instantly dissolved and everything reconfigures accordingly.

This final super moon of 2015 holds all of this for our exploring. It is a gentle release of all resistance. It is a feeling that rises inside of us, up through our crowns, divining our lives in mysterious and miraculous ways.

Hillary Raimo

“Liberty and love
These two I must have.
For my love I’ll sacrifice
My life.
For liberty I’ll sacrifice
My love.”
― Sándor Petőfi

A virágnak megtiltani nem lehet (“You Cannot Forbid the Flower”, 1843)

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