Approaching the Finish Line; Septembers Solar Eclipse Prepares Us for the Last Blood Moon

We are in the season of harvest. We now keep what we have sowed. If we have sowed well, our harvest will be abundant and plenty. Our endeavors will be strong and healthy. Our relations will have been assessed to their ability to sustain. We will have weeded out what no longer serves us and continued on building a stable and productive life. This is the time that we see what we have done mirrored back to us. Perhaps in ways we least expect. As the plant kingdom around us shows us it is time, we sit back and we reflect as we prepare for the coming winter dreaming. The air cools, the leaves change, the light spectrum teaches us to submit to the cycle of decay. Back into the earth goes our green of Summer, to be nurtured and rejuvenated in the earth womb. Nature has a system that has evolved over billions of years. Humans are a part of that system. We have much to learn from nature. As she shows us exactly what we need to survive and thrive.

Our relationships have come and gone. Those that are here to stay we celebrate this harvest together, while knowing all, no matter what their path, continue on in beauty. That is our vision. We are never separated and in our secure interconnectedness we know all is well. It is part of life, the decay and transformation of life.

The astrology of this season is massive and ripe. Aligning with it assists in our dreaming. It enables us to intuitively engage the elemental forces dancing around us, so we may know bliss. It is when we fall to the deception that we are ever separate, in any way, that lives change hues, and our hearts weigh heavy. This is humanities own worse enemy. The inability to see and feel how connected everything truly is. The ego believes we are separate and alone, or that we can cut off our love for others. This is a delusional defense system believed by the ego to keep us safe. It is an engrained mental disorder that can be changed, and as it heals it reunites us with the truth that we all are one in this way. No matter what the challenge we resurrect from it smarter, stronger and move on in bigger and better ways, humble and grateful for the teaching, the mirrors and the treasure we find in it.

It is time to own your gifts. Time to manifest a form, or container, they can live in. We have collected the clay, baked it and now we paint it alive with our chosen colors. We cannot take everyone along with us if we have not secured a foundation of our own to stand on without being co-dependant. We are not all one in this way. We are all our own individual unique vibration, and when we come together, we add to the symphony by being true to ourselves first. Those who have yet to understand, or implemented, this important teaching will struggle while others do, and the mirror will be fierce and ask you to own where you are not doing the work. You will have to choose between projecting onto others or doing the self-reflective work that uses the mirror as inspiration to continue to ripen your own gifts. It is easy to judge others success, much harder to use it to transform your own. These are the choices of this time we are in.

Collaboration is key. Competitive energies are not sustainable in the long run, and often lead to corruption and hate. Working together means respecting yourself and everyone else and where they are at. It means working together to find a productive and sustainable synergy that moves ideas and projects forward without getting tangled in egoic dramas that destroy and flop.

As the seasons change, our bodies respond. It is time for good self-care. It is important to clean your altars, your space and shed what has come and gone. You have made it to the finish line. As you cross over that remarkable moment, smile and love yourself. Be grateful for who is standing there with you smiling in positive and loving support. These emotions will aid in the creating of sustainable systems. We are refining our inner circles.

Animals are nesting now. Preparing for hibernation. They gather the harvest, store it for coming months when food is scarce. We can learn from this mirror. We can collect the happy, the good, the beautiful and nest our space with things and people that inspire us, and we can prepare for the long winter nights as the blankets of snow sweep the land, lovingly bringing crystalline blessings.

The coming final lunar eclipse on September 27th closes this cycle that started on April 15th, 2014. Think about where you were then and where you are now. Reflect on everything that has happened since and claim your story. See the progress, own the accomplishments, breathe in the humbled acceptance of who you truly are. Beginnings, middles and endings are what a writer must master if they wish to be any good at writing. All struggle with one or the other. How do you do endings? Do you end things with honor, respect and grace? or are they dramatic and messy? Practice your leadership skills and perfect them. Now is the time to see, own and weed out what no longer serves you with love.

Hillary Raimo

September 13th: New Moon in Virgo 2.42 am & Partial Solar Eclipse 2.55 am EDT September 17th – Mercury stations Retrograde in Libra, and Jupiter in Virgo exact opposition to Neptune R in Pisces
September 18th -Saturn leaves Scorpio and reenters Sagittarius

On this new moon the seed for this lunar cycle regenerates in the industrious earthy sign of Virgo, with the Sun, the Moon conjunct at the time of the partial solar eclipse. This new moon facilitates energy for organizing and perfecting small enterprises that have germinated with the exponential growth factor built in, thanks to Jupiter’s neighboring position. Our work ethic is magnified too and work projects together with our envisioning can feel super elative, or all encumbering because of the inner knowing that what is started this month will escalate big time over the coming year. So much attention to detail aimed towards perfection is going to trigger a lot of worry with the overwhelm factor maxing out our nervous system. Our self-care, our health and healing are also on top of the agenda aiding imbalances caused by stress, over working and not taking proper care of oneself. It’s also vital for our mind and body to take breaks and spend time outside to immerse our selves in the beauty of nature and soothe our nerves. By taking the time out to do this for ours selves it will help us relinquish some of the control as well as have faith and trust in the outcome of all our endeavors regardless of our input. With Pluto in Capricorn trine Sun, Moon and Jupiter we would do well to let go of some of the control, since Pluto wants to release and transform the old redundant inner workings to make way for a genuine authentic structure to emerge based on truth, which then blends well with Virgo’s obsession for purifying, and perfecting the mechanics. Weaving these energies together allows for a slow paced make over – a meticulous reformation of the infrastructure.


Adding to this energetically is the partial solar eclipse, so we would be wise then to contemplate what it means when the cosmos partially turn the lights off while the Sun is in the sign of Virgo – the sign that pays attention to the minutest details! It would appear to be a bit of a cosmic joke! No doubt it will feel very difficult to discern anything around this new moon and so somehow the focus needs to shift to encompass more than just what’s in our direct visual field. Perhaps the solar eclipse will remind us of Virgos over diligence and how our obsession with the microelements can hinder our further sight. It’s an opportunity for major growth and a calling to open up our peripheral vision and use all our senses to find different workings that we may have failed to see before. If we open up the field of focus of our discernment -use both our left and right brain capacity, plus all our senses, there could come to light a new direction or alternate method that may work better than anything previously envisioned.


The trials and tribulations of the sacred lovers as they journey together now through Leo’s domain also play into this new beginning during the eclipses of September. Both Venus and Mars are now morning stars- they were exact conjunct for the second time this year on Sep 1st in the sign of Leo, after which Venus stationed direct on Sep 6th. The Goddess Inanna has ascended and resurrected her self in alignment with her core values and reclaimed her Queendom after making some huge personal sacrifices, the consequences of which played out big time in the relationship arena. During this summer retrograde period we’ve been through the karmic centrifuge and there’s been some MAJOR karmic release. Now we are dealing with the karmic fallout as we look out onto our own deserted wasteland to witness the devastation. We are painfully aware that our world no longer looks or feels the same as it once did and we sense the new beginning looming and it feels ominous and overwhelming, because lying alongside these new ventures sprouting up around us is the carnage of yesterday recalling the karma of the past past. Many relationships have ended –evaporated, got lost, disappeared, went missing in action, or ordered out. Now when the dust settles we can see the separation factor and we can no longer pretend to be in alignment with those souls that no longer resonate energetically. Those who have made personal sacrifices to consciously and spiritually move their energy to engage in their highest dimensional capacity have created the glue to new bonds and strengthened their true allies. This karmic centrifugal action was necessary to create the force of a spin to split things apart and initiate the separation between the old way and the new way.


Just 4 days after the eclipse on September 17th Mercury the Communicator stations retrograde in Libra, with the potential to handicap our ability to relate and communicate, especially affecting our mediating skills and our ability to tactfully sort out conjugal affairs. This doesn’t feel so helpful or so welcomed after all that has come to pass between the sacred lovers of late. The Lion King and the Lion Queen trying to talk things through in their relationship, or straighten things out could be rather hindered at this time. Either one could go on the attack especially over misconstrued communications, or just suggestions about new and unconventional ideas that are non to appealing for partnering under the influence of Uranus in Aries. Take into account too Mercury is going into the heightened pre shadow phase Sep 14th while Venus is still in post shadow phase until October 9th. The very best that could come of this is that we think a little deeper and take a little longer to find resolve in our relationship dilemmas and our communicating– a true blessing if both can work through this and come to a peaceful resolve.

Also on Sep.17th Jupiter in Virgo is in exact opposition to Neptune R in Pisces
This is a very challenging energetic as Jupiter seeks to expand boundaries outwardly while Neptune seeks unification through dissolving boundaries. This is a very rare opposition- the last time this happened was August 1849. In this opposition then its easy to procrastinate from being overwhelmed by just how much is being filtered through the sensory system, while at the same time the physical body is processing everything and using its functions to dissect and reassemble things in an attempt to make things run more efficiently. It’s the facts versus the fiction and this could be a time where new discoveries hold the capacity to change our beliefs, or our beliefs could change the way we go about being of service. There is the temptation to want to escape the drudgery of methodical work with high elation experiences and resorting to drugs. The karmic themes of the victim and the martyr, sacrifice and redemption will continue to play out this month and our sensing of micro versus macro will continue to super challenge our focus as well as the underlying paranoia and anxiety in the Pisces/Virgo axis still undermining our peace of mind and security.

on the shore

Since this Pisces/Virgo axis is an opposition between the water and earth element I’ve gained insight from simply watching waves break to the shore – witnessing the very spot where earth and water meet through the ebb and flow of lunar tides, to then pose the question -Where is that meeting point manifest in my life regarding my spirituality, and fluidity versus my material, and solid foundation? Reflecting on this we can discern and focus on the overlapping of our dreaming and visions with our practical and diligent, hands on approach to our work. The health of our bodies in relationship with the earth and the oceans is also very topical right now– after all toxicity generated by mankind cannot bypass these elements or our physical bodies. We may discover too wonderful creatures that come to the shore that have adapted to living between the earth and water. Crabs, turtles, sea snakes, seals to name but a few and then of course there is the mythical mermaid and her personal sacrifice for gleaning a fish’s tail to live in the ocean rather than back on the land. It is worth considering the movement and fluid relationship these beings maintain to both elements literally and symbolically in order to understand and navigate better our current energetic state as we undergo this polar energetic axis.


On September 18th Saturn moves out of the sign of Scorpio and back again into Sagittarius to continue the big shift that commenced back on Dec 24th until Jun 15th 2015. Then from Jun 16th to Sep 17th, 2015 Saturn in his retrograde motion ended up back in Scorpio. This summer period Cronus the Lord of Time and the Ages journeyed back into the last degrees of Scorpio -the sign of death, rebirth and extremities. This created the energetics for unearthing discoveries, and instigating the tying up of loose ends and the final cutting of karmic ties. The first decan of Sagittarius is very much about truth seeking and under Saturn’s influence bids us study hard. Even though we aim our arrow far and high to touch the stars Saturn’s job is to restrict us- he keeps it real with limitations or rewards depending on how we have applied ourselves up until now and in what manner we resume our higher pursuits. He is a taskmaster for discipline and offers us no shortcuts to realize our highest goals. So now is the time to regroup on how we are to practically apply ourselves to continue this thread started at the end of 2014 that will evolve our beliefs and instigate the conditions for our optimal personal growth over the next couple of years.


Throughout September it’s vital to maintain a balanced life by getting outside and enjoying nature and all the healthy produce of the harvest- it’s a really good time to cleanse the body and cure it of any ailments. It’s also important to stay connected to your community and your surroundings, and maintain loving relationships even when you have big projects underway. Discuss your ideas with the people around you and perhaps glean an alternate perspective. Honor your roots and what has nourished and supported you thus far – whether that’s a home, a family or a place you consider home. Take some time off work to go to the beach, swim in the ocean if you can, and just absorb the elemental surroundings to help recalibrate the nervous system from any overload you might be experiencing.

My intuitive sense for all this is that our revelations and applications over this lunar and current eclipse cycle hold the potential to birth our greatest life’s work to date, of a high spiritual consciousness masterfully worked into this physical dimension; especially potent if we align ourselves with the healing potential in all of this rather than just focusing on the management for our own material success, or trying to realize dreams that aren’t practical. Now is the time for authentic soul alignment, devoting time to study, fixing the flaws, so that everything designed from our highest intentions is maintained in good working order to run smoothly and go the distance for the future.

corn maiden

Individual Karmic Theme: resurrect, align, nourish, discern, reassemble, envision Imagery –The corn maiden tends to her field – some of the corn seedlings are growing strong while others have wilted in the heat. She must choose which plants to rehydrate and which are past the point of no return. Which of these seedlings will yield the best corn? Which of these plants will grow to nourish her and her people ?

Collective Karmic Theme: compassion, healing, service, conservation, focus Imagery: Demeter the Goddess of fertility, sacred law and the harvest meets Poseidon the God of the sea, storms and earthquakes at the edge of the shore –they come in peace surrounded by all the creatures of the ocean and all of earth’s animal kingdom. Their meeting is between land and sea and beneath the star lit heavens. The consequences of this union are healing, all encompassing, far reaching and inspire great possibility.

Betsy Peerless

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