Super Full Moon and the Queendom of Love August 29th, 2015

Super Full Moon in Pisces – Aug. 29th 2.35pm EST Venus and Mars exact conjunct in Leo, Sep. 1st

This is an extremely imaginative, mystical and spiritual moon and being that it’s in closer proximity to the earth – hence its super moon status, it has a powerful effect on our psyches. There is a nebulous quality surrounding us that affects our vision and our relating to the world around us. Night dreams and daydreams perforate our reality. Perhaps you have found yourself staring into space and unable to focus your minds attention – this is Neptune’s effect, and in conjunction with the super reflective moon there is much feeling, envisioning, psychic capacity and an ability to journey deep in our imaginations, or just out into the ethers to evacuate this earth realm. Sudden moments of clarity from astute internal visioning contrast starkly to the fogginess experienced through our lenses out into the physical world.


During his super moon in Pisces the psyche free roams to the far stretches of the imagination and beyond. There is a deep emotional yearning for unification – to experience and receive the revelations that heighten our spiritual connectedness to one and all. But for our wellbeing this needs to be balanced out with some serious grounding and literally through the soles of the feet. Dancing and artistic expression are positive ways to channel this energy while high elation experiences like using drugs could have a far greater than normal adverse affect. This extreme feeling to evade the physical plane is amplified because of the Moon’s opposition to the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo. Their combined earthy mission is tasked out in the micro organization of our work, involving the discriminating and refining of the small details with a get to it and get it done attitude. This kind of energy can get obsessive about perfection and meeting deadlines so this super moon with its potential to dream and escape this kind of intense methodic reality can have some people reaching for the bottle and the pills, or just flat out exhausted and burned out.

The creativity inspired by the Leo new moon of August 14th permeates and floods the collective with artistry and self -expressions that channel our spiritual yearnings of dissolving into the oneness with each other and with Spirit. This is a very empathic and compassionate moon with the potential for great healing of old wounds because of Chirons position still in Pisces. The karmic debris of the past and present sufferings released through this intense retrograde period is floating around in the collective consciousness and it’s filtering down and seeping into our psychic fields. Those with strong Neptunian aspects to their natal chart may find themselves hyper sensitive to sufferings as well as imaginings and delusions of others.


Venus is ascending after entering the underworld for her atonement with the sun – she is now risen as a morning star, as has Mars, and will station direct again on Sep 6th. Inanna made her mythic descent into the underworld over the last couple of weeks to make passage through the seven gateways, and now the Goddess is set to resurrect herself. As she resurfaces she comes face to face with Mars the warrior. The sacred lovers are back in conjunction – the first time since February 21st –and will be the most exact on. Sep 1st. This could instigate either a confrontational dance between the lovers, or a romantic passionate merger, depending on how you journeyed through your underworld and approached Inanna’s gateways –in context to releasing attachments and reclaiming your power and better understanding your self value…

The lion King has a mighty roar and the Lioness is a brilliant huntress. Together they may rule over the kingdom only now the lioness has reclaimed her Queen title regardless of whether she is married to a King. She has discovered that her Queendom is something separate from the kingdom. This domain was previously captured and taken from her – it’s a place where she governs over her self, and where there’s no need for subservience or subordinates. Only the Queen has the keys to the Queendom and only she decides whom she takes to be her King.

This is a huge revelation for the divine feminine and so Venus and Mars must unite differently and on equal sovereign terms if they are to make this about unification rather than clawing for more domination and control. Mars and Venus trine Uranus in Aries invites an extremely unconventional, or innovative theme to their meeting again. After all the karmic release much has changed inwardly and now that transformation is reflected outwardly -the world is not only perceived differently but may also look to be a completely altered reality. The world as we have known it is gone and a new vision must take its place. For the sacred lovers to come together in harmony and to stand in equality it will take great vision, great self –preservation, great devotion and great compassion for the other.


Mercury has just moved into Libra so his communication skills will come in very handy in hashing out ideas for more equality and harmony in the relationship department until he stations retrograde on Sep 17th. We have already entered the shadow period so if there are still important negotiations and some rebalancing to be sorted out in conjugal and partnering affairs it’s best to move fast now for resolve before these kind of communications become more difficult to relate and more breakdowns ensue.

There are forces surrounding this super moon that are challenging to remain focused and centered and from literally spacing out. To prevent the brain fog and emotional and physical dizziness keep your self grounded- walk barefoot preferably near water. Ocean walks and swims and keeping hydrated are very important as well as nourishing yourself with foods and drinks that have natural energy rather than processed or refined foods laced with chemicals and drugs. Use Virgo’s discrimination and Pisces unity together in ceremony for healing the physical body and the psyche in relation to old karmic wounds. A sacrifice or giveaway could be very potent under the reflective light of this watery super moon. Focus your prayers on unity, peace and healing for all sentient beings as the emotional tide and surge of this super moon has the power carry it to the furthest and deepest reaches of this earth.


original seed, royal
organic and pure

cleansing of the womb
old blood releasing

gods of nature, invoked
aligned good
power up

universal stir
star pot
blood moon

choose love, more
deeper into
real you



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