7 Gates of Inanna, 7 Planetary Retrogrades, Blue Moon Specials and Hunting Demons in the Underworld

JULY 2015 Review & Retrograde Motion:
July 31st Blue Moon in Aquarius by master astrologer Betsy Peerless 

Firstly lets just recap and review what an astrologically and astronomically exciting month July turned out to be! Starting with the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1st, which was accompanied by the beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction, speculated by some as being our modern day Star of Bethlehem. On July 14th one day before our New Moon in Cancer, New Horizon probe performed its fly by of Pluto 7,750 miles from its surface at 7.50am EST to take the first ever photos of Pluto’s ice plains and mountains. Pluto’s ongoing reveal directs our human consciousness and attention to this distant planet relating to Hades and the underworld. It subjects mankind to Pluto’s unique energetic and from thenceforth we are affected. From the distant tug and pull we burrow deeper than ever before into our ‘dark stuff’ to excavate and resurrect our personal power.

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem

On July 23rd NASA announced another major discovery, Planet Earth 2.0 – our closest twin outside our solar system, along with 12 possible ‘habitable’ others. The labeling here begs us to question whether scientists see this latest discovery as Earth 1.0’s most likely upgrade. Lastly this current moon cycle culminates on July 31st with a Blue Moon also known as a Goal Moon and we observe the second full moon in the calendar month of July.

With all that being said it appears very symbolic and significant that now at the end of this very intense and eventful month we currently have 5 planets- Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, plus Chiron the Centaur all in retrograde motion from July 25th to Aug 2nd when Saturn then goes direct. To explain this apparent retrograde motion we must first understand that planets further away from the sun move more slowly than closer ones. Retrograde motion then refers to the occasional backwards motion of the planets. It is entirely an illusion caused by the moving Earth passing the outer planets in their orbits. The transpersonal planets spend about 5 months in retrograde motion every year, and for the past thirty six years or so Uranus the Illuminator, Neptune the Unifier and Pluto the Transformer have traveled retrograde together during at least a portion of the summer months.


With so many planets retrograde at one time a lack of forward momentum may persist over the next couple of months, as well as the feeling to internalize much of our experiences. It’s a potent time to journey inward to reflect and back track over past relationships, memorable events and meetings that had a catalytic effect, life choices taken or abandoned, plus our karma carried forward from previous lives. Remember too that we are dealing with our recent history in this incarnation, while the retrograde motion of transpersonal planets evokes our personal and collective karmic history. All three transpersonal planets are currently retrograde and this intense energy takes us collectively to a deeper level to try and resolve all that has been oppressed and suppressed in society- the injustices and corruption of laws, establishments, the corporate patriarchal world and the religions that enforce morals and a belief system that hold us in a stasis as a global society and enforce the status quo. Much of this no longer serves our greater good, nor can liberate us from a past that only sought to enslave us through the imprisonment of the mind, body and spirit.

Continuing through the summer we may be shown more headline events evoking power plays that will highlight aspects of our collective past that still need a massive reform in order to make life on this planet a harmonious more fruitful existence for all. Lets take into account too that the last 50 years are still under big review. Backtracking as a collective is a giant undertaking and our sufferings continue until we resolve the injustices of the past.

The Moon

Think of this retrograde period as akin to a love relationship that ended either abruptly, or for good reason, yet somehow there is this uncertainty and desire to have it back and so we dive in again only to find that soon enough the same problems arise because nothing has been resolved – nothing addressed internally in either person for it to appear different externally and therefore have a different outcome. So this review is very important because it has the power then to imprint our minds and heart with a certainty that if we continue doing and thinking the same as before then we can just expect more of the same. Doubt and uncertainty are purely fear mechanisms that hinder us from taking that next leap forward. So this revisiting of the past is sometimes necessary for our souls to truly ‘get it’ so that the fear and doubt subside to enable us to accept and release the past. This can feel very overwhelming and confusing because as much as things appear they can just as quickly disappear when Uranus and Pluto have anything to do with it. My best advice is to center yourself in your heart and connect that love to your beautiful clever mind and then try and discriminate as things come up and embrace the challenges with courage and strength. Dig beneath the surface and find the meaning in your greatest challenges of late so that the light can expand in the darkness.

Saturn has been retrograde since Mar 14th 2015 back tracking from the sign of Sagittarius to Scorpio and will go direct on August 2nd. While the God Cronus revisited the sign of Scorpio we were given another chance to revise old structures, review our boundaries and rework projects. Saturn’s energy going underground in Scorpio helped us witness where we’d become structurally attached and where karmic justice was due and for the passage of time to reveal more truths.

Venus the Evening Star

Venus retrograde motion happens once every 18 – 20 months. On July 25th she went retrograde and now falls lower and lower in the western evening sky until she disappears on Aug 9th. She’ll be lost in the suns glare for a few weeks with Aug 15th marking her exact conjunction with the Sun. She will then reappear again on Aug 26th renewed in the easterly morning sky to then station direct on Sep 6th. The ancients called her disappearance ‘Venus’s descent into the Underworld’, which is very poignant considering that as a collective we’ve just taken the plunge into Pluto’s dark underworld courtesy of New Horizons Probe in conjunction with the Uranus/Pluto square 2012 – 2015.

On July 31st she’ll be positioned at 0” 03’ of Virgo and will continue backtracking into the sign of Leo to the same degree she positioned back in mid June. While Venus is retrograde we can expect to look within and mull over every aspect of our core values. Whether in love or not our emotionality connected to our relationship with others will be deeply stirred. There’s a feeling to attempt a redo, or fix things in matters that ail the heart. As Venus descends into the underworld our desires grow stronger and more passionate beneath the surface, while our health and our appearance take on deeper value along with our money making capacity, which we will correlate now with our self worth. It’s a time for complete makeovers -a time to reinvent our outer appearance, our health and our inner resource making capacity while we also deal with the Pluto/Uranus soul release and transformation.

This summer period love relationships will be on everyone’s minds. Ex partners, karmic soul mates, lost friends and lovers may suddenly reappear on the scene to attempt reconciliation, to find closure, work things through, or just to stir things up. Raising the heat, the passion and desire leads to temptations and love affairs, which ultimately test the true value of our current partnerships. Where things could never work out, or were left off there might be presented a new way forward. And for some resolute to their single ways unexpected new encounters challenge the commitment to self and the heart flow.

While Venus stations retrograde the Goddess descends beneath the surface beneath her roots and into the underworld and we lose our ‘evening star’. As the divine feminine turns deep within she connects her Goddess core with Mother Earth and explores the terrain beneath the lit surface. She is symbolically sifting through dark matter to source the pockets of glittering gemstones buried deep underground. She has ventured so far and made personal sacrifices to retrieve and reclaim aspects of her self that have gotten lost or stolen in this life and those in the past past. Her union with the sun signals her atonement with the light and with source readying herself for her reemergence. Her frequency maybe be turned within right now but she is set to rise again and shine as our ‘morning star’. Her journey into the underworld to meet the Sun symbolically marries our earthly desires with infinite light and unconditional love, so that the divine feminine rises up refreshed, renewed and empowered.

Venus in her retrograde motion heads back again towards Jupiter the planet of expansion still in Leo and they will be exact to the closest degree again on Aug 4th. This feels to be a deeply profound reunion before she descends into the underworld and embraces her atonement with the Sun. Jupiter has the power to expand her love and her desire, to align with her highest purpose empowering her with the necessary heart centering. courage and focus for her journey into the deep.


Now finally on to our beautiful Blue Moon on July 31st (6.43 am EDT) which is gifting us twice the full illumination capacity in one calendar month. This is especially profound after the life changing junctures that appeared on the 1st July full moon and the culmination of that Jupiter Venus heart expansion. If there are still things in your life that don’t support your hearts greatest expansion and your most authentic expression of yourself and your life’s purpose then this moon will certainly bring that back under the spotlight. Since The Blue Moon is also known as a Goal Moon this is also a great time to weave some blue moon magic by focusing on your greatest aspirations and goals through creating a unique ritual or devising a ceremony with intentions spoken in prayer or incantation.

This current moon cycle was seeded on July 15th in the sign of Cancer and culminates now in Aquarius with those seeds of a highly sensitive, personal, instinctive, nature rising out of the unconscious and our emotionality to grow and blossom above the surface out in the big wide world and in the public domain. Out in the world we must consider what we can develop to contribute to the collective by balancing all this with our own emotional needs. It’s a huge bridge to cross from the very deep introversion of Cancer to the gregarious public platform of Aquarius. How do we transition with ease from our private inner world to our outer public identity? How do they affect one another? What is it that we personally seeded in our communications and actions that now needs to withstand the scrutiny of the public domain as well as grow and be nurtured there? Air and water are the hardest opposition because in nature water seeks containment while air seeks freedom hence the exceedingly challenging nature of this cycle.

The Moon in Aquarius opposition to the sun conjunct Mercury in Leo reveals our creativity, our passionate talk and life mission are at odds right now with the secure emotional position we adopt for ourselves within the group dynamic – highlighting where we feel more comfortable to stay low key and under the radar rather than becoming effective and stepping up into the limelight to spotlight our giftedness. Our dreams, ideals and our leadership capacity are coming through during this time and we must first face our personal insecurities before we take the stage and put ourselves out there for all to hear and see. Each of us has a special gift and as we rebirth ourselves we must go through the labor pains to cross the next threshold, for our selves and the future generations. Their lives and this Earth count on the innovative solutions, and considerate actions we take now. Supporting this inner and outer growth is a beautiful grand trine in the water signs taking the flow of our intuition and emotionality deeper so that we can feel confident that we have much personally to share with the world that has super beneficial, cathartic and healing effects.

Uranus in Aries opposing North Node in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer leads us back to the subject of reinventing our relationships. Mars the Warrior representing the ‘sacred masculine’ is causing turbulence in our personal matters focusing on selfish needs and emotional insecurities to rebel and rampantly destroy anything that challenges his rather shortsighted and immature actions. Our old defensive ways, our childish needs and wants are causing much frustration and aggravation with our interactions with others and we must be careful not to burn bridges, blurt things out without thinking or deliberately lash out and hurt others.


As all of this plays out shift the focus inwardly and completely dissolve into your heart center and contemplate the many axis’s that extend and penetrate. Then notice what keeps cropping up and take account of what’s lost, what’s been sacrificed, what’s on hold, what’s on repeat, or on instant replay. Journey into the core of the matter – witness the depth of the underlying karmic wound. Let this time be about discovery rather than hardship, let it catch you off guard in a most inspired moment rather than sinking into despair and focusing on what’s out of reach. As stagnant, or backwards as things may seem in the next couple of months reassure yourself that energetically life is still flowing in a positive direction. The past, present and the future in this dimension are always connected to the energetic downloads and we can be sure that change is inevitable. Continuing the dream for your life is what will carry you forward. Enduring personal sacrifice is a hard pill to swallow, but only when the heart is broken wide open can we truly love without need, without conflict, not purely from our desires but of our true devotion to Spirit whose resonance is felt amongst all existence. Radical new beginnings loom on the horizon with the potent month of September gifting us a partial solar eclipse on 13th and a total lunar eclipse on 28th. So enjoy the summer heat, bask in the sun, play in nature and absorb all the beauty that naturally abounds this season and then onward and forward we will go!

turtle_hatching by Roger Hooper

Individual Soul Karma: back track, descend, deepen, reflect, revisit, nurture, rebirth Imagery: The female Sea Turtle comes to shore at night alone on a high tide to her familiar nesting spot where she buries her eggs in the sand. She returns to navigate the great depths and the immensity of the ocean, while back on the beach on a hot summer night the sands shift and churn as the newborn turtles breach the surface under the light of a full moon.

Collective Soul Karma: sacrifice, awaken, grow, promote, facilitate, care Imagery – The life generating capacity of the forest can only exist through the conglomeration of millions of trees grown from seedlings taking root in the soil and extending their limbs up towards the sun. The health of the forest is determined by the vitality of every tree and organism coexisting in this space. Without the trees there can be no forest and no ecosystem to support themselves and other life forms. Under the dense forest canopy life prevails and its benefits extend out into the rest of the world.

“Wolf Moon Blue Moon” photo by Hillary Raimo

The Blue Moon Special by Hillary Raimo 

Last August I saw a demon in the flesh. It was the first time I had ever seen one like this. I was with one other person when it happened. The story is short, relatively simple. Yet the experience transcended time and space and it was a pivotal happening. I can only give you the description of what happened. It will not do the experience justice. But it will help to understand perhaps. I’ll let the reader experience it for themselves and decide on their own. The true identity of the man with me will not be revealed. I will call him John to protect his privacy.

I walked out of the old multi-floored warehouse building. It was evening, and the street lamps gave the area an eerie glow. My truck was parked across the street. I was walking to it to unlock it as John lingered upstairs getting the two portal canvases ready to transport. It was the first time I was moving them since he had stretched them into completion. The city noises lingered through the air. As I stepped off the curb I heard something to my right. Out of the shadows a man on a bicycle rode casually towards me. He was singing a song. My defenses went up instinctively. He rode past me without looking at me. I heard John push the door open behind me and he came out of the building. Easily balancing one of my canvases while navigating the stairs, he and I crossed the street to my truck. I was relieved he was with me. I felt safe with him.

As I opened the the back of the truck I saw the man on the bike coming back from the other direction out of the corner of my eye. He was still singing this song. John looked up and watched him intently. He passed us without looking directly at us. We continued to put the canvas in. The man on the bike did not go out of sight this time. Instead he turned around and came back towards us. As he got closer, John grabbed my arm and pulled me back slightly behind him. The man on the bike slowed down as he passed us, still not looking at us directly. John had to go back in for the second canvas. I got inside the truck and locked the doors. He ran across the street back into the building. The man on the bike seemed to have continued on his way. I thought for a moment, perhaps he won’t come back. Until out of the other direction, my left to right, he past within my window by a few inches. As he continued on, John emerged out of the building with my 2nd canvas. He quickly loaded the canvas into the truck, and again as I watched the man on the bike disappear down the street I thought thankfully he was gone, and we could get out of there.

John climbed into the passenger side of the truck. We looked at each other for a moment. Both of us slightly disturbed by the singing man on the bike. Yet neither of us said anything about it. Again, at that moment, the man on the bike past my window left to right, inches from the window. Both of us sat there stunned. He rode the bike about 40 feet in front of the truck and he abruptly dropped his bike on the ground, as he turned facing us in the truck and began to stomp towards us. It was like a scene right out of a horror movie. Everything slowed down around me. I could feel the molecules in the air. There was a massive infusion of energy streaming all around me. I looked at the man walking towards us trying to get a view of his face. As I tried harder to see him in the shadows, I momentarily forgot he was coming at us in a violent way, he had the intention to hurt us, I could feel it. Yet in that stretched out moment in time, I was experiencing something else. As he got closer I saw his face. It wasn’t a face. It was as if someone had taken their thumb and smudged his face off. There was nothing but a blur. His face was not human. It was just blurred. I stared at it fixated. He got closer and closer.

John screamed “GO” as loud as he could, his voice broke the spell. I was instantly back in my truck, behind the wheel, and I pressed the gas pedal as hard as I could. Completely unaware of oncoming traffic I sped as fast as I could past the man coming towards us. John told me where to go to get out of the area without having to turn around and go back past the building to the highway, which is how I usually went, as I didn’t know the area that well.

“That was a demon,” he said.

“You saw that too?”


“What was that song he kept singing?” I asked

Neither of us could remember the song in that moment. Still to this day, neither of us can recall the song. When I got home that night, and I sat on my bed, the power in my house went out. The light above my bed stayed on. It was as if a message was being delivered that I was protected by a higher power. In that moment everything became real. I am a very intuitive person. I make a living being a clairvoyant in the world. It is what I do. Yet, up until this moment I had never seen the actual realities of the demonic world, nor had I truly felt it as I did in this experience. The abstractness of the feelings comes next. But first I needed to share the actual experience of it. Because the experience was not an abstraction. It was not theoretical. It was actual. John saved me from a demon. That bond with John now is sacred to me.

I shared selectively after it happened. I soon became aware no one could really get what I was trying to convey about the realness of what transpired that night. It freaked most people out, or conjured some complicated thoughts in those trying to understand, so I stopped talking about it. Until now. Why now? because literally and symbolically we are in the Plutonian underworld. Our exposure to the REAL image of Pluto in our recent #PlutoFlyBy we discussed in our last article, puts us into this energy subconsciously. It gives energy and power to what lurks in our own deep. This demon that appeared to John and I that night was real, and so the experience IS in my deep, and it is also in his. So talking about it, sharing the experience helps to release it.

It also means it’s time to hunt these demons. So in publicly sharing my story, I am helping to hunt them down, by giving my experience a voice, relative to the current energies in the world, and bringing it to the light. Demons hate the light on them. But it holds the power to transform their energies, but they hate being called out on their complete lack of ability to love.

One of the only people I shared this experience with who actually understood what I was trying to describe, because for awhile I had a hard time describing what happened, was a woman friend of mine, who I will call Jane to protect her identity and privacy. Jane and I have traced our connection back to a past life where her and I were both priests who preformed exorcisms for the church. We have confirmed in massive ways the truth of this connection. Her and I have been friends now for over two decades. She was one of the first people I went too to better understand this event. Her ability to navigate through these energies is simply brilliant. I have not met another person in my life so far who has the ability as clearly as she does, besides myself. Our story of friendship and past life work together is a good one. If I had to battle demons, I’d want her with me, because I know she could handle it. John too.

John and I have a past life connection as well. Because we took the time to have conversations that reveal, we were able to figure out some of it. Last year before the demon encounter, I had had a benign tumor removed out of my neck. Before I had it removed John and I had had an especially beautifully powerful moment. He shared with me his own thoughts on his past lives. A very vivid memory lived within him of getting shot in the neck during a civil war era in France. The exact spot my tumor was growing. I asked him if he was open to exploring this connection between him and I, thankfully he said YES. This simply was not something to deny or ignore away, so we both knew this was important and we treated it with the respect it deserved. This conversation was important and it had a strange slowing down of time and space effect as we circled it, as we both stayed open to the moment, and we both shared without fear or blockage. Because we both allowed the space to be opened, profound insights were revealed.

I had been intimate with John the year before all this happened. He was the only man I’ve ever been with sexually who caused a wind to come out of my 3rd eye after sex. I knew intuitively he was a very important person in my life, and I have respected him as such ever since. Now we have a strange kind of friendship that seems to brings us together in rare but important moments. I always pay very close attention when he comes into my space. I have a deep respect for him. He saved me from a demon. A woman has to respect that.

Living that experience showed me the reality of things I’ve studied, researched, read. If this was real, then so are other things. The real factor changes the fantasy or mental factor. It is one thing to watch a movie, or read an article, or contemplate certain images, or read mantras even. But it is another thing to actually experience them. In the flesh. This experience didn’t scare me, it confirmed everything. I saw the demons face. So did John. I FELT the demon, so did John. We heard the demons song. We saw the demons ability to go off in one direction and return from another. We watched the demon court us. We experienced it together. We were able to be victorious in our encounter because we had practiced holding our power in our coming together moments without being distracted by superficial facets humans so often get caught up in when in a private space with the opposite sex.

When you read what Betsy wrote above in her astrological forecast, she talks about facing karma, digging deep into our own underworlds and finding what needs the light. Watching what naturally arises without our free will dictating and we deal with it. Head on. WITH LOVE and UNDERSTANDING instead of hate and frustration. I chart her dates and track the headlines accordingly, and I watch the collective platform and the messages being told/sold. Because I believe the energies reveal themselves through it, whether it is manipulated or not. You can still find correlations between the macrocosmic realities and the microscopic. Nothing is separated and nothing is without motion.

I believe John and I conjured a space every time we talked. We opened something each time we did. The longer we stayed in it, the more things were revealed. It was not about the typical romantic relationship stuff most concern themselves with. It was something beyond that, and it existed without the need for it. We didn’t have to be partnered, or together in the world sense. We were living alive the reality of this higher soul love, we were intermixing our hearts, minds and energies for the sake of something bigger. Our lives and paths had crossed for decades prior to us forming a friendship. It was an example of that higher purpose type connection I’ve talked about so often in my writing these last several years. When we get-together it is a meeting of sorts. Neither of us know what will come out of it. It doesn’t matter. Because something always does.

The power of that connection got somethings attention. If John had not yelled out that night, in my truck, we might have both died that night. Who can say. But we didn’t. We continued on. Both of us with our own lives, our destinies and we are better people for it. I now know the truth of what is real in this world, and I live by that now.

July 15th was the anniversary of my surgery last year. This year it was the date the Pluto image was released into the world. July 15th was the new moon. It was the day my family and I brought the ashes of my grandmother Miriam, who had an intimate role in my healing process this past year, home. It was an auspicious day. It even produced a return of a man in my life who I once loved asking me to revisit my pain from our time together. I was able to release that for a final time, in a deeper understanding of myself and the world. Last year when I was under during the surgery, I had an experience before the demon came. I was in a hallway, and it was dark, everything was gray. These shadow people walked in and out of the doorway. I stood there watching for a moment, feeling myself just standing there. Then I woke up. I had never had anything like that happen in any surgical situation ever. I was shown the doorway of the souls. Did it have anything to do with the appearance of the demon the following month? I’m not sure. But the two experiences were close together. I’m not one to take coincidences lightly.

I share the real after Betsy’s predictions because I want to share with you reader the reality of this work. Once you align within your heart and you begin to share that alignment with others, it produces a field that gets noticed by everything. Some things want to destroy the light, other things wish to expand it. Just like some humans are good, bad and ugly. There are spectrums to the human consciousness that ask us to be honest with ourselves and how we walk the work alive in our own lives. It is not a time to talk anymore. It is a time to join together, work together, love together, and see what that brings.

Once in a blue moon we have a chance to walk through a powerful gateway. Out of our own underworlds, through the 7 gates of Inanna, while the 7 planetary entities are in retrograde, we slow down time and space, long enough to have a productive opportunity to do some serious revealing. It will happen on a personal level as well as the collective. You can not ignore either. They are the same.

Today I hunt the demons who think they can interrupt the love field with anger, rage, distraction, negativity, separation, denial, doubt, dislike….. you’re number is up. I’m coming for you. I know where you dwell.

Pay attention to how  this force of negativity develops in your life. Who is it coming through? It can shift and change. One minute it can come through one person, then another. It will put pressure on all your cracks. To crack you. To fold the foundation of love you operate on. It can be a voice, a moment of odd happenings, it can be anything. But it will have a signature – the lack of ability to forgive and love.  Demons thrive on hate. 

Our inner demons control our emotions. They fill us with negative thoughts. They cause us to doubt ourselves and others. They ask us to lash out in hate, violence, and seek harm to others. Anger is an emotion most humans have a completely dysfunctional relationship with. Therefore anger is an easy doorway for demons to manifest through. So get a handle on your anger and make it a laser focus vs an all destroying type of tidal wave. If you are approached by someone who is being controlled by a demon, LOVE THEM. Tell them you love them, and mean it. This will make true demons run, they will disappear. They will reach out in hate and try and destroy you. When they do LOVE THEM MORE. Love them through their hatred. Until the demon can no longer exist within them.

Our thoughts are angels. Observe them carefully. Are they angry and hate filled? Then you are serving the dark angels domain. Are they light and loving, filled with forgiveness, and the ability to see beauty in all  that is? Then you are serving the light angel domains. Humans are containers. What fills them is up to each container and the chemical reaction between what makes one human and what comes to meet you in all that means.



  1. HI, “Venus in her retrograde motion heads back again towards Jupiter the planet of expansion still in Leo and they will be exact to the closest degree again on Aug 4th the same day she stations direct.” I am confused with the motions and the dates here… Venus stationing direct on the 4th? I thought she came out only sept 6? Thankyou 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Thank you for noticing that – Venus conjunct Jupiter Aug. 4th and direct on Sep 6th – I try my best when editing to see any mistakes but this one clearly wasn’t one I caught – so Thank You – I will correct the mistake 🙂


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