PlutoFlyBy Revelations Revealed: A Journey of Faith

Thoughts on the Plutonian Plunge 
by Hillary Raimo 

Pluto is a slow drip into ones soul veins. It continuously, steadily moves through you. Bringing with it the constant realization of who you are. As you spiral down to the inner most parts of you, you come across massive monumental markers that guide the way. This may manifest in your world in a variety of ways. People from the past resurface, situations you have found yourself in before recreate themselves, what you have refused to see in the past now lies right before your eyes. There is no longer an elephant in the room, you are now riding it full speed. Unable to deny the significance of what we cross paths with, we settle into them, accept them as is, and we humbly proceed through it knowing the importance of the moment. Once we face what is uncomfortable for us, once we sit with it for a moment without fear or denial, it merges with our hearts, and becomes not a scary situation, but one filled with monumental awakening keys that fit directly into all your locks, opening them all at once. Facing what scares us reveals it never had the power to destroy us. It only held the power to transform us.

Pluto is a bringer of the dawn. Pluto shows us the way out of the underworld because it is the underworld. It knows itself. It will form around your beliefs and bring you exactly what you want, need, both consciously and unconsciously. In doing so you become an observer of the field. In Quantum physics this very act changes everything. We move to the rhythm of our inner tides, which are connected to all tides. That flowing quantum gravitational force that keeps everything in swing. Here we are free because nothing contains a sense of self. It is the zone of all merger. The black hole teaches us nothing escapes from this inevitable draw to the center of the creational circle. And so we continue to move towards it, in all ways, always.

We all go through this gateway together. No matter what color our skin, or what god we pray to, or how well we have, or have not, lived our lives. We approach this inevitable transition having practiced the act of detachment continually throughout our lives. Little deaths happen every day. Some are subtle, others more drastic. Yet each one is a valuable experience in the art of letting love be.

Pluto asks us to describe our inner demons and recognize them in others as reflections of our own. Pluto is the master of the backwards mirror.

Personally, Pluto has brought me to my knees. It has asked me to revisit gut wrenching pains from the past. It has revealed everything inside me that remained to be seen. All I could do was flow with it. Naked, I submitted to gods will and let it roll out. I buried my grandmother again. Together with my mother and sister. It was a profound genetic family healing. Right over the Pluto FlyBy, as my personal astrology revealed a massive transit on the exact days it all happened. Because of it I have learned to take better care of the things I love. To treasure the moments that so easily slip away one after another, and to fiercely speak my truth.

Nothing Plutonian energy reveals is to be taken lightly. While this was happening my research was taking me into the dark recesses of the deep web, as I found my way to things even I was surprised existed. I knew I was on to something big. My findings revealed technology, situations happening on a collective scale, and once I had found it, even I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Post it on Facebook? why. What good does that really do? It has made me realize that digging for truth, revealing truth, needs a new platform. A new way to reach people. We are headed into a vast unknown. Supercomputers, massive upgrades in technology. Perhaps a more telepathic avenue is required nowadays. Faster quickening. #IntuitiveMatrix and you can find all the interesting dots I’ve been busy connecting.

Our descendants will not grow up in the same world we have now or once had even just years ago. We are the last of a non/semi digital generation. What advice do we give to those growing up in a completely new world all around us? My advice is to never forget nature, to spend as much time as possible in it, to protect it and encourage others to do the same. Humanity must reconnect a spiritual relationship with the natural world.

I have concluded in all the work I have done up to this point in my life, this act of developing a spiritual relationship with nature is what will help save the planet.


PLUTO’S COMEBACK – The Lord of the Underworld reveals….
by master astrologer Betsy Peerless 

Nine years after Pluto’s demotion in 2006 from his status as the 9th planet in our solar system to being reclassified as the not so dignified dwarf planet, New Horizon’s epic voyage of 9 1⁄2 years accomplished its fly by just 7750 miles from Pluto’s surface on July 14th 2015 to change all of that. Now Pluto The Lord of the Underworld is having a royal comeback as a major player in the solar system, in the minds of scientists and the hearts of the people. In fact NASA has called 2015 “The Year of Pluto”. We are seeing for the first time Pluto’s mountainous surface with the probe successfully capturing the most stunning visuals. And most intriguing and iconic of all- the giant heart shape feature on Pluto’s surface bursting with symbolic significance, revealed on the first ever high resolution photo of Pluto taken 476,000 miles from the surface.

New close-up images of a region near Pluto's equator reveal a giant surprise -- a range of youthful mountains rising as high as 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) above the surface.
New close-up images of a region near Pluto’s equator reveal a giant surprise — a range of youthful mountains rising as high as 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) above the surface.

Only a couple of weeks ago when I wrote my article ‘Pluto the Transformer’, Hillary and I worked intuitively, and from the current data and photos available before this historic fly by. Now looking back its clear to see what an extraordinary transformation in visuals and first impressions we have already been gifted. About 99% of the data New Horizons has collected on its journey is still on the spacecraft, and it will take around 16 months to download it all. It is my belief that our human consciousness will respond the same way – gradually uploading and assimilating all the energetic imprints Pluto has for us on a soul karmic level and as a global collective of peoples. Pluto’s comeback is perfect timing if we consider the Pluto and Uranus Square that culminated 2012 – 2015 and is now on the wane as Uranus exits the juncture that heralded our collective human crisis of structure. What we can expect now that our human consciousness has traveled as far as the dark mysterious Kuiper Belt is up for some serious conjecture. Many focus on Pluto’s inherent darkness -the horrors and terrors that could reign down on this Earth, while others attention is on the deep and profound exploration of the shadow self heralding now an era of intense focus for karmic release. There is a current trend in the political and social climate for the exposure of great evils and lies, which reveal the truths hidden beneath archaic structures and rulings. This reemergence of the truth acts as a reset button for our collective karma steering us towards our most authentic human expression. Pluto’s message is clear to me –“Make Love, Not War” which incidentally was a phrase coined in the 60’s around the same time as Uranus and Pluto were last conjunct and seeded this current cycle of total reformation. Wherever Pluto is concerned we can be sure of experiencing the extremities in life and in love, because he teaches us about our desire for control in fierce conflict with what needs to be let go.

rendition of Pluto's Ice world
rendition of Pluto’s Ice world

First let’s take the scientists speculative findings so far and apply it to the astrological aspects of Pluto and look at the correlations. Bear in mind I’m an astrologer and not a scientist, currently at the peak of a Pluto transit to my natal Luminaries, with the majority of my experience and expertize in intuitive and hands on energy healing- so my deductions have their base in this context. Taking it back then to the basics in astrology, both Mars originally and Pluto the higher octave are the ruling planets of the sign of Scorpio, which is ‘fixed’ in nature and associated with the element of water. When a sign is ‘fixed’ it signals something has culminated and the desire for retaining and maintaining this peak determines a stasis, and in the case of Scorpio it’s in the emotional realm. Interesting then that NASA scientists working on deciphering New Horizons data are excited to have discovered ‘ice mountains’ which has them speculating that Pluto has H20. The crystalline structure of ice is the fixed state of water and so here we already have one major correlation. My fascination is truly piqued as to what may lay inside and beneath all that ice on the mountains and plains of Pluto’s surface. Scientists have even discussed the event of snow on Pluto…

Plutos heart
Plutos heart

Since Earth’s surface is 71% water there exists then an energetic connectivity with the physicality of Pluto. Water is the source of life and where there is water there is potential for life, which is mind boggling considering just how distant Pluto is located from our Sun – on average 3,670,050,000 miles away. Lets take into account too that our human bodies are 50- 75% water, our brains 70% and our lungs 90% so perhaps this relationship through a deep inner molecular level could be the reason that ‘Plutonic’ energies effect us so inwardly and profoundly and cause such extreme fluctuations in our feeling capacity and in the passage of our life. In this I consider the pervasive force of a tidal pull and surge creating the huge momentum of a wave crashing to the shore. This certainly would describe very literally one effect of a Pluto transit to our natal Luminaries.

From Dr. Emoto Masuru labs

Research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has a memory. This theory was first proposed by the late French immunologist- Dr. Jacques Benveniste in a controversial article first published in 1988 as a way of explaining how homeopathy works. The research suggests that water might retain an “imprint” of energies to which it has been exposed, and be traveling out of our brains and bodies and into those of other living beings through imprints on this magical substance. The oceans, rivers and rains then could be be transporting all manner of information throughout this Earth. Also the late and great Dr. Emoto and his Institute are at the forefront of the study of water. His experiments set out to prove that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words and music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”. Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. So you see there is definitely something very brilliant and ingenious within the molecular structure and capacity of water with an adept potential to transcribe memory. In the case of Pluto and his karmic lessons we could deduce then that our karmic soul history may indeed be recorded somewhere physically inside of us, and what if it were stored in crystalline water patterns deep within our cells? I can’t prove this but I like to pose this question because my intuition tells me that our human understanding and our energy threads are being stretched now beyond our ‘normal’ capacity with this Pluto fly by – we find ourselves simultaneously reaching to the very depths of our souls and extending 3 billion miles to the edge of our solar system. That is possibly the deftest extremity imaginable in my current conscious state of awareness.

Reaching for the Heavens-2

The rest of my deductions here on the Pluto fly by are based on my personal experiencing of the energy around 14th July- its proliferation, transfer, and collection in the healing capacity. On this day my third eye was opened and I received a succession of visions, which took me into the core of this earth where a giant, milky, transparent crystalline form was hidden and shielded in a strange armor – part fibrous part metallic. I sensed it to be on this earth but not of this earth. It had a great power as a source of light and energy but most fundamentally it connected with my heart and expanded it. My heart resonated deeply with this hidden crystalline object that somehow generated and transmitted love. Many questions arose from this vision…

Is love generated by something outside of our selves? Is love purely a human emotion, or can it be in its own state of existence without us experiencing it? Is love in an inert state until received energetically by our organic bodies? How would this energy transfer work – is it reliant on a conductive form of consciousness to activate itself? Perhaps the crystalline state of water inside our bodies and outside is at play here –I like to believe so. And water’s connection to memory, relating to the karmic energetic patterns withhold molecularly and psychically awaiting a specific frequency such as love to activate a process of slow release and transformation. I’m sensing that Pluto’s full reveal will somehow open a window into the understanding of this transfer of energy and take us to new heart depths, relating to hidden powers and imprints buried deep within ourselves.

Spreading the Love

After these inquiries transpired Pluto had me delving deep in a seeking capacity and on that journey I rather reluctantly found myself dealing with my attraction and repulsion of entrapment and enmeshment in my current reality, just like dear Persephone who was tricked and abducted by the Lord of the Underworld Hades. Her mother’s plea and actions boycotting life and abundance on the surface of Earth finally freed Persephone from her dark existence. But Hades was crafty and tricked her into eating a pomegranate seed and by doing so she was ever bound to her husband Hades. Persephone spent two thirds of her life above the surface and one third underground, which correlates with our Earth seasons.

Delving into my own fear of entrapment I recognized that the propagation of joy, and vibrancy in my life truly comes forth from the commitment, nurturance and justice of a strong inner mother Demeter archetype, in spite of the cause and effect of powerful interplays with those with whom I share intimately with- whether that be through love, shared resources or shared genealogy. Pluto brought my attention to where my desire for intense merger has become attached to another and the karmic past is being played out. Pluto’s deep passion and sexuality induce ecstatic mergers where energies entwine and then resist the separation factor. The sexual act of intercourse can lead us into a sacred union- combining bodies, souls and spirits in master love making and this erotic unification resonates deep inside as two souls meld as one. And it is that intense merger with another that creates the bliss zone and the intensity of feeling that has us holding on and never wanting to let go until we do and suffer for it, forced to separate by things beyond our control.

Erotic Merger

Pluto teaches us that all the love, positive intention and strength of will we can secure can’t stop our world from falling apart from time to time; for people we love to slip out of arms reach, or for us to fall out of their hearts affections entirely. We can but keep generating the love within us, and projecting it externally to conjure brighter days and to summon more heart, body soul connections for our renewal and regeneration. We can endeavor to become secure in the knowledge that our miniature universe inside will attract exactly what it needs under the planet and star alignments above, bringing us to the meeting of our destiny that will release the karma of old and reset our soul on the evolutionary fast track. Whether currently attached or not this is the focus and direction Pluto will guide us towards. Under Pluto’s tough love influence we learn ways to maneuver out of our ball and chains and reclaim the lost hidden aspects of our selves, release what no longer serves us and step up and out of the underworld to lay our head on this nutrient rich earth and bask in the light and love that is our human birthright. It is in this quiet repose that the transformation takes place.

Scientist’s tell us to expect more surprises from Pluto’s big reveal. They seek to determine the ‘dark stuff’ on Pluto’s surface, the like of which was seen in a long dark band they termed the ‘whale feature’- another rather symbolic first impression since these mammals are of the ocean deep. Pluto I’m certain has much more to reveal, but with or without more exposure he ensures that we take a journey into our own depth, into the dark night of our soul. Brave hearts navigate deeper and deeper into the underworld, seeking out the skeletons hidden inside ebony closets. They may well be ancient ones – of the like that could be buried under sheets of ice and of great karmic influence. It takes courage and great faith to travel so deep within and then journey back to the surface to exonerate shadow bonds. As much as we may suffer loss and tragedy, we must always keep hope in our hearts and an eye on the prize and understand that our rewards for our courage in facing our demons lie within us. On this journey beneath the surface there is always the chance of a surprise excavation -of something bright, shiny and crystalline in make up that reveals our inner light in connection to divine source. This light, this love has the power to transmutate all things that have controlled and enforced some kind of deep personal and collective entrapment and we learn that all the darkness in the world cant extinguish a single flame. When we go digging inside and happen upon an old chest do we open it up and unleash  the horrors, or uncover the most precious of all treasures? We always have a choice to love or to fear and in that decision we open ourselves up to receive.

Hope II (detail) Gustav Klimt

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