Pluto Comes For You, Drivebys of Love Respond July 14th & 15th, 2015


Once upon a time I lost something I loved with my entire soul. It cast me into the underworld. I survived a double rattlesnake bite. As one, I swallowed my own tail. As the great night came, I learned to see the stars better. Practicing the act of remembering only the love showed me the way out. I arrived at the doorway of the shadow people and watched how they moved through planes of existence. I had to walk through it if I wanted out of the underworld. So I did. Those around me held space the only way they could, in their own truths and agendas. To survive your underworld you can only navigate out of it by doing it yourself. No one can help you. You will only receive pockets of air as you move, providing moments of reprieve. Brief and starkly glaring. Their removal into your ‘once was’ is painful and challenging. You have no choice but to survive it, unless you choose to die in your underworld, which has dire consequences. Your goal in human life is to live enough love so when you cross over and transition into the next realm, you have all of that feeling to ride the cosmic boat across the duat in. Symbolic of your resurrection from the underworld in the moment of your new dawn.

Once you get out, you may be tested now and then. Karmic opportunities arise so you may evaluate your state of heart and mind. This is a fantastic gift, given by the Gods themselves. To acknowledge your own growth. To see your own worth. To accept yourself completely as is in all that means. Here you merge with the noon sun, and illuminate all life.

Pluto is your guardian. He holds balance for your underworld. A moment of truth and deep seeded unfulfilled desires surface to be seen, heard and acknowledged so they may be transformed and recycled into your inner mulch. Enriched with wise. Soaked in tears of pain and love. As humans we must choose love. Our Tehvul moment. We arrive, and we see a choice needs to be made as to how we will move forward. In Tehvul we choose love. In choosing love we change the outcome.

Love is the lifeline through the underworld. When we are here it is through divine synchronistic moments that we see the portals opened for us to walk through. Each choice of YES I CHOOSE LOVE clears the disharmonious frequencies and resets the field. Here we are fertile creators. Able to seed infinite possibility.

This initiation through our own underworld prepares us for the responsibility of illumination. 

Embrace Pluto, his driveby will stir your deepest inner soul oceans. He will reflect your greatest fears and reveal your weakest points. All in order to heal. He has the power to kill you, as a rattlesnake bite does, but the antidote is hidden within the very poison that presents itself to you for your own good and transformation.

by Hillary Raimo

Hades and Persephone
Hades and Persephone


Pluto ~ The Transformer July 14th & 15th 2015
by Betsy Peerless, Master Astrologer

Pluto was first discovered back in 1930 but was demoted in 2006 to a plutoid or dwarf planet. With 5 known moons Pluto is located 5.5 hours from the Sun if you travel at the speed of light- just a mere 2.6 billion miles away from Earth! Pluto’s atmosphere consists of a thin envelope of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide gases, which are derived from the ices of these substances on its surface. Pluto is only 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) wide, which is about half the width of the United States and slightly smaller than Earth’s Moon. One day on Pluto is equal to 6.39 days on Earth. It takes a full 248 years for Pluto to orbit the sun, so you can understand then that it is entirely possible to live a lifetime without encountering a significant Pluto transit to ones astrological natal chart. During a Pluto transit anything that isn’t authentic has to go, and that can be an arduous and painful process even when the discovery and depth of our attachments prove not to serve our highest purpose. Pluto’s progression is tediously slow and with long retrograde cycles ensuring that a Pluto transit can last for years. So with Pluto appearing so small in comparison to our Earth and being so very distant how does it have such power to weald? Truly I can’t answer that for certain, but can only postulate Pluto’s clutch with accounts from other astrologers, as well as from my own experience of currently being head on in an opposition with Pluto to my natal luminaries and Mercury. Some astrologers and astronomers still don’t even recognize Pluto as having much importance in the stellar pantheon.

“In 2005, this image from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope was used to identify two new moons orbiting Pluto. Pluto is in the center.”

It is significant that Pluto is believed to originate from the Kuiper belt at the very edge of this solar system, as do the Centaurs. Most well known of this pantheon are Chiron -The Wounded healer, Nessus and Pholus. These Centaurs are archetypes of karmic soul weavers whose chaotic eliptical orbits when transiting our natal planets set off sirens and alarm bells, awakening us to our dire and urgent need for deep soul cleansing and healing. What energy is woven above is mirrored energetically here on this earth because energy persists – it holds this universe together and can split it all apart. It is of course entirely possible to undergo a Pluto or Centaur transit and be in blissful ignorance however I would hazard a guess as to say even this person would notice that over a long period of time things just wouldn’t come to fruition as they used to. They would express that their life was marred with extreme circumstances and unexpected events and that they’d been on a constant rollercoaster ride with the rug being pulled from beneath them at any given moment.


Pluto is the Transformer and rules the water sign of Scorpio occupying the 8th house energetically creating themes of extremities, merger and separation, death, destruction, regeneration, the underworld, the occult, the shadow self, sexual union, karma, others resources, and inheritance. ‘Plutonic’ energy can manifest on this earth plane as unexpected dramatic or tragic events, and power struggles, giving us individually and collectively karmic lessons and teachings about control. Pluto brings our awareness to our will to control others or vice versa, by creating situations that have us feeling powerless, leading us into a tail spin, or just creating a big void where it previously felt so full. Ultimately Pluto evokes transformation and regeneration after stripping us of anything that holds us back from our souls evolution.

Hades & Persephone
Hades & Persephone

Hades the God of the Underworld who abducted his niece Persephone, taking her into his dark realm to be his wife is associated with Pluto. He ruled over ‘The House of Hades’ where mortal men and womens souls resided after their death. It occupies the space somewhere between Erebos and the surface of the earth – where the earth is rich in mineral deposits.

Pluto also conjures forth the powerful transformational energy of the Goddess Kali. She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum unmanifest from which all of creation arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve. With the influence of Kali and Pluto often times we must first be destroyed before we can be built back up again. When we meet Pluto we are being called to return to our most authentic self as his connection is always about catalyzing the tremors of transformation through a process of slow meticulous self- excavation and karmic release.


On July 14th and 15th 2015 Pluto in Capricorn opposes the conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury all in the sign of watery emotional Cancer, which square Uranus in fiery Aries, which opposes the North Node in Libra. The spotlight is now on our personal lives illuminating what lies deep in our unconscious as well as in our childhood memory bank, with a strong impulse to have our basic needs and feelings brought to the surface and aired for all to hear. There’s a lot of fear generated now about communicating our deepest feelings and yet at the same time things can suddenly erupt in an emotional heated way in our conversations- seemingly out of nowhere. This discomfort is felt because the sign of Cancer is so introverted and private and prefers to keep feelings inside to avoid scrutiny or humiliation. Opposing this is Pluto in Capricorn slowly and painstakingly destroying the archaic structures that have held society in tact along with our old identities and traditional roles, while Uranus in Aries seeks a complete overhaul of the entire system – total reformation and innovation. North Node in Libra leads us away from purely selfish motivations towards encompassing ‘the other’ and creating equality and harmony and balance in relationship and partnerships.

In a nutshell then the energies above will be especially conducive here on this Earth for revealing and communicating our deepest most secretive thoughts and feelings that have been hidden or suppressed in the past. Exposing our innards to the outside world is both frightening and liberating, and readies us as individuals to reveal our true selves (warts and all!) publically and bare the consequences- leading to the destruction of something old, and then the reshaping of something new…in the end it all serves the purpose to karmically balance out the scales and bring about the transformation necessary for total recalibration on a deep soul level which reverberates out into the collective. Prepare for things to get really emotionally stirred up, with power struggles and big exposes mid July.

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