7-1-15 Alignment of Pure Heart

What would happen if we stood united on top of one of the worlds most powerful modern day sacred sites? If we gathered together in intentional prayer to rise up in unison, together, a grand WE, in a universal gesture of peace and love, how would that be reflected back to us in the world of quantum magic?

To take the wizards staff and use it for good. If we all joined together and convened into our super power teams, wonder twins activated, to hold the level of consciousness a bit higher then ever before, how would that ripple through the quantum world?

We are greater then what we think we are. We hold a power so all-knowing within us, that when it is activated, opened, used, practiced, mastered, it unites everything in a stronger way. Why does that matter? because instead of always being programmed by the collective consciousness subconsciously, we begin to PROGRAM the collective consciousness by becoming lucid consciousness hackers. Hacking into the etheric matrix that unites everyone. By rippling the field slightly here and there, we wake up the grandmother spiders, those who are the guardians of the web, dreamers of the realities we find ourselves walking through, day by day, a little more we weave. Until one day a grand tapestry is hung on a castle wall, depicting the story for all to know and remember. Are you the hero in your own story?

We are in a ripe period of active consciousness seeding. Our thoughts are powerful. Our words telling of that power, and our hearts are unloading the heaviness they have been carrying around for eons. We are atoning our souls, unleashing our burdens, and knowing what it feels like to finally be free. It is one thing to work to free your mind, it is another when it is actually free, one must then maintain that freedom. For surely prison doors lurk around each moment of choice corner, waiting for us to fall back into old and outdated ways of BE-ing that have kept us trapped for eternities long gone.

It is time to find the great love of your life, wrap your arms around them in comfort, trust and authenticity. It is time to partner with your dream teams, those you want to work with on the grounds of high magic. Who would you choose to twine with now? How many would be in your circle of trust? Jesus only had 12.

Open wider. Think bigger, better thoughts. Feel better about everything and let your body register those amazing euphoric emotions as they wash over you in waves.

The trinity resides inside you. Your grail is empty waiting for you to fill it with the ambrosia of higher communication and interaction with your beloved. Every one we have ever loved, and everyone we ever will still yet, holds a piece of the cosmic seed. Heat germinates it. Friction grinds it to push to the surface, the light. Once it breaks through it seeks to only grow into its most evolved form. Nature spins in the direction of growth. Humans are here to produce emotional energy for the plant world. We are harvested this way. Love makes the plants grow better, healthier, you eat it, and in a reciprocal agreement you benefit from the interaction. It pays to love in this way, a way that Wall Street can never understand.

There is so much going on in the world. So many distractions available for your enjoyment. What has captured you through this powerful and potent time?

Tomorrow we gather at the top of the Freedom Tower in New York City to See Forever. We return to the site we have all grown to know. The number 911 is brilliantly imprinted on humanities mind by the actions taken that one day many years ago. No matter what you believe, one thing stands true, that this act was masterminded by a mind who was able to see the extreme long term effects on the human mind. It has, in a bizarre way, captured all of us. We can choose to see the horrific terror, or we can accept the healing and move on. The choice is still ours. Join us tomorrow 1pm all time zones. conjure your most beloved memories of love, feel them, let them flow through your body, ignite your own inner flame, and breathe that powerful sacred breath out into the Earth around you as a beautiful heart centered offering. #LoveBreatheForEarth share your photos, stories on our webpage 

Once we free our mind, we must reclaim our purity of heart.
Hillary Raimo 



July 1st 2015 Astrology with Betsy Peerless – Full Moon in Capricorn

July 2015 is a powerful month with twice the luminosity capacity gifted to us by the Blue Moon on July 31st, making 13 the moon’s sacred number this calendar year. July’s full moons feature significant energetic inter plays between the planets and the nodes heralding a period of intense tension and illumination with life changing potential. It’s key this month to use our internal compass to traverse the junctures ahead, with July 1st marking another pivotal point in our souls evolution. Major life junctures like a crossroad involve choices, decisions, a midpoint and a confrontation with our destiny, from whence the consequences will play out. At the center of every juncture is a vortex of pure potential where we must deliberate in which direction to navigate that power to create a bright future.


This current moon cycle seeded on June 16th in the sign of Gemini brought our attention to our words, our thoughts, our communications and new ideas. The duality of the twins as a theme highlighted the contradictory nature of things in our immediate surroundings. The energy of the moon culminating now in earthy Capricorn seeks to ground these ideas floating around and give them form and structure. The moon conjunct Pluto sheds light on how our communications may control or manipulate those we share intimately with in order to get our physical and emotional needs met. Pluto the Transformer will illuminate the old structures and rigid thinking regarding our professional life, our notion of success, and our duties and responsibilities that continue to hinder our dexterity, restrict our movement, or cause depression to set in. It’s yet another opportunity to release anything that has us stuck in a groove, stuck in the past, gets us down in the dumps, and going nowhere fast.

July 1st is also a Cardinal Grand Cross Full Moon and it’s worthwhile backtracking to the first Full Moon of this year – January 4th 2015 whereby the same cross formed in the heavens only back then the moon culminated in the sign of Cancer opposing the sun in Capricorn. Consider any major life changes or events that happened at the beginning of the year and how that now relates to your current situation. Perhaps you are noticing a reversal or an opposition in a scenario regarding a family or home situation in conjunction with your job or the success of your career. During this full moon we are energetically being lead to a juncture regarding the direction we will take on the family and home front versus our career or professional life. You may find yourself particularly challenged regarding the family and home base versus the career status, while the relationship and self-motivations get compromised because of the inability to perceive or act outside of the polarity. Oppositions challenge our conditioned perception of the binary nature of things and why we persist on oppressing one side over the other rather than giving equal precedence to either side. Wholeness comes from accepting and embracing the seemingly opposing forces at work then determining their complementary nature and integrating them internally to create the balance and equality we seek externally.


This full Moon conjunct Pluto opposes the Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer creating inner conflicts. The sun in Cancer highlights the activation of the playful exuberant inner child while the moon in Capricorn conjures the security conscious adult. With this opposition going on internally it may be the case that we need to get off our high horse about what’s right and wrong and how to maintain and control things and take Cancer’s lead and live more imaginatively and intuitively. In contrast our very self -oriented naive inner child may need to wise up and mature through the guidance, discipline and supervision of the adult. The placement of Mars here actively seeks to protect our inner child, defending it vigilantly from Pluto’s demands to release the past, grow up and evolve. In this aspect Pluto’s main objective is to alleviate the soul of emotional baggage, of old memories especially from childhood and past lives– stirring up deep karmic security issues.

Neptune in Pisces mediates between this opposition signaling us to use our emotionality and artistic expression to dissolve boundaries, seek unification and merge the opposing forces.
The fiery and masculine energy of The Sun and Mars aren’t simpatico with the feminine lunar tides of watery emotional Cancer. Picture if you will the full moon casting a reflection on a tranquil lake and then the sudden and jarring disturbance of a motorboat traversing the waters at high velocity creating choppy waves. This is the effect Mars and Sun have in the sign of Cancer! All that has lain unconscious, past and remote is about to be disturbed big time. All the murky stuff from the bottom will get churned up and resurface under this lunar spotlight. There is a strong desire during this full moon to defiantly cling on to what’s past in a very defensive and childish manner even when it’s obvious that transforming it or releasing it would be more mature and beneficial not just for yourself but especially in context of your relationships. This opposition square the lunar nodes creates the cardinal grand cross with 4 crisis points that have great potential for inner or outer shifts in our personal lives, relationships, home and family situations and our life purpose. It’s time to think and act outside of the box and do something differently when it comes to any of these arenas because this box constructed from our past conditioning and emotional insecurities needs our souls attention…Uranus calls forth for it’s reformation.


Skywatchers will be excited about viewing the exact Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the sky after sunset in the constellation of Leo at 0.3 degrees of separation. Their last exact conjunction was 317 days ago on Aug 18th 2014. Astrologically Jupiter conjunct Venus in Leo creates the energetic for a super expansion of core values, for great love, devotion, adoration, romance, artistry, beauty and passion. Uranus in Aries, still coming out of that crisis of structure with Pluto is trine this conjunction- so wherever we are experiencing a strong heart expansion in our lives is also aligned with the powerful energetics for innovation and radical change. Mercury in Gemini assists by utilizing the power of the mind and intellect to pinpoint any duality or polarity that still perpetuates our thinking and communicating, as well as bringing this accessible expansion of love and reformation into the here and now. It is our minds thinking process that has the capacity to inject all this abundance and positivity into our immediate environment and our everyday NOW, rather than letting it still be just a good idea for another day.
Most fundamental to this conjunction are our core values, alongside the divine feminine principal, which are about to undergo extreme elevation and expansion. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio square Venus and Jupiter forewarns that ‘her’ over inflation if not aligned with absolute truth will expose her and any narcissistic double standards to crack the glossy Venusian facade. To create radical change our motivations must be founded in truth and not just fantasy, romance or whatever beguiles materially, otherwise the injustices of the past may continue to affect our collective future. Aspects to Chiron in Pisces heed us towards obsessing on the deep shadowy aspects of self or about the perfection or an ideal that’s impossible to achieve instead of casting our discerning eye outside of ourselves and focusing on generating healing and compassion for the deep wounds carried by collectives at this time. Excessive Venusian energy can also breed over indulgence, adoration and worship of an empty ideal, which doesn’t have the power or deep roots to bring about the radical change mankind and this planet needs for renewal and reform. This appears to be a huge juncture for the divine feminine and her authenticity versus the vanity of the feminine ideal born of the patriarchy. Both men and women are responsible for perpetuating the patriarchal structuring which suppressed the divine feminine from her natural power and magic for centuries. A constructive way forward now is to reevaluate the feminist movements of the past, in particular the Second Wave feminism of the early 60’s which first concentrated on dismantling workplace inequality, and Ecofeminism of the 70’s which combined ecological concerns with feminist ones regarding both as a result of a male dominated society. By honoring the Goddess in alignment with Earth and attuned to her frequency our future direction will be clear to those who have been tapping into the powerful transformational energies of the last 3 years.


With the cardinal compass in the heavens mirrored here on Earth, and on this day the markers pointing at all the most important aspects of our lives, the pressure to make choices may feel paramount. Yet continuing the old pattern of choosing one thing over the other won’t secure a more balanced future. With the North Node in Libra these times are rife for integration, so instead of choosing just one direction and putting all our energy there, perhaps there is a more balanced way to navigate our energy in multiple directions or dimensions and thereby entirely transforming this one-way system. What we feel so personally also ties into the bigger picture as where we direct our energy now leads us into the future, through the age of Aquarius where our concern and attention addresses the good of the collective rather than purely acting from the self motivations of the past. Ongoing as a collective we are being prompted from the energetic alignments above to transform our ideals, our thoughts and our structures concerning relationships in all their capacity to pave the way for a healthier more abundant community of peoples on this earth.


Lastly and most importantly on this 1st July bring super awareness to the flow of love in your life. Use Jupiter’s energy to expand your heart and touch others and radiate this love into Earth and out into the universe. Where and with whom you are currently receiving and giving of the heart is very important, because this is the current of love that will continue to expand and grow into the future. Thanks to the Venus and Jupiter conjunction the source of love for all beings and this planet is a wellspring that overflows. Allow this wellspring of love, beauty, femininity and artistry to flood the full spectrum of your life and see where the flow takes you…

Soul Karmic Path: Midpoint, choice, decision, creation, harmony
Imagery: In the game of tic tac toe two opponents commence with their individual strategies. As they take turns in making their mark one cancels out the others until there are equal number of O’s and X’s sketched on the blank page. This game has no winner or loser and the O’s and X’s merge in a pattern generating a unified piece

Collective Karmic Soul Path: Maturity, love & devotion, marriage of opposites, equality, integration
Imagery: The four armed goddess of prosperity Lakshmi seated on a lotus flower holding in her hands the symbols for our human happiness, spiritual fulfillment and material success- she is partnered with her husband the god Vishnu together representing wealth and prosperity coupled with maintenance of life, justice and peace. They are complementary beings, unified and fully integrated in their marriage.


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