4.4 The Day of Heart Atonement for All of Humanity

We all have the power to change the world. We embody all that is. Every possibility exists within us as primordial potential. We have always been here, in this state. Until we rise again, like the seed breaking ground, towards the warmth of the sun, we will cook our potential in the heat of the dark. That womb space where something grows to perfection each time. Leaving a piece of itself to always nurture the mother behind. We condemn the dark as bad, or negative. Cursing our own inner darkness each time. Seeding demons that grow in unchecked numbers, like parasites, living off other peoples love and power. When we learn to see our womb as a sacred and holy place, we will seed beauty time and time again. We will leave that love inside the mother to grow in all directions. It is her force that brings life into a germinated seed. That moment of inner spark that ignites the living incarnation of an eternal soul. When we learn to see the night sky as an unveiling of all we truly are, as the stars sparkle like cosmic diamonds, calling our soul back home, we will remember we embody heaven and earth. Together they are our sacred parents. We return to both of them when we out grow our current form. Our body goes to Earth. She will judge our temple. Then she will offer retreat in her heart, as she welcomes us home.

This is the power of love. It changes people. It opens them up, like the sun pulls the seed forth from the Earth.
So much talk about what she is, or isn’t. Instead we put our feet down on her gentle skin, and we feel her for who she truly is. We let that tell us of her truth. We women hold this truth inside of us. When we love something, be it a lover, or a child, we know how to show up, if our heart is clean of pain. Disease seeks to repeat itself, duplicate itself over and over, like the virus it is. Distractions only cover up the symptoms. The disease will fester until it is addressed head on. Often it is perceived to be to late to regain any kind of balance. Yet there is always hope. New life breads new hope for the heart lines to be healed. Each birth offers that potential. We all have that potential inside of us. Calling our names over and over, until we finally listen to our own truth. Denial digs disease down in deep, septic infusions into all spaces. The minute we conceive of the idea that that may be changed, we begin the process instantaneously.

How often do we choose love over hate? We must be honest with ourselves. To look inside what makes us tick is one of the most feared paths to take according to many ancient texts and many brave souls. Yet those of us who do, end up overcoming that great fear, which in turn frees us to do the great work we are here to do. The shadow exists because of the relationship between light and dark. That ever unfolding, always twisting, column of movement churns all the way up towards the great unknown.

Star Trails by Matt Payne
Star Trails by Matt Payne


When we fall in love we experience our hearts truth. That space is a holy space indeed. It is an agreement to cross the threshold of our innermost vulnerability. There is nothing to do but experience the feeling of it all at once. In all that pure complete concentrated form we gain greater insight. To enter that space with another person takes trust, responsibility, while remembering to be respectful, as well as humble. When this is not done, we enter the heart in a corrupted state. That will fuel the fire when it burns off in the fusion process. It makes quite the burn. Leaving us naked and standing in nothing but our rawest form. This can be overwhelming. We can of course choose not to love, because free will has a wonderful purpose. Will can do whatever it wants. That is a great power we hold to be true in our purest form of identity. It provides the wind beneath our angel wings, that spread along with our submission to the eternal cosmic flow that ensures life continues, in one form or another.

Love is a force that creates life.


Photo by Betsy Peerless Purple flower blooms in the center of her ceremonial space after her 3/20 Love Breathe for Earth meditation
Photo by Betsy Peerless
Purple flower blooms after her 3/20 Love Breathe for Earth meditation in the center of her Earth ceremonial space


When we align with nature, nature responds. It is a reciprocal relationship. A give and take. When we gather in groups we pray even wider, ripples of reinforced heart energy combined with free will and focused attention. When we love, we vibrate the environment around us. Plants respond and the messages are received both ways. We as humans offer our love, our blessed breath, and the natural world around us offers, in return, the mirror effect called the sacred breath. The very blessed breath of life itself, the one thing we depend on for life to continue in the body, Oxygen. We can thank the great trees for sustaining our ability to live. The next time a tree blocks our view of whatever else we prefer to see, stop and remember, thanks to that tree, we are still living. It gives us the breath of life. So perhaps instead of cutting it down, put your hands on it and give it some love, appreciate the view for what it is, versus what we think it should be. When we take a moment to appreciate the cycle, and how we are, in fact, a wonderful thriving part of the great circle of life, our lives instantly open to a new magical way of life.

Artist Peter-mark Head (Alon) "Wishing for Love & Shalom with a prayer of the Oak Tree"
Artist Peter-Mark Head (Alon) “Wishing for Love & Shalom with a Prayer of the Oak Tree”


When we hear the call by something other then ourselves, our lives change pathways. Nothing is ever really quite the same. We have seen into something that defies all logic, yet opens reasonably easy once fear is conquered, and innocence returned. This is the embodiment of atonement. To remove that which keeps us from connecting to that space within ourselves that holds the highest truth of reality. Healing ripples through all generations. Through our very bloodlines, our DNA. We make constant sound, because we are emanations of light and dark intertwining eternally. Facets change as we learn to expose all we are to the light, even if in different cyclic patterns. We are the microcosmic of the collective reflection. How can we ever not see our divine worth? Life happens, pain ensures healing, free will chooses the highest path for us to wander, yet that doesn’t always mean ease. It will challenge us on every level of our being, even those we have yet to imagine. There is beauty in the breakdown. That destructive force that shows up when systems need to realign with more sustainable integrative life affirming ways, it teaches us to remember to stay humble. To know what is given, can easily be taken. Nothing is ever permanent in the ways of the earth. It is a constant changing system, a rebalancing insurance, tied in to each other intimately, to protect continuation.

Photo by Amma Love. 3/20 Global Love Breathe for Earth meditation in Manitou Springs Blessing the Sacred Twin Springs
Photo by Amma Love. 3/20 Global Love Breathe for Earth meditation in Manitou Springs
Blessing the Sacred Twin Springs


We teach the children how to honor what is important. We teach them how to respect what we value. To know what we know as truth, reflecting from our own hearts. What we hold in our hearts gets repeated everywhere, always, with each breath of air. We resonate our heart vibration through every manifestation we create, or destroy, or recreate, or re-destroy. We repeat the cycle of life in symbolic ways over and over, until lucidity brings it all to our vivid edge. When we see what we have created, and we learn to understand why, we begin to take a deep responsibility for our divine creator powers, that life embed us with. Codes lay hidden inside our progeny, waiting to be awakened. The waters wait for messages of urgent need, so the Earth can respond, much like the neurology of the human brain, stimulated when in need, or otherwise.

Photo by Amma Love. her son Ari offering purple flowers to the sacred heart of the Christ energies. 3/20 Love Breathe for Earth global meditation.
Photo by Amma Love. Her son Ari offering purple flowers to the sacred heart of the Christ energies. 3/20 Love Breathe for Earth global meditation.


Flowers offered, by us and by Earth. We are seen by the powers that be.

When we pray to the Earth in the form of emotional energy, offered in the highest state of awareness we can produce, we create a call to action. A request to begin the balancing process. It is a proven way of existence. Known to our native cultures for eons. On March 28th, the Atacama desert in Chile received 7 years of rain in just 12 hours. One of the driest places on Earth. It has been dry for millions of years. Yet a few days ago, it received a massive influx of water. As if the Earth, on her own divine timing, came to offer the sacred waters, so new life can come forth. The cycles of drying and quenching, turning like the great wheel in the sky. What beautiful affirmation to the realities of Earth to take care of her own.

At the end of March, CERN was said to fire up after a two year sabbatical. I have been writing about it in depth on social media. There were vague references to the exact date CERN would fire up. The world was watching. As scientists searched for parallel universes, for the ever elusive sun gate, the rest of us watched. Our last article on March 20th and the significance of the eclipse, super new moon, spring equinox brought awareness to the power of this day. It was a portal in its own right. Did CERN try and fire up on the 20th as the sun gate aligned? We can only really speculate. Yet world media was notified that something had in fact gone wrong. A fire up was attempted, but something blew a fuse. Did someone come back through a doorway in time to stop it? The below image was shared on Twitter in France, as rare aurora lights filled the skies. The last time they did that was 2004. I noticed in the image what appears to be a door or rectangle shape. I thought how fitting. I thought about this as I watched the world light up over the plane crash of flight 320 in the French Alps. It just so happened to be around the same time Adam Lanza’s house was burned to the ground in Newtown, Conn. The bank had the home burned along with all the possessions inside. A grand fire ceremony in honor of the God BAAL. Who symbolically represents the God Saturn who ate his own children.

An article released by CERN stated, “Early last Saturday morning, while full-scale tests of all systems were ongoing in preparation for beam injection, an EARTH fault developed in the main dipole circuit of sector 3-4 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).” “The most probable scenario is that a small piece of metal has found its way into this tube and is making contact between the tube (EARTH) and one of the cables that leads to the diode.”

I find it extremely interesting that the reason for the short had to do with what they label EARTH….
Perhaps EARTH shut it down. The image reminded me of an INVERTED mound. Almost identical to the Eye of BAAL stone chamber in the Catskill mountains.



“This is Telesphorus, who roams through the dark regions of this cosmos and glows like a star out of the depths. He points the way to the gates of the sun and to the land of dreams….”
“This is Telesphorus, who roams through the dark regions of this cosmos and glows like a star out of the depths. He points the way to the gates of the sun and to the land of dreams….”


We discussed in our last article, how the events around the timing of 3/20 would be important. We suggested to watch the weather patterns, headlines, among other things, and to stay diligent to tracking the astrology of the timing. If we paid attention, we would see important messages. We held a global Love Breathe for Earth meditation (https://www.facebook.com/LoveBreatheEarth) and watched as gentle hearts around the globe linked up to pay homage to the Earth. It was a powerful and poignant day, as the Astrology by Betsy foretold.

This next blood moon lunar eclipse, on April 4th, the first day of Passover, the 3rd eclipse in the 4 of this current two year cycle, will be one of Atonement. It will bring purification. It will cleanse the heart wounds of all. It will release the heart from the chains of pain that have wrapped themselves around it for not only us, but for all. What happens to one, happens to everyone. No one is left behind. We are only as strong as our weakest point. What holds us back determines our success in anything. Atonement brings release. It brings peace. It offers hope and resurrection.

We dance on the Earth, make pilgrimage to places we see are called too. We make offerings to the beauty of it all. We cannot fear the things that lurk in our darkness, for that simply empowers it in a way that creates monsters. If we learn to love the dark, in the way we love the creative powers of the womb, or a star filled milky way night sky…. we will see the complete picture of how we got where we are, and perhaps it will offer us a glimpse into where we are headed. It is a beautiful journey. Truly. Nothing can ever take love away. Once it is born, it forever recreates itself. This is the magic dreams are made of.

Here is the Astrology for 4.4, the day of Atonement, for the 3rd blood lunar eclipse from Betsy. May you find all the magic you seek, and may you feel the greatest love in yourself and in others. This is my prayer for all of humanity.

– Hillary Raimo




APRIL 4th 2015 – Full Moon in Libra and Full Lunar Eclipse by Betsy Peerless

Since our last new moon in Pisces the planets Uranus and Pluto have completed the first quarter square of an immense transformational and evolutionary cycle that has been culminating since 1965 and intensified over the last 3 years. The apex of this crisis instigated by the two transpersonal planets heralded the activation point for resetting the course of our collective future here on earth. It implied a total reformation of all our old archaic structures. This moon phase had us opening our receptors to discover imaginative ways of expressing our unification and our transcendence whilst undergoing deep karmic healing. Now with the Full Moon in Libra conjunct the North Node we see this culmination of Piscean lunar energy translated into our relationships. The psyche still attuned to Neptune perceives no limits, yet the body confined to the physical realm generates boundaries. Libra’s equilibrant force feels out these boundaries and moves into our partnerships, and between our inner and outer worlds, seeking to balance and bridge the masculine and feminine principles. Our dreams of equality and harmony envision an archetype- a new ‘marriage’ that liberates us from the constraints of gender stereotypes and conjugal roles of past.


The previous Mar. 20th super new moon together with the solar eclipse exposed our full consciousness to the mega transmutation capacity of Pluto and Uranus, while this full moon and lunar eclipse evokes our deepest fears regarding our emancipation from the old paradigm. It exudes feminine introspective powers, deeply stirring our imaginations, our feelings, and rousing our security issues in the context of relationship through past reflections. There’s a sense too of remembering an innate synthesis of relating, of dreaming together, of harmonious co existence that’s now ripe for reemergence. Throughout our ongoing metamorphosis under Pluto’s clutch, the nutrient thick juice from our roots, from our ancestry and the ancients sustained us, aiding the reassembly process back into solid form. Now our mirror reflection triggers an emotional response as we witness the distinct and subtle changes in our inner and outer selves. Under the light of this blood moon we review all that has come to pass, honoring the powerful evolutionary capacity of the soul and the karmic release work accomplished thus far. Our new identity is emerging.


The conjunction of The Sun, Uranus, and Mercury in the fiery sign of Aries conduits a strong masculine power source buffered by the heat of the Grand Trine in fire. This yang force surges through our cellular circuit boards attracting and repelling currents that assist in the sourcing and restructuring of how we motivate ourselves outwardly and how we come together in relationship. There is the will to innovate, pioneer and go it alone again, yet the south node here reminds us that this solo activating is the old way of doing things and the opposition with the north node recalls our future endeavors to be invested in equality and fairness with others. I want -me first – let me do this my way- and on my own is not the way of the future! Yet this root chakra activation essentially raises the physical power for our self -motivation and preservation and comes as a much needed energy boost after enduring the intensity of Pluto’s karmic shedding process. Mercury in allegiance with the Sun and Uranus boldly communicates radical ideas through the direct and fearless qualities of the warrior Aries. There are those among us who through the trials of the Uranus/Pluto square in relation to The Grand Cardinal Cross have been energetically prepped and initiated as the torchbearers – as pioneers of cutting edge technologies and spearheads for progressive talents needed now for our collective reformation. With Uranus ready to leap ahead into an innovative future, Saturn in his retrograde motion still holds the reigns, while Jupiter in Leo continues to expand our heart energy, our joy, our creativity and individuality. Saturn’s extension period allows for any redo of sorts, and more time to work out what’s to come next.

Trinity- “No one has ever done anything like this before” Neo- “That’s why its going to work.”


Mars now joins Venus in the sign of Taurus and the lovers both bask in the sensual, peaceful grounding that earthy Taurus offers, but they must be careful not to revert back into old habits that undermine their healthy revived power. The sisterhood of the divine feminine is reemerging strong with roots twining each other and encircling the Earth; imbuing all with the life support of love. Tapping into ‘her’ and the Earth helps us regroup and flourish. A big mission is underway and it demands our dedication, cooperation and collaboration. The ‘kite’ formation flying high in the heavens creates a dynamic tension below, challenging us to instigate a more progressive individuation of self and ‘doing’ in support of harmonious relations and equality for all on this Earth. Aligned now with our authentic truth this huge internal recalibration from our singular to collective orientation marks a major shift in the axis of our inner and outer world. From the rooted center of this new axis our consciousness is directed upwards and outwards. At the top of the world the light of each soul communes on higher waves of consciousness and the far- reaching effect is felt throughout the cosmos.

Kiera Lillesve Foto www.kieralillesvefoto.com
Kiera Lillesve Foto http://www.kieralillesvefoto.com

Soul Karmic Path: reflect, revise, redeem, embark, ascend
Imagery The Scarab beetle alights at a crossroad –he is presented with a choice of continuing along the same path, or peering down an alternate path that awakens him to cosmic elements and forces. Which way does he choose – will he crawl or fly?

Collective karmic Soul Path: mutual support, equality, harmony, social reformation Imagery: The Goddess Athena stands guard from the highest ground watching the beacons alight across the land. She is the warrioress of freedom and justice and ready to come to our aid…but first she commands our heart and soul commitment to stoking the fire and protecting the high ground.

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The waters return, to a pristine state
Earth moves, shakes off the sickness
Hearts are purified
Light bringers walk into the darkness, hanging stars in the skies 
The world turns according to headlines 
Heart and mind meet at the crown
Halos grow accordingly
– Hillary Raimo 


Holy Spring Waters of Earth by Hillary Raimo
Holy Spring Waters of Earth by Hillary Raimo


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