March 20th, 2015 – Solar Gateway Opens – Balanced Harmony Reigns – Super Love Germinates


Today it is easy to track moments. Thanks to all the technology we are surrounded by. We can, like never before, pull data and information into our fields to track any amount of patterns, predictions and align them with any kind of message. Of course the ‘doom and gloom’ game has many players. Many who love to taint all the worlds happenings with darkness, negative symbolism, all in the name of exposing ‘truth’. Yet when one reads through a passage written in that hue, in order to not feel slimed, it is best to see what needs to be seen, and then decide for yourself how you will choose to see it in its totality. I have worked with many people in my 20+ years of decoding and intuitively investigating both world events, and personal everyday timelines. I have been on both sides of the message fence. Sometimes seeing the higher divine message, and other times seeing the programmed lower vibrational seeding. It is important to know how both perspectives operate, what they do to a human consciousness, and how to transform the energy into something that leaves you feeling hopeful, vs feeling like you might as well off yourself in this pathetic world. Words matter. How we approach anything, and anyone, matters. It is all in how you handle your own energy fields.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about Love along the way. Knowing it is the key to help transform many unlovable energies in ourselves, and out in the world. Kindness seems to be a lost art in many places. I seek to help protect kindness. I have known the power of kindness in my life, and I have known the power of unkind in my life. I can speak to what I write about from experience.

Decoding anything takes focus. A kind of constant effort to stay grounded within the information and connections that you find. It takes a submission to synchronistic ways. It asks that you leave competition to the curb, because when you twine with another, there is no competition, only resonation. The stronger that synergy is, the further all can see. It opens the field. Ripens the ripple. It decodes itself once you figure out how to enter into the field it is held on. It is not for the gifted only, or the special, but the ability is special and gifts much in the name of truth.

I work in the world as an intuitive. I am able to feel into these often subtle energy fields, pull out what needs to be seen, and translate them into a comprehensive and tangible translation. I do not believe in leaving my readers hanging. Meaning, if I go into a topic, I finish it. I do not believe in exposing just for the sake of exposing. This leads to confusion. Confusion creates more chaos. I am interested in the order that forms from it. Not in creating more of it.

Women have a special role to play in this work. As of now, most investigate mythologists and decoders are men. Women bring a special feminine perspective that is needed in order to fully decode anything. It takes a cyclic understating of nature, a connection to natural realms, and asks us to consider the Earth element as essential for this work. The ‘as above, so below’ principal plays a crucial role. Understanding astrology and how it plays into current events is vital to establishing the understanding that all things are connected. Once you truly get that simple truth, then the world opens up to you, an you can begin to explore it more fully.

I spent a decade on the airwaves as a radio talk show host, speaking weekly for ten years, on a wide variety of topics. I spent my time exploring many conspiracy theories, world wide current events, spiritual aspects, healing modalities, and offered my listeners different perspectives on a vast wealth of information. That meme was birthed out into the world, and thanks to the information age, and the internet, it will stay out there indefinitely. Now I take what I have learned over the last 20+ years of my life, studying a variety of different elements of the healing world, developing my psychic and intuitive nature, and now seek to put it all to work in a way that exposes, heals, translates, and lends that energy to the greater good.

For the last 10 years I have followed Astrology, most notably the work of Barbara Hand Clow, and I have applied it to my work, my life and have found an incredible vast amount of information that aligns with the human experience. There is something to be said about how the stars, their movements, their musings, aids in ones own adventure through this crazy world we call life. Here on this website, we will seek to offer our readers a substantial astrology lineup, aligned with intuitive translations and predictions. Betsy and I, seek together, to bring awareness to world and personal platforms, so that this information can aid you in aligning with your higher purpose. That is our intention in the work we are doing together.

It does not matter if you are new to Astrology, or a seasoned reader. We will offer the astrology for the time frames we are writing about, and you are welcome to take in what resonates, and leave the rest. The translations and predictions of the current world platforms are done in an intuitive synchronistic way, and any similarity to any other researchers, authors, or others work, is synchronistic in nature. Any similarities between our work and others, is coincidental and it is best to read it as a sign of being on the right decoding track. Betsy and I do the decoding work together, using her astrology, public news headlines, my intuitive insight and we twine the information together to build a higher message. The translation of the symbolism is based on my 20+ years of independent research and academic study, and Betsy’s intuitive astrological conclusions.

We look forward to the journey and welcome you here to share it with us. We welcome your synchronistic insights in the comments of each post. We start the thread, and with our readers input, we continue to expand it outward for all to commune with. We stand for and believe in a community co-creation. We hope you will enjoy our offerings as much as we enjoy writing them.

This post is about the upcoming March 20th, 2015 Spring Equinox, which happens to land on a solar eclipse, and a super New Moon. Big energy is being woven into place at this very moment. It will continue as we get closer to the Spring Equinox. This will affect you, your body, your life, as well as the collective platform. What headlines will show up? What events will happen? We wait and we watch. Updates will be posted at the bottom of each article to provide real time relevance. So read through our offerings now and check back often for updates.

Hillary Raimo


Astrology for March 20th, 2015 by Betsy Peerless:

The suns position at the last degree of Pisces marks the end of the astrological year- of coming full circle. The fiery warrior Aries then readies us for a new beginning by ushering in the spring equinox. Our New Moon in Pisces merges endings with new beginnings in the Neptunian arenas of our lives; of our dreams, visions and imaginations and how we seek unification.

%22The Dreaming%22

It’s a heightened time for artistic emotional expression, and for invoking deep rapture. While this receptive new moon promotes transcendence the timely solar eclipse symbolizes the coming out of the dark of the unconscious back into the light of consciousness – winter to spring. This may well catalyze a very compassionate day on Earth where each of us becomes finely attuned to the plight of others and yearns to alleviate suffering.

The ongoing pressure of Pluto (The Transformer) in Capricorn emphasizes endings by continuing to steadily peal away the old structures and attachments that hold no future for our souls evolution, or for the progression of the collective. Uranus (The Awakener) in Aries calls for immediate action and revolution– for activists, freedom fighters, reformists, and pioneers of cutting edge technology. However Aries under Uranus influence thinks solely of accomplishing his mission with little consideration of the consequences. The square aspect of Uranus and Pluto is back in exact alignment March 11 – 28th 2015. This will mark the last of a series of 7 squares since 2012. The exact square last culminated between November 26th to December 27th 2014 and this flow extends into mid April 2015. Looking ahead Uranus in Virgo will oppose Pluto in Pisces in 2046 – 48, and then the last square takes us all the way to 2073 – 74. During the course of these last three years Earth and her inhabitants have received a mother load of transformative energy from above- accessible to those of the light and of the dark -symbolized now by the solar eclipse.


We are dealing with the second determining axis of a cycle that was seeded in 1965- 66 and the current happenings will greatly impact the future of our planet and generations to come. The tension between Pluto and Uranus activates the necessary friction and crisis to shake us to the very core in order to reset the course of humanity while we individually undergo deep karmic excavation and cleansing. As the waxing motion of this square begins to liberate Uranus from Pluto’s clutch the urge for freedom and innovation gains momentum. Under the heavy and controlling influence of Pluto we can experience death, loss and unexpected events that leave us shaking in our shoes- all part of the shedding process. Just when we feel ready to take off and press the ‘play’ button, the karmic Lord Saturn in Sagittarius intervenes and presses ‘pause’. He presents an extension period for our loftiest goals to exert his gravity, maintain order, and earthly laws before we go off on any flights of fancy.

%22The Tower%22

Meanwhile the eternal optimism of Jupiter in Leo invites us to expand our individuality, creativity and joy factor –to shine bright, love ourselves, and others with a passion.The month of February saw a very powerful alignment in the sign of Pisces – a conjunction between Venus, Neptune (the Transcendent), Mars and Chiron (the Wounded Healer). This transmitted tremendous energy for healing our deepest wounds and for rekindling the sacred union of the divine lovers. The orb between the planets Venus and Mars progressively came to less than one degree of separation from February 19th -22nd 2015, and this conjunction symbolized the melding of the lovers and the renewal activation point of the divine feminine and sacred masculine. I bring this to our attention because by March 20th Neptune, Mercury (the Communicator) and Chiron will be conjunct in Pisces. This immense emotional/spiritual energy that culminated mid February with the merger and dissolving of masculine and feminine principles and their rebirthing effect is now being transmitted and absorbed into the collective through Mercury’s communication broadcasts. The Spring Equinox promotes nurturance for the divine feminine with Venus positioned in Taurus (fixed- earth).

%22The Awakening%22

The Lunar Nodes have humanity set on a course directed by the Goddess Athena – towards Libra’s fairness, diplomacy, cooperation and equality in relationship, progressing out of the singular orientation of Aries. Our old ways of ‘doing’ are outmoded and bring no abundance now. It’s Leo’s loyalty to the heart that is being summoned… to love and romance our ‘selves’ and the God spark within. This is how we are to strengthen and reclaim our power. As all that’s archaic and antiquated crumbles to the ground we are given the energetic support from above to resurrect our God given Kingship/Queenship birthright; to then unite, innovate and co- create community upholding individual sovereign rights and equality for all. Huge reformation is underway.

Soul karmic themes –release, cleanse, heal, transform, metamorphosis
Imagery: The development stage in a newt’s lifecycle where the tadpole grows feathery gills and legs

Collective karmic themes – death, rebirth, awaken, reform, divine feminine revival, paradigm shift
Imagery: In the center of a city in ruins Goddess Shakti is seated on a throne in her temple garden –the soil is prepped and seeds are sewn

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“As is the atom, so is the universe; as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm; as is the human body, so is the cosmic body; as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.” – The Vedas


photo by Hillary Raimo
photo by Hillary Raimo


Intuitive Translation by Hillary Raimo  

It takes a village to raise a child well. No one can do it alone. Now is a time of coming full circle. Bringing home what we have sowed all year. It is a time to reflect on our most intimate relationships, our families health and well being. It is a time to take stock of our weaknesses and our strengths. A time to heal open wounds, forgive others, a time to be who we are meant to be in this world, without the energy of resentment, jealousy, or irritation in our fields. We are asked to look at our shadows to see what overgrown strands need cutting back, and to test our abilities to honor our shadow selves without falling victim to it.

The balancing nature of the Equinox gives us a moment of pause. Neither light nor dark is dominating, there is no competition. They are equal in stamina. The super New Moon and solar eclipse offer each person on the planet a unique opportunity to pause the sound of the sun, to hear better the voice of Earth, and deep outer space. These elements will influx into our being, in a way that will literally turn us ON and light us UP, a kind of strong, slightly different, electromagnetic field meant to reach us in our time of need. It is a gateway into a deeper and more profound vacuum of space ripe with all possibility. We will have, at our finger tips, a chance to turn up the light, or dark, depending on what we focus on. The world around us gives us many moments of reflection. We are at war with ISCL, the West is at war with ISIS – symbolic of the war against the rising feminine energies. Why? because the feminine energies ask us to look within. They ask us to look with kindness, love and to witness our own heart wounds better. This is hard for many, so many will avoid it at all cost, even life itself. On a collective level, the West is no friend of her. She is simply used as a means to an end. Invoked secretly under vows of death, her gifts are used to construct realities for the privileged. While the rest do what they can to survive in a world meant to cater to those who are in-the-know. She challenges this structure, and brings the destruction to those constructs that no longer hold truth, justice or fair living for all. She is the bringer of the light into the shadowy corners of long forgotten power plays. She nurtures new life, and knows how to protect new life from old predators that wish to maintain the status quo that keeps them well fed. This makes her dangerous to the current paradigm.

Blocking the light of the sun, reminds us that we are a product of it. Without that vital input, we wither slightly. Knowing better our own decay. A beautiful reminder that we are a part of the cycle of life, and that life will continue in whatever way it needs long after we are dust. Our mortality brings with it its own set of fears. These we must make peace with in order to fully thrive in our current form. No more wishful thinking, or pretending we don’t have to see our own shadow. Our shadow is the microcosm of the collective. What we see in both levels reflects back to us what we are in truth. There is no avoiding it forever. We taint our very souls when we deny the existence of our own lower vibrational latitudes. All latitudes and longitudes are necessary in the arranging of environments on the planet. Life flourishes in each zone accordingly. When we see hate reflected back to us in the collective world, we are asked to sit with our own to reflect on how to heal it. We do not judge ourselves, leave that up to God. We simply see what needs to be seen, and we stay there until we see the lesson, or the reason, and then we move forward accordingly. No one is free of the human laws that bind us here on earth. Because as long as you are in human form, you are bound to them.

Acceptance of ourselves breeds acceptance of others. Forgiveness frees us from those who wish us harm. Loving ones enemy is a higher path to manifesting your ultimate divinity here while in human form. Those who can still love others even while in their ugliest form, are the meek who shall inherit the Earth. Anger is a form of fire that alchemizes the necessary elements into the sacred stones. It can also destroy everything. It is a force to be reckoned with, and it is a force that frees us in ways nothing else can.

Wisdom comes when we ripen. It is the fermenting of all we are at any given moment. It holds all our actions, feelings, experiences in one place and seeks to utilize them into a higher form of understanding. Those of us who are wise, bring hope and light to others who have yet to accept their own wisdom as rightful. We give our power away each time we forsake our own earned wisdom for the wisdom of others. Yet there are times in which the wisdom of others is what is needed. All in good balance. Trusting that intuitive voice inside us pays well in the end.

As we move into the dynamics of March 20th, 2015, we are to pay very close attention to who crosses our path. What treasures do they hold for us, especially in those who challenge us the most. Sit with each as they come, and wait for the sign, or message, to reveal itself. Trust that whatever is supposed to happen will. It is the ultimate surrender. Let the fire aspect burn off the negativity, the resentment, the irritation, the anger, the jealousy, the things that keep us from spreading our wings fully. Embrace the beauty in each person who crosses your mind. Send them love instead of negative thoughts. This will have an impact, even if you never see it. We are not what we have been told we are. We are much more. This fact is coming to light in many great places, people are speaking up and reminding us everywhere that this is truth.

Let go of the outgrown places. Move into open spaces that offer more breathing room. Touch your beloved in a holy way, and tend to the heart chakra more. It is all for your higher good, as well as theirs. It is time to think of others, no more doing only for ourselves. Respect breeds respect. Friendships ripen. It is a time for the divine men and women to merge into one, and then learn how to function for the whole. It is time to raise our children with love, understanding, and the elements of what we wish our world to be in the future, which is what they stand for. Someday you and I will be gone from this world. It is what you and I do while here that matters.

Together we are better. There is nothing wrong with admitting that. It releases the fence we build around ourselves so we don’t get hurt. Getting hurt may be worth the efforts of doing it together. In the end it all teaches us exactly what we need to know to better ourselves.

Predictions are found in the deep knowing that resides within each of us. We can feel what is coming. We can feel who is loving us, or who is hating us. Everything reaches our heart. In time, we come to know the truth of that. The New Age industry has done wonders, as it has done harm. It has taught us to forsake our bodies, so those in power can get away with ruining our food systems, and vaccinating us with harsh harmful chemicals that we never needed prior to their inception. Dis-ease kills off and keeps populations at healthy levels. Death is something we are taught to fear and go against at all costs. This is a lie. Death is something we all share, like birth. It is all of our final destinies no matter how we cut the pie.

So move on. Get real. And use this sacred timing to weed your garden. Love your enemies better, and treat your friends to happier memories. Look around your home and see where you are being sabotaged, cut short, or unsupported in your growth. Handle your business and move into the areas you are meant to thrive. No one can play God, while their human is suffering.

We will see a harsh event happen sometime between now and March 20th. The elite know the timing is ripe. They pay attention to the cycles even if they do not admit it publicly. The agendas will continue. The tower has already begin to burn. Babylon is turning to ash. In its place will rise another kind of empire. How that happens depends on you. Where you lend your focus, your thoughts, your love or dislike, your emotions… will help seed what is to be. Choose well. Free will is gods gift. Use it. In the end free will may be all you have left.

Nature is asking us to return to her. To include her realms in all ways. Feel her breathe you. She is the answer to peace. Her frequency will return the ways of peace. But first we have to remember she exists.

Take time on March 20th to align with nature. Feel her in every way you can. Boycott the world on that day and tune into her sound. She will give you the message you seek. Then from there do it often. Check in with her. Trust her messages. Live them alive.

Hillary Raimo



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